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5 years mom watching her son die

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July 2, 2019
Achiko Bayramov’s distressed family is sorely lacking the means to provide the patient with the necessary medicines and medical supervision.
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       Friends, last year, we told you the story of Achiko Bairamov, who miraculously survived a car accident, but for the rest of his life remained an invalid of the first group. For almost 5 years, as a 30-year-old boy is bedridden and in a difficult condition - the whole body is atrophied, does not come to his senses, the airways are supported artificially, and frequent epileptic seizures make his existence intolerable. As soon as we learned about this fact, a charitable action was instantly announced. Hundreds of people responded to our call, raised money and helped mother and son, for which many thanks to all the benefactors!
      However, today, with great regret, we want to inform you that Achiko Bairamov’s health began to deteriorate sharply, and he is actually dying before his eyes - he has decreased in height, purulent-blood sores have appeared, attacks have become frequent ...
      Achiko Bayramov’s distressed family is sorely lacking the means to provide the patient with the necessary medicines and medical supervision. And where to get the money when the Ministry of Health is silent, and the funds allocated by the mayor's office for medicines are only enough for a couple of weeks.
     It is very disappointing that in this sad situation the position of the majority deputy is not visible, his voice is not heard! We do not see in this particular case the willingness of the servants of the people to serve their voters, and in fact, with their connivance the young man is killed!
     We talked to Achiko Bayramov’s mother, Jamily, and asked her to tell us about our experiences and problems:
    - Does the municipality give you money for medicines?
     Jamila: I often appeal to the mayor’s office, I practically have to beat out money. Thank God, the municipality lists money for medicines, but this is only enough for a couple of weeks. Medicines are very expensive. For example, my son has terrible bedsores, and an ointment that lasts a month costs 100 lari. Especially expensive are medicines against epilepsy, 200-300 GEL.
    -And the Ministry of Health does not help?
    Jamila: I applied to the Ministry of Health with a request to finance a massage course for my son. In fact, they mocked me. Together, the required 3,000 lari gave financing in the amount of 300 lari. As a result, the massage course “failed” and now Achiko has purulent-blood sores.
     - We know that it is incredibly difficult to care for the bedridden patients, it is especially difficult when it is a native son ...
     Jamila: Yes, my heart is wounded, does not heal. All the tears have already dried up ... I ask God to relieve my son of suffering. I am in a hopeless state, practically in despair.
      -And nobody helps you?
    Jamila: good neighbors help, as they can. Your foundation helped last year. However, I am very upset and hurt that the authorities are not helping properly. We even removed the social benefit. But after you wrote about the history of my son, the social agency deigned and restored to us the issuance of cash benefits. Of course, they are some crumbs, but you have to feed your family ?!
    - Your husband is unemployed, right?
    Jamila: he is a sick person, moreover, he can’t find a job. We really need, sometimes, just starve. In winter, I don’t let my younger children go to school due to the fact that there are no warm clothes ...
     -What do you dream?
         Jamila: what can the mother of a dying son dream about? I dream that he came to his senses, to make him better. However, without the help of good people, this is impossible. I appeal to your readers close to my heart to take my maternal pain and help my poor son in the purchase of medicines, food and diapers! This will lead me out of the impasse and give hope for the future! I believe that the Lord will send me his angels to help!
      Friends, as you can see, the fate of the 30-year-old guy hangs in the balance! Is there a chance for him to survive? Of course have! We need to combine our efforts to save another life! The Lord sees everything and will surely reward our blessing. We will certainly send a letter to the majority deputy in whose district Achiko Bayramov lives, and once again we remind him that taking care of the voters is the primary purpose and the holy duty of every deputy. What a pity that we so often have to remind them of this!
        You can bring Achiko Bayramov and personally assist. Here is the address of his family: Tbilisi, st. Kvantaliani 108, tel .: 555642894.
        The account of our Fund: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Achiko Bayramov).
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The best help we can give to a person who has fallen into despair is not to take the burden off him, but to awaken his faith in humanity and in our Lord!

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