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Children pick up bread crumbs from the floor...

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June 10, 2019
The Chelidze Family is so poor that children pick up bread crumbs from the floor – this is their only food!
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The room you see in the photo is their dining room,  bedroom and even a place for taking a bath. Because of the lack of basic human conditions this family is in such a miserable state that only complete destruction could surpass it. Unfortunately, the word "destruction" is not new to them.
Dear friends, these people are on the verge of survival! Life has lost all meaning for them, as they became hostages to poverty and misery! The fate of the children raises most concerns as they saw nothing but grief, cold, hunger and poverty. How can you not help them?
Not seeing any success one could give up in anything, but not when a child's life is at stake! Therefore, dear friends, everyone who reads this text, should think how hard it is to survive for these angels and how important it is to give them a helping hand! 
We talked to Izo Chelidze, the mother of the children, and asked to share her concerns and problems: 
– Tell us about your family, we know that recently you went through a great tragedy? 
Izo Chelidze: We cannot recover from this: a year ago, our 4-year-old boy died in an accident. I dream of my little son, sometimes I hear his voice, but I do not see him... (crying – note)
– Tell me, what is the premises in which you live? 
Izo Chelidze: This used to be a printing house in Soviet times. 10 years ago the state allowed 10 families who had no housing to live in there. Already then the building was in a deplorable condition. They did not make any repair but we became the proprietors. At various times, residents appealed to the authorities about the repair, but little help followed. Here all residents are poor and unemployed, and cannot improve their own living conditions. 
–Could you specify? 
Izo Chelidze: The room is very damp, the ceiling is leaking, the walls are stripped; there is almost no normal furniture but old beds; the refrigerator does not work and I use it as a wardrobe; an old gas stove has long been out of order; I have no washing machine, no shower, no toilet; the water is brought from the street and stored in the tanks. 
– Your husband, the father of the children, does not work? 
Izo Chelidze: My husband is unemployed, he cannot find a job. When we got married, we lived in his village of Persati. He had a house of his own and a small farm. But there was a fire, and everything burned down, nothing could be saved. Then the state allocated us this room as we were fire victims. 
– Have you asked the local authorities for help?  
Izo Chelidze: The city hall allocates 100 lari for medicines 2 times a year; school and kindergarten are free, the doctor in the polyclinic serves free of charge; we use the free city canteen. 
– Why don't you go for help to the Deputy of the majoritarian constituency, as after all, concern for the voters is the direct responsibility of each Deputy. You address him, and if he does not help, then we will write about it on our page which is read by a half a million readers, and let him be ashamed of his indifference and inaction. 
Izo Chelidze: We are simple and illiterate people. Please, we ask you to address the Deputy for help on our behalf, in order to improve our life at least a little. 
– We will. Now tell please, what are you dreaming about?
Izo Chelidze Unfortunately I dream of a piece of bread for my children, so that they do not starve, so that our family does not beg. All my dreams of a big happy family have vanished into thin air, but I am a believer. Therefore, I ask the Lord to take pity on us, to help us get out of this difficult situation and give my children a normal life! 
– Let me ask your children what they dream about. 
Georgiy (10 years old): I dream about a small beautiful house where we will live as a family. I can't bring my friends here, we only have one chair and nothing to treat them with.
– What do you want to become?
Georgiy: I would like to become a doctor. If I knew how to give first aid, my brother would not have died... 
– And what do you like?

Georgiy: I like to read, but I have no books. I also like sports. I go to the school sports club, but my sneakers have torn and now I do not know what to do...
Luka (4 years old): I dream about candy, ice cream and marmalade.
– Do mom and dad buy sweets for you? 
Luka (4 years old): (thoughtful – note) aunt Nargiza sometimes brings sweets when she visits us.
Dear friends, Chelidze Family needs absolutely everything. They have nothing, they are absolutely poor. At this stage, their main needs are: food, beds, table and chairs, refrigerator, washing machine, children's clothing, toys...
We ask each of you for information support! It is not difficult at all and will not take you long. It will not make no cost to your wallet! We just ask you to share information so that as many people as possible learn about Chelidze Family. Among them there will always be wizards!!!
You can personally visit this family and provide assistance. This is their address: Baghdati, 13 Tsaritsa Tamar St., tel.: 577381469. And if you have no time to visit them you can transfer money to our Fund account: 
GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Chelidze Family).
You can also transfer money from our website.  
Dear friends, we report for each spent tetri in detail in the next post about this family!
You can as well transfer money from the terminals of Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link
The benefactor gives to the poor, returning his loan to the Lord, and He will repay him for his kindness!

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