Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Hungry children may not survive this cold winter!

There are 6 underage children living with their parents in a tiny hut with only one bed and a broken table with chairs.
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Project completed!

Large and socially unprotected families address their cry for help to the Chernovetskyi Fund more and more often! Each family has its own sorrow and its own problems: some have no money to buy medicines for the sick kids, some lack money to heat their dwelling and some merely dream of a loaf of bread!

But the Jabua, a large family from Kolkhida village of Zugdid Region faced every possible problem at a time! Now they are on the verge of surviving and their condition is getting worse every day! 

There are 6 underage children living with their parents in a tiny hut with only one bed and a broken table with chairs. 

Joni and Tamara are bringing up 6 wonderful kids: Vasiko, Veriko, Vika, Lika, Ika and Alika. What do you think these poor kids are dreaming of? They are dreaming to have some food at home! As they know from their own experience what it means to be constantly hungry, and what it means to go to bed hungry without any hope to eat something in the morning!

Due to some health problems the father of this family is not able to work. When a misfortune happened to them — Veriko, the eldest sister, had a renal failure —the father decided to go to Turkey to earn some money for her treatment. An irreparable thing happened there! Due to an industrial accident he lost the fingers of his right hand... He had to return... And then their helplessness began.

They sold everything they had, including kitchenware.

Veriko needs special care and nutrition. Four times a day she requires kidney dialysis. She needs strength to struggle death... But the family has nothing to eat but bread...

Nothing is left to say here. When we spoke to the kids there were tears in our eyes.

- Veriko, what is your dream?

- I dream of a telephone. I lie in bed all day long and cannot go outside... But I am ashamed of speaking about it. Because if I we buy a telephone my brothers and sisters whom I love so much will starve for a month! - Veriko started crying.

There is almost no furniture in their house, the kids have to sleep right on the floor, and due to this they often get sick.

Despite their hardships and unbearable living conditions their mother Tamara somehow manages to give care and attention to her children. The kids are smart, well-bred and helpful to their parents.

Vika: - I am too adult to ask for something. I do not need any dolls. I only want that we could have beds so that we do not bother Veriko. She is very feeble and some device is constantly attached to her. When we sleep together we often touch her with a leg... One bed is not enough for three girls. But Veriko never complains that she feels pain. She says that for her it is comfortable and warm with us... But she is lying... I heard her crying.

Lika: - Yes, a bed would be nice, but can I dream of a TV-set? Or of a washing machine for our mother? Can I?

7-year old Ika and 5-year old Alik did not utter a word... They ran outdoors...

Have a look at the photos! They cannot be described with words... You will see for yourself the horrible conditions of the large family!

Jabua family acutely needs food, hygiene products, medicines, clothes, shoes and normal children beds. And a washing machine with a fridge as well.

Certainly our Fund will not betray children who are real angels on earth! But our help is not enough to resolve all their problems. There are so many such families on our country! 

So we urge all compassionate people to lend a helping hand to these children in their misery! And never to forget them! Your assistance is not just about money, it is a chance to make the most important actions which the Lord expects from people: helping those you are not acquainted with! 

And when you, dear friends, give a hug to your children, please recall such kids as well. They need your kind heart! Children must not cry! They need to know that they live among good people in their beloved country, Georgia!

If you have a possibility to provide material assistance to these poor people, you can deposit money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Jabua Family) or pay directly from web-site

You can as well transfer money through terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link