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Klara Orekhovskaya

It’s not a Christian to “leave” people from life in a country where people love God so much!
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        87-year-old old woman with shaking hands, pale complexion and scary emaciated hands. She is bedridden and barely moves her head, it is difficult for her to pronounce words, and asthmatic attacks literally stifle a poor woman.
          Here in this helpless state is Klara Orekhovskaya, a practically paralyzed woman who lives her days in terrible poverty, a dilapidated housing and complete solitude. Several years ago, she suffered a stroke, received paralysis of the right side of her body, and then to her misfortune she fell in the room, broke her thigh and has not been able to stand on her feet since then.
Clara gave all her love to raising children: a teacher of preschool institutions worked. But with my own daughter, no luck. She, along with her granddaughters, ruthlessly abandoned her Mother, refused to take care of and left the unfortunate old woman all alone.
The only person from his family who showed sympathy and attention to Clara Orekhovskaya is her nephew Pavel, with whom we talked:
   - Do you often visit aunt?
  Pavel: I come to her whenever possible, after work. I take care as much as I can, I bring food, I will prepare dinner, but I myself need financially and seriously help my aunt, unfortunately, I cannot. Thanks to your Foundation for taking care of it. If not you, then she could not have survived. You give people life, I say this without exaggeration. Once again, my great thanks!
   - Does anyone help her except us?
Pavel: What kind of help are you talking about? Only through the efforts of your Foundation, the aunt now every four months the state began to issue medicines. That's all! It remains only a tiny pension that goes to utilities and ... bread.
- What is she worried about the most?
Pavel: her main pain is separation from her daughter. Somehow she confessed to me that very often she was in her heart to pray for her, her well-being, and she was ready to forgive all offenses, so long as she came ... This is my good aunt, a real Christian!
- Do you happen to know if she has a dream, despite her advanced age?
She dreams only of dignity to die without pain and surrounded by relatives! And every day everyone asks God to prolong her life in order to see her daughter!
Friends, Clara Orekhovskaya needs food, hygiene items and medicines. We will report publicly for each GEL and thank everyone who extends his hand to this unfortunate person!
Here is the account of our Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Klara Orekhovskaya). Money can be paid through our website.
You can also transfer money from NovaTechnology terminals, TBCRay and ExpressRay. In the "charity" section, find our foundation.
(you can familiarize with payment methods on the link https://goo.Gl/gy2gus).
Compassion and help is the highest form of love. A lot will come back millions of times more, but this is not the main thing. The main thing is that you save life!

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