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She often dreams of a dead son, and her heart cries

June 27, 2019       2823
Meet friends! This is the mother of the deceased son - 75-year-old music teacher Lana Lezhava! She is practically blind! And always all alone!
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She does not see the day and is looking forward to the night to see her beloved son, who died 28 years ago! In a dream, he calls: “Mom, I miss you very much,” and that she herself responds in response - the old woman does not remember in the morning! And it worries her very much! She is crying bitterly. After all, so much had to tell ... And did she have time?
    Today this elderly woman can be said to be “sharpened” in a small room. Nearby there is no one who could give a glass of water, say a kind word or, simply, sit beside him. She learned to move around the room to the touch, to cook, to take care of herself and ... to live by memories ...
      -What happened to your son?
    Lana Lezhava: he went to Russia in the early 90s on the case. For some time he remained there, and there, far from his homeland, he was overtaken by an evil fate. He poisoned himself and died! God, how did I love him ?! How I wanted him to start a family, to have my grandchildren ... But, life is such a thing that it is empty business to presume and make plans in advance.
    -What year did you lose your sight?
    Lana Lezhava: in 1981 I got into a terrible car accident. That since then, and vision began to deteriorate. After a few years, she stopped seeing at all. But while my son was alive, I had no problems. He helped in everything, led me out into the street, drove to relatives.
   -How is your health at the moment?
    Lana Lezhava: I feel weak, tormented by high blood pressure, suffering from heart failure, sometimes I can’t even lift my head, my body aches ...
    -Do you often have dreams?
     Lana Lezhava: I constantly see my son in a dream, embrace and caress him. He covenants me to himself and says: “Mom, I missed you, but the time for our meeting in heaven has not yet come” ... I wake up in sweat. I do not remember what he answered in a dream. I cry bitterly because my son left me untimely, and in loneliness I have to live out my days. Oh, how painful the heart!
    -Do you believe in the afterlife?
   Lana Lezhava: I believe in God and, therefore, believe that the afterlife exists. And that close people do not leave us, but go to another life, to wait for us where we will meet. Only one must live with dignity in this life and be calm before it continues into another.
    -Let's go back now, so to speak, to real life. Tell us about your “income”, what are you spending money on?
    Lana Lezhava: I receive a pension in the amount of 200 GEL and social benefits in the amount of 50 GEL. What do I spend money on? For food and medicine. First of all, your nurse, then your neighbors will ask you to run off and buy bread, another meal ...
      - Does anyone else help you?
      Lana Lezhava: the city hall allocates 120-150 lari for medicines several times a year. I am interrupted somehow, but, understand me correctly, the most terrible thing is when there is no one around when you do not feel the breath of a loved one, when there is only darkness and silence around.
    - Do you have a dream?
    Lana Lezhava: A dream? What dream can a lonely blind woman have, whose one leg is already in a coffin? Therefore, if asked, I will answer - I dream, to see my son as soon as possible!
      Friends, this elderly single woman needs a particularly reverent attitude and care. Her share fell heaviest tests. We hope that after our story, you will not remain indifferent and give her a helping hand. As you see, she is completely helpless, does not see God's light and lives only by memories.
     Let's treat her as a grandmother, as a loved one, showing mercy, and by common efforts we will get a refrigerator for her, food and hygiene items!
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