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"I pray to God that my mother does not die!"

A single mother, sick with cancer, is fighting for the life and future of her son
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A single mother, sick with cancer, is fighting for the life and future of her son. She is afraid that if something happens to her, there will be no one to take care of her ten-year-old boy. 

Poverty, half-starvation, complete helplessness and despair gripped the 33-year-old woman, and sadly, no one cares.

Lela Aladashvili is a single mother. Her husband left her when she was five months pregnant. Her parents died long ago, and her close relatives merely "evaporated." For 10 years she has been raising her beloved son Shotiko, who doted on her, helping his mother with the housework and praying to God that she does not die. Recently the child also had health problems, his legs, and especially his heels, began to ache. Every day the situation gets only worse, and there are no financial opportunities to go to Tbilisi for medical examination, not to mention any treatment. 

     Cancer is the most insidious disease and if it is not stopped in time, the lethal outcome is ensured. The whole village knows about the misery of the mother and her son. However, what can ordinary peasants do when they barely make two ends meet? But why is the village administration silent? Why is the school inactive? How can one be so indifferent to the suffering of this unfortunate family and be soulless observers of someone else's grief? It's just a crime! 

Friends, this is the moment when we can show the authorities that, unlike them, our hearts are not hardened, and we are ready to lend a helping hand to the single mother and her son who are in a depressing state now. 

       We talked to Lela Aladashvili and asked her to share her problems and experiences with us. 

– Lela, when did you learn about your cancer and how do you feel at the moment?

Lela Aladashvili: I learned about it last year. They said I had the second stage of cancer and operated me. The operation was paid by the state. But then my condition got worse. The terrible pain did not go away and continues to this day. Often it is necessary to call the ambulance. They give me painkillers; otherwise I would not be able to endure the agony. 

– And you have no money for the next examination, right? 

Lela Aladashvili: Where can I find money for that? The state does not finance diagnostics. I cannot even go to the Tbilisi clinic to make a calculation and find out exactly the right amount I need. The village doctor said that the examination costs about 2 000 lari. But most of all I am concerned about my child. He's been complaining of leg pains lately. He says the bones and the heels hurt. He also needs a survey (crying – note), but this is not possible. Heart breaks when he groans in pain... It often happens that together we moan and cry…

– Where do you take money for living? Does anyone help you?

Lela Aladashvili: I receive social allowance in the amount of 150 lari. Close neighbors also help us. They are poor people, but they do not mind giving us a plate of soup and a several pieces of bread…

     – You had to ask for help from the Deputy of your constituency long ago. It is the duty of every Deputy to help the people. They are chosen to take care of people, to help them in hard times and to contribute to the solution of social issues. But it turns out that you don't address to the Deputy, the local authorities stay idle, and your health and the health of your son is getting worse and worse?! We will send a letter to the Deputy about the state of your family and if we receive an unacceptable answer, we will write about it on our Facebook page. We are read by more than half a million people! Shame on them for their inaction and indifference to the problems of their voters. 

Lela Aladashvili: We are so grateful to your Fund for finding us, coming from far away and trying to help! 

         – Now tell us about yourself.

Lela Aladashvili: My husband left me when I was five months pregnant. My parents died long ago; and I have no close relatives, and those I have don't contact me. It was hard. I was crying all nights long of despair, but then I pulled myself together. When Shotiko was born, it was a great happiness for me. His birth saved me from a desperate step. Thank God that I was able to withstand the test of fate! Well, now there is a new test. I pray the Lord to help me withstand this attack with the help of kind and sympathetic people…

      – And what's this little room you live in?

 Lela Aladashvili: This is the house of my husband's parents. The second floor is unfit for living, and the ground floor has only two rooms more or less adapted for living in them. The ceiling is leaking, the walls are covered with mold, the floor is concrete, the front door is barely hanging, the windows are blowing, in the summer reptiles penetrate the house... I have almost no furniture: a table, an old bed, two plastic chairs and a small table... I do not even have a frying pan, not to mention a washing machine or kitchen set... Sorry for the details, but I have to tell you that we do not even have a toilet in the yard. We go to our neighbors. My son and I dug a hole for this purpose, but we need money to build a toilet…

        – Lela, could I ask you, what are you dreaming about? 

Lela Aladashvili: Only about the happiness of my son. He is my joy, my consolation and my great pain at the same time. My dream is that his legs don't hurt, that he gets developed like all children, has enough food, clothing and opportunities to learn. I don't think about myself anymore, but I'm scared for his future if the irreparable happens to me. 

– And now we are going to talk to your son. – Shotiko, What grade are you in? What subject is your favorite? Do you go to any club? 

Shotiko: I am in the fifth grade, I love literature lessons, but there are no clubs in our school…

– What do you want to become when you are grown up?

Shotiko: I want to become a soldier to defend my Homeland!   

– I know you're helping your mom with the housework, right?

Shotiko: Yes! I help her with cutting wood, wash, plant in the garden, carry water…

     – And do your legs hurt very much? 

Shotiko: Sometimes the pain is such that... I can't walk... but after a while the pain goes away...

– And what are you dreaming of? 

Shotiko: (Thoughtful - note) I pray to God that my mother does not die! We have icons in our house; I light a candle and pray…

– You are a very good boy, let God give you health and a happy childhood. And now tell me, what do you want most of all?

Shotiko: (thoughtful - note) a TV-set…

Friends, every second brings this young woman and her son closer to a sad outcome. If they are not helped now, tomorrow will surely be too late. While the authorities are silent, they cannot cope without your support! Lela Aladashvili needs almost everything – from food to building materials to replace the shattered door and bad windows! 

    You can visit them personally, help financially, give hope and breathe a spark of hope. This is their address: the village of Kondoli, Telavi Region (Kakheti), tel.: 599 32 68 01. If you have a willing to help, but do not have time to visit them, you can transfer the money to our Fund account: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Lela Aladashvili). You can also transfer money from our website. 

You can as well transfer money from the terminals of Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link

He who does not want to rise the fallen one, let him fear to fall himself, for when he falls, no one will reach out to him!

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