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Mate will survive!

"I pray God only about one thing – about the life of my Mate"
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Dear friends, a real miracle has happened! 6-month-old child, whose life hung in the balance, with God's help survived! Being connected to an artificial respiration apparatus he was in a dying condition for two months, and the doctors shrugged… 

Now Mate Khaladze is 1 year and 9 months. The child can breathe independently; he eats and plays, smiles and says the most important word in the world – "mother"! 

However, the full recovery is still very far away. This little angel is still in the clinic, as his parents cannot afford buying an oxygen device. There is a high probability that at any moment the child can have attacks and will suffocate without oxygen. 

How much time little Mate will still be at the hospital, no one knows. It all depends on us, on our help, our compassion and desire to help him. And if local authorities, the Ministry of Health and deputies are inactive in this matter, we cannot remain indifferent and look at the suffering of the poor child and his parents. 

To learn more about the needs of little Mate, we talked to his mother, Tamara Khaladze:

– Tell us about this miracle. How did you manage to prevent the sad outcome? 

Tamara: My little angel was dying. The Ministry of Health was ready to allocate the amount for examination of the baby at the Turkish clinic, but I had no money for transportation. Then your Fund came to the aid, providing 2000 lari for this purpose. I am sincerely grateful to you, I am grateful to every person who responded to my tragedy and donated money. Good people, you saved my son, you pulled him out of the web of perdition. I am also grateful for the diapers, medicines and baby food that your Fund provided for my son during that critical period. 

– And what did they tell you at the Turkish clinic?

Tamara: They examined him and prescribed a course of treatment; they said that the child would live, but needed constant supervision.

– And why don't they discharge the boy from the clinic now?

Tamara: The thing is, I don't have the money to buy an oxygen machine. It costs 1 400 lari. We are poor people, we spend the last penny on the purchase of medicines, and cannot afford buying the device. If we take the child back home, in case of attacks we will not be able to provide him with oxygen, and he will die. 

– And does anyone help you? – And have you asked for the help from the local authorities and deputies?

Tamara: In fact, nobody is helping us, except your Fund. I applied to the mayor's office, where they said that the funds are given only for medicines – 100 lari once a year. The same was said at the Ministry of Health, although the state pays for the child's stay at the hospital.

– We will write letters to the Deputy of your constituency and to the Mayor's Office of Batumi. We will write about Mate's situation in order to apply to the appropriate bodies on the provision of assistance. And if they do not help we will write about it on our Facebook page. Let everyone know how blunt people at power are, how indifferent they are to the fate of a sick child. We are read by about half a million of readers, and the resonance will be great! 

Tamara: Thank you very much! Indeed, God has sent you to my son! 

– What's your family's income?

Tamara: Social allowance is our only income. Now I am also trying to receive the child's pension. I have another two little children. My husband is a sick man, he was wounded during the war for the territorial integrity of Georgia in Abkhazia; he is a veteran, but he is actually disabled. It is very difficult for us both mentally and financially. But I do not lose hope that God will not leave us! 

– Tamara, what do you dream of? For sure, you dream of the recovery of your child, right? 

Tamara: My heart breaks into pieces of pain. I pray God only about one thing - about my Mate's life, as each mom knows that her child's health is the biggest happiness. 

– Would you like to address our readers? 

Tamara: Thank you for such an opportunity. Dear people! I believe in you, I believe in your good heart and your ability to sympathize! Please help my son, and may God protect you! 

Dear friends, let us show understanding for the situation of this woman and save her son's life! We should do good for its own sake. Everyone can get into a complicated life situation. We should understand this and always remember that even the smallest help can be life-saving for somebody! 

You can do it in person: visit this family, give them hope and joy. This is their address: Batumi, settlement for refugees and environmental migrants "Benze", tel.: 599285215. 

Most of all at the moment this little boy needs an oxygen apparatus, as well as hygiene products and special nutrition mixtures. 

If you do not have a possibility to visit him in person, you can transfer the money to our Fund account:

GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Mate Khaladze). You can also transfer money from our website

You can as well transfer money from the terminals of Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link

If a person realizes and feels God in his soul, he realizes and feels his unity with all the people of the world!


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