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Girl between life and death

March 1, 2019       1896
15-year old Nino weighs only 20 kilograms! The girl suffers from epilepsy and hydrocephalus, diseases that would sound like a sentence for any parent.
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    15-year old Nino weighs only 20 kilograms! The girl suffers from epilepsy and hydrocephalus, diseases that would sound like a sentence for any parent. For already 15 years this tiny creature has been suffering from unbearable pain, constant seizures and lack of air; she is unable to walk, does not speak, sees very badly, and does not respond to questions at all. If one could say so, Nino is hanging between heaven and earth, "stuck" somewhere between life and death. 

      There are not many people on Earth who care about terminally ill children! And in our understanding they are heroes. Their love has no limits. They are the true God's heroes! And if we were the Head of the social service of Georgia, we would give medals to such mothers. But he even took away their social assistance. Let God judge him!

    Unlike the soulless officials, we visited this family and saw the terrible poverty!!! For the lack of money, Nino's mother can't even pay a doctor's visit... to a sick child?! This is true lawlessness. The head physician should have been thrown out of work! How can they think of money when it comes to the life and death of a child?! Do you think, friends, are we not right?

    Mother and daughter live in a tiny room of Khrushchev-era apartment on a meager pension of the sick girl.

  How do they manage to survive? Where does this family find food and who do they hope for? We asked Catherine Amenaza, mother of Nino, such questions: 

   – First of all, I cannot wait to ask the question: where is your husband, why does not he help? 

   Catherine:  he died two years ago. When Nino was born, my husband lived with us for some time, but then he left the family and did not help in the upbringing of the girl. My mother helped while she was healthy: she would bring food or help to wash the child, change the diapers or just sit with her while I would sleep a bit, as in fact I did not sleep at night bedsitting child. Nino has fits at night. She gasps, writhes... I get so bitter at heart fearing to lose her! So I have to fight for every breath of my daughter. Well, even relatives helped as best as they could... So we managed to survive until today.

   – And the state, in particular the administration of your municipality, helps?

   Catherine: Of course, not. Six years ago we were suspended from receiving any social allowance; the social agent said that we had our own apartment, a refrigerator, a TV set and something else, and that the law did not allow them to give us money.

  – We will write about it and demand that they reconsider their decision, which is clearly wrong. 

   Catherine: Your Fund is our last hope! 

   – And have you asked for the help from the local deputies? After all, you elected these people, and they live in prosperity or even in luxury?

   Catherine: I'm so disappointed that I stopped going to the elections, well, I do not believe these people. I believe in God, I believe in the mother of God, I believe that the Lord will not let my daughter die, he will send his angels to help us in the person of merciful and good-natured people. Here you have found us, visited us, got interested in us – this is God's grace! 

          –We must believe in God, Catherine, but in the Holy Scriptures it is written: "Do not put the Lord your God to the test," so if you do not elect anyone you will have no one to apply... In the end, only honest people can bring order to the country and they should be sought by all people in the elections. God will not vote for you and will not elect a good and kind person!

        Catherine: Of course! You can't bring anything back, my girl can't be put back on her feet, but with the help of merciful people it is possible to ease the suffering, prolong her life. Through your Fund I would like to appeal to all people with a huge maternal request – please help, do not let my daughter die! 

   – What do you need first at the moment? What can people do for you? 

    Catherine: maybe someone will pay the doctor's visit and he will examine Nino's spine. It has been especially bothering her lately... You know, I can't even buy a simple blender. We have to grind food in a mortar; otherwise the girl will not be able to swallow food... But I cannot afford special food, it is very expensive for me... And yet, for us the main thing is medicines and constant medical supervision of the sick girl. 

   Dear friends, 15-year-old Nino is in such a sad state! God help her, save this innocent girl, relieve her suffering, and make people feel the need to give her sincere and unselfish help! 

   Nino Chutkerashvili needs medical supplies, hygiene products, a simple blender, orthopaedic mattress and a special diet. 

   Dear friends, join our charitable action, open your hearts and fill the life of this blue-eyed child with kindness and love. 

   God bless you and your good actions!

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Never forget to do charitable actions, and God will show mercy to you as well!

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