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"My son was dying before my eyes"

July 25, 2019       3863
“We were preparing to do repairs at home, but my son came early from work and fell right at the door, he was dying right in front of my eyes,”
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“We were preparing to do repairs at home, but my son came early from work and fell right at the door, he was dying right in front of my eyes,” the 90-year-old Tsiala Cheishvili, a group I disabled, started the conversation with us. which suffers from a bunch of diseases that do not give her rest day or night. She can not move and almost all day lies. Only the moans and the cry for the help of her beloved son can lift her out of bed and make those movements that give her hellish torment!
Obsharpannye walls from which old wiring looks out; materials prepared for repair that have been collecting dust on the cabinet for 6 years. Toilet and kitchen Tsialy Cheishvili's son - Igor managed to repair. Now only can, proud of it. In the hall there is an old table on which Igor's medicines are lying. On the old chair, standing by the bed are a few medicines for the mother, so that it was easy for her to take them.
Here, like a bud, the time stopped, looking at the clock, so as not to forget to drink the medicine. 6 years ago, the happy and prosperous life of Tsialy and Igor Cheishvili crossed the paths that the trains have not been traveling for a long time, and stopped in the dark ...
- Please tell us how you lived?
- We lived happily and carefree. When I retired, my son worked and provided for me. I alone raised him, educated him, put him on his feet ... His father left us when the boy was 5 years old. But Igor turned out to be great.
And so, we began to quietly make repairs. He repaired the bathrooms, finished the bathroom and kitchen. And he began to tear wallpaper. He worked during the day and continued to make repairs in the house in the evening ...
One morning everything changed! He returned home, unusually early and until I got to open the door, my little boy was already lying at the door and, in unclear words, tried to tell me something, but could not turn his tongue. This was a shock for me and I started yelling ... Neighbors came running and called an ambulance, then I only remember that my doctors took my Igor to the hospital.
Of course, it affected my health. Son returned home disabled. All the savings that we had went to Igor's treatment in the first few months, but that did not help either. Even now he cannot utter words, and with his heart after that incident it’s very bad. Within 6 years he had a stroke 4 times, which aggravated him and my situation too.
All he does is to clean up the house and take care of me. But there are times when my son loses consciousness and does not recognize me.
We asked her about problems, about dreams, about joy, but the answer was one “My Igor”!
Besides the fact that I have polyarthrosis, I also suffered a stroke 5 times, see - my jaw clenched ... But I still live, only for him.
It is difficult to say who cares about whom - a 90-year-old mother who lies for days on end and is the only support for her son, or the son who cannot read does not pronounce the words and only mom understands him.
- Who helps you most in this situation and with what?
- If you mean the state, then how can I rely on them I only have a pension. I worked for 50 years, raised my son and the state gives only 100 GEL for disability. It is also good that the local administration pays expensive injections for Igor and partially. The current head of the local administration turned out to be a good person and gave us these benefits. And then the previous money just put in your pocket.
Another thing is my girls from your foundation, who regularly come and take care of us. If not they, who would give us the necessary shots. In addition, they bring us the necessary medicines. For this many thanks to you, kind and caring people.
In her 90 years, Tsiala Cheishvili had seen a lot, but the main grief life kept for her by the age of old age. She remembers this fate now and tells it with sorrow and pain, but she is not discouraged, because her son needs support. “I don’t want wealth, I’m happy to sing an old crust of bread. I do not need medicines, but I want Igor to have all the medicines, which will improve his condition. And only one thing I pray the Lord to make him feel better, then it will be easy for me to leave this life. And now I cannot leave him to the mercy of fate, ”the distressed mother told us.
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Nobody thinks that this can happen to one of us. God forbid! They need special care. So support and adopt an exhausted mother and his loving son.