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April 3, 2019
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"I am ready to endure everything, if only the breath of my daughter did not stop"
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Project completed!
“A medical probe devours the inside of the body of a little angel”

You certainly remember, friends, of a suffering child — little Cecily, who has been in the hospital for 2 years and cords and hoses are sticking out from everywhere, and the rubber probe through which she breathes has become an integral part of her body!
Who will ever forget. And you have proved, dear friends, that there are no other people's troubles in Georgia! Georgians do not have other people's children! I bow to you and deep respect! What you have done for this child and her exhausted parents is worth a lot! Lord help you all! Now he knows your good heart for sure! And it’s not even money, but spiritual kindness!
We greatly appreciate your trust, but, nevertheless, we consider it necessary to report to you on each tetri spent!
- I will not forget every call, and every word said for support! I can’t convey in words what it meant to me, - through tears of joy Nestan, mother of Sessili, says. “Imagine,” she says, turning to our correspondent, “Absolutely strangers called and told me,“ Don’t be afraid, all the will of God! Pray and we will pray for your Cecily ... she is now our daughter, ”said Nestan, with tears in her eyes.
 - Nestan, what is Cecily’s condition today?
Nestan: Still no clearance. This has been going on for two years ... they let me into her room for a couple of hours and that’s all ... that’s all my communication with my daughter ... but you know, recently I began to notice that she began to hear me! She feels when I touch her ... my dear, my girl ...
Friends, you can’t even imagine how you are changing the lives of unhappy, abandoned and forgotten people for the better! You give them hope for the future and faith in miracles!
When we announced a fundraising campaign, this family did not expect anyone to support them. After all, no one has ever helped them!
- Nestan, what would you say to our benefactors?
Nestan: I'm just sure that my daughter is only alive by your prayers! The fact that she has medicine and nutrition, that she has diapers is only your merit! Not a single relative or close person has done as much for us as you are my dear!
- Nestan, from what we brought you, what did you most need?
 Nestan: medicines, diapers, nutrition ... that was the main thing! But you still made my life easier and brought a refrigerator and a washing machine! How could I dream of such a thing? And kitchen utensils, a blender, a stove ... now my unfortunate daughter has everything so that she has a full life!
We believe that our prayers that the beautiful baby will be alive and recover!
Tell me, has your life changed after our publication?
Nestan: Of course! The main thing is that Cessil is not only my love, but also the love of many thousands of Georgians! I know many people remember her in prayers every day. Is it so important! Truth! I feel with my heart when we are remembered!
I am asked on the street by completely strangers like her ... I know that they pray for her health and this gives me the strength to live on! You probably remember what my condition was when I turned to you ... I cried all the time, I wanted to commit suicide ... but now I know, I'm not alone! I feel the goodness of every person!
Friends, on behalf of our entire Foundation, we sincerely thank you for everything that you do for our beneficiaries. You teach our society to see good. You give people faith when they begin to doubt themselves and support them when they need it most! Indeed, for us and for Georgia there are no strangers' children and mothers.
And if it’s hard for you because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, get distracted for a second and look at our posts in the FB. Our problems are nothing in comparison ...! Here it is - real grief! It is in front of your eyes! And thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.
Friends, thank you all again!
But the problems of this family do not end, but only just begin. Help this family continue! Your kindness is a chance to be happy in everything yourself!
Our Fund Account is GE15TB7194336080100003, GE42LB0115113036665000 or GE64BG0000000470458000. (Purpose: Cecily Bolkvadze) You can also transfer money from our website.
You can transfer money from the terminals Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. In the charity section, find our Fund. (Additional rights and obligations of the Fund can be found at
Let us think that helping others, we take care of our soul and approach the Lord precisely through the suffering that we experience for others!

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