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happy birthday David!

Look into this boy's eyes! This is David, our pupil! Our joy and our clever!
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Project completed!

Soon he is 11 years old, and had to endure a lot. Of course, we ourselves in the fund will congratulate our pet and give him a gift, set the table, light 11 candles on the birthday cake, have a fun party, but we would like you to participate in this noble cause! After all, our foundation aims to popularize the idea of charity as widely as possible! We asked Dato a few questions:
- Dato, do you remember how you came to our house?
- Of course I remember. The summer was very hot. My brother and I were brought here. I was afraid and worried. But as soon as I entered the yard, I was surrounded by children! They started hugging me ... then they took me and showed me my big and beautiful room. That was a long time ago, 5 or 6 years ago.
- Why did they bring you here? How did you live before?
- We lived very well, a big family was. Mom, dad, grandparents and my brother. But then everything became bad. Mom got very sick and died. Dad also became ill ... my grandmother was very old, she and I could not drive with my brother to school and to the kindergarten ... she barely went. And there was very little to eat.
- Do you remember mom?
- Of course! She was the most beautiful and kind! Now I know she is in the clouds and looking at me. I do everything to make her proud of me!
- And what do you want to be when you grow up?
- I will become a businessman! I will have my own business.
- You have already decided in which field of activity you choose?
- Of course! I will have a modeling business! I will sew dresses! Beautiful dresses. So that all moms on earth have beautiful dresses. My mom didn't have one. When we sat down to draw, she always painted beautiful aunts in beautiful dresses and I promised her when I grew up that I would buy her a lot of these ... but moms are gone, so I want other moms to have dresses!
- You have such good plans! You're just clever, you know?
- Yes, I know ... I am told that I am a good boy. (laughs)
- And now what are you dreaming about? What gift do you want on your birthday?
- I really want a monopoly. This is such a game, you know? It is very interesting to play. A game for businessmen.
What else can I add? What to wish our wonderful boy? Only health, and the fulfillment of all desires! God forbid that his good dream come true, God forbid that not one child would not be left without mom, and that not one mother would dream of a dress ...
Friends, if you want to get acquainted with this wonderful boy, you can write him a letter. He will be very happy, he will know that not one in the whole of the White World, but a member of a big and proud nation-Georgia.
Friends, let's give the boy a piece of your heart! After all, children, says the Lord, are angels on Earth!
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