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Liana Khitarishvili

Mother fighting for her son's life!
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      81-year-old Liana Khitarishvili has been struggling for her son's life for more than twenty years now! And if he is still alive, then it is certainly her merit! Being a sick woman, she does not spare forces so that Gregory does not feel deprived, although with age, it becomes harder to look after her sick son. After all, she is completely alone!
    Liana Khitarishvili some time ago suffered a heart attack, on the basis of which she developed many diseases: angina pectoris, arterial hypertension, heart failure, she also had coronary artery bypass surgery. But Liana is so strong a person that “heroically” transfers his ailments, so long as the beloved son lives and feels good! After all, in the whole world there is nothing cleaner and more sacred than motherly love!
   We talked with Liana Khitarishvili and asked her to tell about her life, problems and experiences:
   - Tell me, who are you by profession and where did you work before retirement?
   Liana Khitarishvili: I have worked as a flight attendant on airlines for 24 years. She began her activity in this area at the end of the 50s. At first I was accompanied by helicopters, but since 1960, I was transferred to large aircraft.
   -Where did you have a passion for flying? Did you choose this profession?
   Liana Khitarishvili: this is my vocation. From childhood I loved to watch birds, I liked how they soar in the sky ... God heard me and realized my dream. I was 22 when I turned up the case and I was invited to take a special training course. She passed her examinations successfully and has since tied her life to this wonderful profession.
   -Your private life didn't work out, right?
  Liana Khitarishvili: I divorced my husband when my son was 3 years old. Since then, he has not appeared, did not take any part in the upbringing of Gregory. I put him alone on his feet, I didn’t like the soul in him. My son graduated from college and became a flight attendant.
   -What happened to him, why is he bedridden?
    Liana Khitarishvili: during the Georgian-Abkhaz war, he worked as a flight attendant and served flights that brought wounded people to the Tbilisi clinics, as well as the corpses of fallen soldiers. All this affected his mental state and after a while, he started having problems with his head.
     -And did you have money to treat him, because in those years there were no government programs?
     Liana Khitarishvili: I sold my apartment and treated my son for money. One relative, a very kind person, regretted us and let us into his apartment, he went abroad himself and said - “live as long as you like and don’t worry”. Here we live here ...
    -What is your son's condition today?
     Liana Khitarishvili: stably heavy. He is now 54 years old. In 2010, he suffered a brain stroke. Helped the Council of Veterans and the Ministry of Health. They allocated 10,000 dollars and Gregory was operated on in Turkey. They also helped to carry out his postoperative rehabilitation. He is bedridden, practically unable to move.
    -What is your condition after a stroke?
    Liana Khitarishvili: Oh, I don’t think about myself, if only my son would be better. Well, my condition is very weak, my heart hurts, constantly high pressure, my bones ache ...
   What is the income of your family?
   Liana Khitarishvili: pension and social benefit is our income. I spend money on utilities, food, massage course ...
    -Do the authorities help?
   Liana Khitarishvili: Of course, no one gives anything from his personal pocket, but what we are supposed to do according to the law, we all get money for medicines, social benefits, and free food in the canteen of the city hall. I have no complaints.
     - Are you satisfied with the work of our Foundation?
     Liana Khitarishvili: very pleased. Many thanks to your nurses and doctors who systematically come to us and provide medical care, bring diapers. May God grant you health and success in your noble activities!
    -What are you dreaming about?
     Liana Khitarishvili: what can an 81-year-old woman dream of? I dream to live with my son for as long as possible! I pray the Lord have mercy on us. You know, I believe in the afterlife! I believe that a pure and kind person will definitely go to heaven. Of course, we are all sinners on this earth, but we must try to create more good deeds and benefit society, our people and country!
      Friends, as practice shows, to raise funds for medicines and treatment of the elderly is extremely difficult. Nevertheless, for 7 years of work, our foundation has been able to provide “targeted assistance” to hundreds of pensioners. And it became possible thanks to caring people who more than once responded to our request for help!
      Any, even the smallest amount you can donate, will ease the suffering of an elderly mother and her sick son. They need medicines, hygiene supplies, food and ... human attention.
     You can personally visit these people, help them, warm them with the warmthhearts and breathe a glimmer of hope. They will be happy with your attention! Here is the address: Tbilisi, Vazisubani, 3 md., 2 quarter, building 8, kv.57, tel .: 555580824.
     Those who are ready to help financially, you can transfer funds to the account of our Fund: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Liana Khitarishvili). You can also transfer money from our site.
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