Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Evgeny Shlimonova

March 7, 2019
Hope for the kindness of people is all I have…
₾ 449.5

Overcoming severe shortness of breath, weakness and dizziness, Sergo gently hugs his mother, gives her medicines, changes her underwear and diapers. The young man is very worried about her: "Mom is my whole life!" – says Sergo. For four months Evgenia has been in such a helpless state. After a stroke, 70-year-old woman could not regain her feet. And even before that Eugenia's health was weak; the elderly woman has almost no sight or hearing for several years. She can only recognize her son by touch. 

Mother and son huddle in one little room in the house of a relative; they heat it with an electric stove where they prepare food. The room with a low ceiling is so small that except for two beds, an armchair, a small table and one wardrobe nothing could fit in it, and one can only move sideways. 

In such circumstances Sergo takes care of the sick mother. But he is not healthy either due to the poor nutrition. The young man has acquired chronic anemia, and also suffers from arrhythmia and kidney failure. Physical powerlessness is so strong that sometimes Sergo cannot even raise his hand. 

– Sergo, it's hard for you to take care of your mother. How do you find strength?

– I can't do it any other way! When it gets hard to get up, I somehow manage to approach her almost crawling. I give her medication exactly on time. She has nobody but me. If I don't help, if I don't take care of her, she'll die! I can't let that happen!

Most of al Sergo is concerned by the fact that they can run out of medication, and without them the mother cannot live even a day! The medicines are very expensive, and they spend the entire pension of Eugenia and all the social benefits on them. Sergo has even taken an allowance a few months in advance to pay for a two-month course of treatment. And what will happen after these two months, it is even scary to think! 

– Sergo, have you appealed to the local authorities for help?

– Of course I did, but it's no use! The necessary medicines are not financed by them. Even a one-time payment was not given. There's no point in knocking on closed doors.…

– And did you vote? Have you addressed the Deputy for whom you voted? 

– I always go to elections and meetings with the Deputy. Our Deputy is Rimma Beradze; she is a very good person, treating our problem with understanding. But unfortunately the state programs are not designed for the purchase of expensive household appliances. On holidays they never forget to give us food products. 

Let us help the sick old woman! We must not let the mother and the son to lose the last shred of faith and hope! 

Evgenia needs expensive medicines, hygiene products and food! 

The ancients said: we must strive to help others in need, for prosperity is the reward for compassion. Deep human wisdom dwells in these words!

Believe me, your most insignificant help will help the son to take care of his mother's health! 

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