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why did you punish my son so much?

Lord, I know that all adults are sinful, but why did you punish my son so much !?
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Luka Mzhavanadze was born with cerebral palsy. Lives with epileptic seizures.
13 years ago, Mother Luka Mzhavanadze Gvritun Dzhaparidze was a happy woman. She was waiting for her first child! I imagined how sweet he would be, how warm he would begin to talk, the first word would be “Mama”, everyone would be glad of the first steps, videotape and be proud of how he quickly learns and masters everything ...
But that did not happen …
The boy was born with cerebral palsy. Over time, he developed epilepsy, his eyesight deteriorated. Every day it became worse and worse ...
The husband did not endure the flour of a little boy who suffered from epilepsy and shortly after the birth of his son, he was gone.
Mother single had to do everything to save her son ...
As she told us, over the years, Luka had two operations in Istanbul at his own expense and put the boy on his feet.
- His situation is now very difficult, if we do not continue the rehabilitation course, everything will be in vain. You know, he is a very strong boy, cheerful, if it were not for these traits of character he had long been helpless, but he fights with all his might.
- Please tell the authorities, did you provide any assistance?
- Thank God - Yes! Municipality of Kobuleti municipality finances rehabilitation courses for us, which are held in 2 months 1 time, only 10 procedures are not enough for us, so we need the help of kind people.
- Where do you live, do you have a home?
- Own home for us luxury. We now live in the Kobuleti municipality, the village of Kobuleti. My brother has sheltered us, but this is temporary. I have no money to rent an apartment. And then, if they were, I spent them for the benefit of Luke.
The state gives them only 200 GEL, for the disability of Luke. They do not have the status of a socially unprotected family, because during rehabilitation courses Gvritun drove her son from village to town in a car that his brother borrowed.
They need medicines, hygiene items, special food, and a full rehabilitation course will give Luka the opportunity to start life from a new leaf, and he is already a cheerful boy with sparkles of happiness in his eyes.
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