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"We, in the orphanage, are real wizards!"

July 22, 2019       332
In a couple of weeks, on July 24, Mariya Turkiashvili, a pupil of our children's home, turns 15 years old!
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In a couple of weeks, on July 24, Mariya Turkiashvili, a pupil of our children's home, turns 15 years old!
This is an excellent opportunity to tell you about this wonderful girl who pleases those around you with her radiant smile and sky blue eyes!
Marie entered our Kobuleti orphanage several years ago with her sister and two brothers. Thank God, we pulled these children out of a dysfunctional family, where such a terrible and cruel situation reigned that children could die, in the literal sense of the word.
Now everything has changed. Marie, as the older sister, “takes care of” her brothers and sister, studies, lives an eventful life and dreams of the profession of a chef. Here is what she told us in a short interview:
- Marie, what subject do you like most at school?
Mari: I love all subjects, but most of all - a lesson in art. I love classical music, Georgian folk song, I try to take part in all school creative activities.
-And what do you play?
Mari: I play panduri. For almost a year now, I have been a soloist of the Changi children's ensemble at the Kobuleti Palace of Culture. One day, I told the tutors in the orphanage that “it would be nice if I learned how to play panduri”. I was immediately taken to the house of culture and given the opportunity. We, in the orphanage, are real wizards!
-And your team performs in the Republican Olympiads?
Mari: Recently, we took part in the creative youth Olympiad of Adjara and won an honorary diploma! This is our great success!
-What do you want to be?
Marie: I want to go to the culinary college and learn the profession of chef. I have a great desire to learn how to cook French dishes! So, music is for the soul, and cooking is for business!
-What is your dream?
Mari: When I grow up, I dream to open a small European restaurant in Kobuleti and delight visitors with exquisite dishes!
- Soon you have a birthday. So you want to give you a present?
Marie: First of all, I wish for a panduri. If I have this instrument, I will arrange concerts in an orphanage, I want the other guys to love folk music too. Well, I also want to give me a cookbook of recipes. I told you that I love cooking!
         So, July 24, our wonderful girl turns 15 years old! We will surely celebrate it with our own personal holiday. It will be a fun feast, order a large cake, buy gifts, prepare musical numbers!
Congratulations to you princess. We would like to wish your life to be fabulous, that little fairies would fulfill all your desires, so that the good wizard would help you in difficult matters. To beautiful butterflies decorated your life. Be always pretty and clever, make your loved ones happy and always smile yourself. Let your smiles, like the spring sun, always delight the eye. Happy Birthday!
Friends, you have a great chance to join in our congratulations. You can write a letter to Marie, call her or visit and personally present a gift. She will be incredibly happy! Do not miss the chance to give children happiness! The address of our children's home: Kobuleti, st. Rustaveli, No. 325 (tel .: 577446162).
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