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“The best gift is food”

Have you ever seen the eyes of hungry children? Children, who on New Year's Eve ask Santa Claus not toys, not sweets, but just food?
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Have you ever seen the eyes of hungry children? Children, who on New Year's Eve ask Santa Claus not toys, not sweets, but just food?
Children for whom the greatest joy, when adults do not remain hungry to feed them?
Probably not seen ... and probably do not believe it.
In the world of high technology, when everyone is happy with photos from Mars and wondering if there is water on the red planet, it’s probably hard to believe in the existence of starving children in the center of rich Europe — our beloved Georgia! They dream of a piece of bread!
Where they live is difficult to call home. It is either destroyed, or not completed. The roof covers half of the building, during a strong wind it just blew away ... and in these walls only two rooms, at least somehow suitable for living. It does not rain and the wind does not howl ...
We wanted to talk with the children about their desires, about who they want to become ... but all the questions received the same answers ...
"We want to eat, do not want to be hungry ... when we grow up, we want to have enough food to feed both mom and dad and grandfather and grandmother ..."
Mariam, Zaal, Barbara and Elena still believe in good, believe in God, believe that he will send them good people who will come and help ... just like that, without further ado and without asking questions!
- What do you dream the most about?
- So that mom and dad would not give us their bread and sometimes they ate themselves too ...
- What do you ask Santa for a frost?
- so he brought us a lot of food. That was enough for everyone.
- And what is God asking for?
“We always ask for food to give us so that mom doesn’t cry because we have nothing to eat ...”
- Does anyone help you?
- Now it’s very hard for everyone around us ... everyone has their own problems. Although we are small, we understand it. But if it were not for our neighbors, I do not know how we would have lived.
And to the question “Are you happy?”, There was no answer, and little Elena cried ...
They say that a fed up man is not a friend, and no matter how cruel it may sound, unfortunately, this is often the case ...
Is this what God expects of us? Does He want us not to understand the grief of others?
Here, unnecessary words are not appropriate, criticizing someone and spending time on it is not a God-pleasing affair! Everybody can throw a stone, but what can you? Look in your soul and make a decision! Do you want to help or just condemn?
And let the children themselves do not lose faith, that Santa Claus comes only to children from rich families! Lord, make sure that when these children grow up, there are no more hungry children in our country, make sure that parents do not have to look at tomorrow with horror!
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How much kindness in a man, so much life in him!