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"I would give my life for him"

January 17, 2019       1318
His father and mother daily pray God to return health to their son and to prevent his bones from aching.
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18-year old Beka Chachanidze weighs only 20 kilograms! He is unable to move by himself already; painkillers are the only thing that supports him; he has difficulties with swallowing and frequent fits of suffocation make his life unbearable. 

His father and mother daily pray God to return health to their son and to prevent his bones from aching. 

The family is dwelling on the ground floor of a two-storey building, the condition of which cannot be described with words. Their monthly income is below the poverty line. It does not suffice even for simple painkillers! Actually the family still exists only thanks to the God's will. 

  These people do not ask for much. They pray only to alleviate their son's sufferings and at least to return him to the condition he had three months ago, and to do this they just need an orthopedic bed and a comfortable mattress! These objects will relieve the pain from fragile bones and joints and the required medicines will alleviate the pain and reconstruct his bones. Special nutrition will give Beka forces to struggle!   

- Iya, does anyone help you?

- Only God is taking care of us! And people around us are used to see others' misery and often just do not notice... You know how life is around us: everybody is with his own problems! Many times I addressed many authorities, many funds but alas... They say that we are able to work so we do not need any assistance. As if my son can take care of himself. Godless people! Let God forbid them. I am ready to give my life for my son and I will struggle for his life till the end. - Says the poor woman through tears. 

  These people need our help! God sees everything, we cannot remain idle! It is our societal and moral imperative to make Beka's lot easier! The boy has not smiled for a year! And he is such a cheerful person...We kindly ask you to take their sorrow close to your heart and to support the poor family as much as you can, at least by reposting this article. 

 You can deposit money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Chachanidze family) or pay directly from the Fund web-site

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