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Nina Tinikashvili

I feel that God hears my prayers!
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When we came to visit an elderly beneficiary of our Fund, we had to ring the doorbell for a long time. Finally there was a movement in the depth of the apartment, and a gray-haired old woman with one leg appeared in the doorway with two canes in her trembling hands. Nina Tinikashvili is 92 years old and the neighbors call her just Grandma Nina. A year ago she got in an accident: she was hit by a car. "I was going to Church near my house, and just wanted to cross the road, – grandma Nina told us, – I have bad eyesight and walk very slowly. And yet it doesn't justify the action of those guys in the car. They hit me and then disappeared. They did not even look if I'm still alive. I was heavily injured and stayed at the hospital for a long time. The surgeon amputated me one ankle and my second leg is badly injured, so the doctors told me: you won't be able to walk." 

Poverty settled long ago in the two-room apartment of Nina Tinikashvili. The ragged walls have not seen repair for many years, and in the kitchen there is only an empty refrigerator, a gas stove and a table. The old TV set is always functioning in her room. It is the only “comforter" of the elderly woman. There is also an old wardrobe and a faded blanket on the bed. 

– Mrs. Nina, how did you end up all alone? You had family, didn't you?

– Certainly I did. When my son was alive, we lived all together with his wife and my daughter. Our life wasn't rich but friendly. And after his death (he died because of a serious illness), the daughter-in-law left me and took away my granddaughter. Now they don't communicate with me at all. I miss my granddaughter so much.… 

Once the Tinikashvili family lived in Vladikavkaz. Nina worked at the canteen as a cook, her husband was also hard-working. The family lived well, but in the hard 90-s everything changed. Nina Tinikashvili, her husband and two sons had to move to Tbilisi. And very soon her husband died in Georgia. Her sons, though they were already adults, could not find a job, and the woman had to take care of the family all by herself. Years of hardships and disruption did not pass without a trace. Nina's heart failed, and then she almost lost her sight. 

The departure of the younger son was a serious shock for the old lady. He could not stand all the hardships of life in Georgia, in the transition period, and returned to Vladikavkaz. He still lives there with his family. But unfortunately he does not visit his mother. Still, he tries to call as often as possible. 

Nina Tinikashvili: "I miss my Alex very much; this aching feeling became especially acute after the death of Yura (the eldest son). We used to talk a lot, and now we almost do not talk on the phone for a long time. I try not to be offended, but sometimes it really becomes very bitter. And nothing can be done; I try to be happy knowing he is doing well. Recently, Alex's son was born. It's a pity, but I don't think I'll ever be able to see my grandson.…"

– And have you addressed the mayor or the Deputy for whom you voted? They must take care of their compatriots in the districts from which they received power and privileges!

– I can't deny it, state bodies show interest in me. However, that happens only on holidays. They brought me a New Year gift: food and sweets, but as I do not like sweets I gave them to the neighborhood children. If her granddaughter had been around, she would have left everything for her. 

Even the neighbors rarely come to visit lonely Granny Nina. They all have their own life. 

Our beneficiary lives with a pension and social allowance. Occasionally the municipality provides financial assistance for medicines as it is prescribed by law for retired people. Lately the visits of the staff of the Chernovetskyi Fund – assistant nurses, a doctor and a social worker – have been a great joy for Nina Tinikashvili. 

Nina Tinikashvili: "The employees of the Fund are so attentive and caring! They often come to me and call me almost every day. Just yesterday they came, bathed me and washed my head. It was very nice from their part. Many thanks to the Chernovetskyi Fund for such warmth."

Sometimes a local priest, good father Joseph, comes to see the elderly woman. He always finds words of solace, helps to find strength not to be offended with her daughter-in-law who took her granddaughter away, and her son who left very far away. 

– Mrs. Nina, does your faith help you?

Nina Tinikashvili: "I pray with all my heart for my sons. I pray for the rest of the soul of the elder one and for the health of the younger one, as well as for the welfare of my grandchildren. Sometimes I pray even without words, just with my heart and tears. I feel that God hears my prayers! After all, no one can lie when praying!".

Sometimes there comes a moment in a person's life when he or she is overwhelmed with loneliness and despair. Sometimes circumstances add up so that we are abandoned by friends and relatives, and often we ourselves become the ones to blame for our troubles. And yet, it does not justify the callousness of the people around us. 

Compassion is the true source of justice and humanity, as the philosophers of antiquity said. These words are relevant as ever! 

Each of us can help, and even some smallest deed is enough! We should remember that the sea consists of drops! 

If you have a possibility to provide them material assistance, you can deposit money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Nina Tinikashvili) or make a donation directly from our website