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A New Year without a permanent home

They had only a hope left - as it is the last one to die!
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The evening of 24 October 2017 turned out to be fatal for the Glonti family: their two-floor house got burnt. 6 people were left outdoors without any means for existence! 

They had only a hope left - as it is the last one to die!

Let us prevent their hope from dying, friends!

Our Fund believes in human kindness, that is why we publish such stories! And if, God forbid, some of you feels bad at the moment - look at the photo of these wonderful kids! Could it be that they feel worse or deserve a worse future than our own children?

We do believe that none of the good people reading this sad story of the children will remain idle. We do not believe that a true human, a true Georgian citizen can remain untouched by the pain of other people. All our high-flown festive speeches about motherland, friendship and love are not worth a button if we do not manifest this love with our deeds! 

Misery can happen to anyone! And every suffering person, especially a child, shall have a right to expect help from his or her compatriot! We are human beings and we were sent to this world to take care not only of ourselves, but as well of those close to us! God loves such people and challenges their faith, hope and love! "Love thy neighbor as thyself!" - Lord tells us every day! Unfortunately, not everyone and not always hears him!

We have spoken to Inga Glonti, mother of three children:

- Inga, tell us please, after the fire, did anyone help your family? 

Inga: Our neighbors helped... Despite that people are generally poor in our village, many of them answered to our misery. They brought food, clothes, whatever they had... But it is impossible to help someone all the time when you lack things yourself... Recently local authorities covered our house with a new roof. We are very grateful to everyone, but at the moment the house is unfit for living as there are no windows, doors or floor... And we are poor and do not have any income.

- And where do you live?

Inga: Oh my God, it is such a happiness to have somebody to rely on. Our relatives, very kind people, gave us a place to live. They are in need as well, but they did not remain idle seeing our sorrow.

- Where do you take money for living?

Inga: - We receive social allowance and Grandpa receives a pension. This is our entire income. My husband cannot work, he is ill. Grandpa is unable to move by himself. I am pregnant; we are waiting for the fourth child. 

- How old are the other children?

Inga: The boys are 9 and 7, and the girl is 5. They are very worried, especially the boys. Rati, the eldest, asked me recently: "Mom, what are we punished for?"... 

- What do you need most of all now? 

Inga: Of course, we need everything... We do not have simple furniture even. We need repair works and bed clothes. But most of all we need food and hygiene products for the old man as we are a serious burden for our relatives...

- Would you like to address our readers? 

Inga: I address you, dear people, with a request for help! Do not let us die of hunger... I do not even know if the child I expect will get born healthy as I live in constant need and stress. 

Dear friends, the Glonti family survived the fire but lost all their belongings. If we do not help them now they will lose their hope! We cannot let it happen. They are our compatriots, our children... They will have to rebuild their life once again. So let us take their pain close to our heart and help them find a way out of this horrible situation! You can visit them, say a couple of words of compassion, help them materially or tell your friends and relatives about their misery!

You can transfer money to help the Glonti to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: the Glonti family) or through our website.

You can as well transfer money through NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link

Love is a gift of God. It is not within our power. We can just have an intention to love, but God helps us to do this.

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