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July 15, 2019       13461
At the age of 11 months, the child suffered measles, but then the disease did not cause any complications. Ill yes recovered, like all children!
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The 15-year-old Mate Harbediya has been struggling with death for three years. He is in the intensive care unit of the clinic, is attached to a respirator, does not see, does not hear, does not recognize anyone ...
At the age of 11 months, the child suffered measles, but then the disease did not cause any complications. Ill yes recovered, like all children!
Mate grew up healthy boy, went to school, played with his peers, was fidget! Could not sit for one minute calmly. I wanted to help everyone. That, someone will bring firewood, then runs away for water for a neighbor ... sometimes she even asked him to calm down, sit down and sleep.
Who would have thought that this fidget could not get out of bed? Who would have thought that he would be both alive and dead at the same time ...
It was very difficult to talk about this tragedy with Mate's mother. The unhappy woman simply could not hold back her tears ... she said, recalled and cried. It's just terrible to watch your child suffer and not be able to help him. God forbid not one mom to experience this ...
Mate has not seen or heard for 3 years, he cannot even complain when he has something to hurt, he just lies and looks at one point.
- Nana, it is very difficult to ask you to remember this horror, but still, tell us how it happened with Mate?
Nana Meparishvili: When he was 12 years old, he began to tire. Once lost, I could not find my way home ... they thought it was a transitional period. Then he began to forget the words, confused the sentences ... and when he fell and could not get up, we sounded the alarm. At first, he was treated for rheumatism, then from heart disease, but every day it became difficult to move, and then he lost his hearing and sight ... and now he only breathes, and then with the help of a life support apparatus.
“Do you remember what he said to you last time?”
Nana Meparishvili: of course I remember, how can I forget it? It remains in my memory. Mate was a very smart guy, he understood what was going on with him irreparable. When he could not walk, he asked me to give him my picture, looked and said, “Eh Mate, Mate, poor thing, how good you were a boy, what will happen to you now?” That's all ... after that we did not hear him.
- Tell us about your family, how are you still holding?
Nana Meparishvili: I have 3 other boys besides Mate. Kakha is 20 years old, Levan is 18, and the youngest John is 5 years old. I apologize to my eldest, they are already adults and will understand me, but the only thing that keeps me in this world is John!
Kakha and Levan, after what had happened to Mate, dropped out of their studies and began to make money in order to somehow provide their brother with the necessary medicines. The father of the child asked them only two times ... and that’s all.
My parents helped me, supported me, but my mom developed a tumor on the basis of nerves, she categorically refused to take medicine and died 3 months later, as Mate came down. And my father died a few months ago. He suffered a heartbeat. He was put in the same hospital where Mate is lying and I ran from floor to floor ... God, what is all this for me ...
For 3 years, my Mate has been in intensive care, and they only launch me to him for a few minutes, and then not every day. Is it possible to survive?
   -What means you live on? What is your household income?
    Nana Meparishvili: Pension Mate and social benefits are our income. I give some of my medicines free of charge, we don’t pay for the treatment, but I have to buy hygiene items and some medicines myself. That's the whole pension goes for it. The condition of my son is very complicated. I hope only for God and help from good people. We are doing everything possible, but have already exhausted all that was ...
       -Nana, whatever it may sound like, but we always ask our beneficiaries what is your dream?
   Nana Meparishvili: I dream that Mate will come to his senses so that he will live longer. Now he is neither alive nor dead, how painful it is to realize.
Mom knows that the disease can destroy her son, but she believes that the beloved Mate will live through the prayers of good people and their help!
Friends, we do not have the moral right to read this story does not help these unfortunate people! Let us pray for Mate, ask the Lord all together so that Mate’s life will not be interrupted!
     Everything depends on God and our mercy. Currently, this family lives in Tbilisi. You can visit them and personally assist. Here is the address: Varketili 3, 2 m / r., 2 building, apt. 176, tel.: 555786176.
     The account of our foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Mate Harbedia).
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      This good works, and you will reap their fruits. Inaction in the cause of mercy is transformed into a deadly sin action!

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