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Poor angels starve and live in terrible poverty!

The authorities, as if unaware of the poor existence of this family, distanced themselves from it, actually contributing to the dropping of these people to
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Large family Gorgodze - Gvelesiani has long crossed the poverty line. These wonderful children, whom you see in the photograph, from the very early years are surrounded by a terrible situation of squalor and gray life. They are deprived of warmth and comfort, normal food and medicine, clothing and toys. The whole family went in the same room of an abandoned building, where windows are covered with cellophane, it pours rain from the ceiling, a terrible mess reigns, and iron beds attached to each other serve as a dining table.
   The authorities, as if unaware of the poor existence of this family, distanced themselves from it, actually contributing to the dropping of these people to the social bottom. It seems that neither the majority deputy nor the community of the municipality is interested in the depressing life of their fellow citizens, eager to live in a pitiful existence in the struggle for survival!
   We talked to the mother of four young children Nargiza Gvelesiani and asked to share our problems and experiences:
  - Tell me, how many years have you lived here and in general, what kind of building is it?
   Nargiza: this is the building of the former printing house. My husband and Imeda Gorgodze, I come from a nearby village. Our parents lived very poorly, barely making ends meet and we decided to come to Baghdadti and settle down. This is the room where we are located; the state has allocated families that did not have a roof over their heads. We were among them. In Soviet times, it was located printing, but by the time of our settlement, it was in an abandoned state.
   - you temporarily instilled?
   Nargiza: no. We were given housing in the property, and we ourselves had to arrange it. Of course, thank you very much for not leaving us on the street, but we have not managed to repair the room, to make it at least a little bit habitable.
Nargiza: you know, my husband and I are poorly educated people, we don’t have any profession, so it’s very hard to find a job. When there is a one-time assignment somewhere in a private construction site, the husband necessarily earns extra money, but it happens so rarely ...
-What do you live for?
 Nargiza: we get social benefits. This is our only "income". All the money goes to food, medicine, diapers, we also pay for the light ... we buy firewood for the winter, which is very expensive. The husband made a homemade stove, which is our salvation, when it’s winter outside and it’s very cold.
   - Do local authorities or majority deputy help you? Did you ask them for help? Many people, unknowingly, ignore the factor of the deputy. They do not even know that they have the full right to appeal to them for help, because every deputy is obliged to take care of his voters, to take interest in their needs and help in improving social conditions.
   Nargiza: I belittle you, contact the deputy on behalf of our family. We don’t even know how to write, not what our needs and problems are. Thank you in advance.
   - Some people unfairly condemn large families who live in poverty. According to them, they say, why give birth to children if parents can not support them. How do you look at it?
   Nargiza: see how many needy families. It turns out that our people should not multiply? I am a Christian and I think that if God gives a child, I cannot kill him in the bud. Another thing is that to feed, dress, educate is very difficult when there is no work and normal conditions for life. But I believe that the Lord will not leave us in trouble and will show his help in the person of good people!
   -What are you dreaming about?
   Nargiza: I dream of the happy life of my children, but now it’s so hard for us that I dream how to feed them and put them on ... I dream of a TV, a refrigerator, a washing machine ... we don’t have anything like that ...
    -What are your kids dreaming about?
   Gennady (7 years old): I dream of sneakers. At school, everyone has, but I do not have ...
   -What class and what do you want to become?
   Gennady: I ​​study in the first class and I want to become a policeman ...
  Tariel (6 years old): I also want to become a policeman ...
  - Well, what are you dreaming about?
  Tariel: I dream of going to school ... Mom says it will be September 1st ...
  Tiko (3 years): I dream of a new doll that will look like my mother ...
      Friends, these little angels - Gennady, Tariel, Tiko and Rostom need our urgent help! We cannot leave these children without compassion and support. To wait for the authorities to assist them means to ignore their misfortune. Therefore, let us act together, together we will help them and show that many good people are interested in their fate!
     Children are angels on earth! And their birth is God's conduct! He sends them to earth to see which of the people on Earth is worthy of his care and help, who has a soul and compassion!
(L. Chernovetsky)
You can personally visit this family and assist. Children, believe us, will be happy! Here is their address: Bagdati, st. Queen Tamar 13, tel: 595469227.
     If you are too busy and cannot visit them, but are eager to help, then you can transfer money to the account of our Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Gorgodze-Gvelesiani family).You can also transfer money from our website.
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Each of our pious steps is the next step of the ladder leading to God!