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At the tomb of his parents he cries, howls and calls them. All the village knows when he is there.

July 31, 2019
Timur is 40 years old, but he still cannot live without mom and dad. After all, he did not live without them and the day after birth
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When heartbreaking howls and crying are heard from the cemetery, the whole village knows that Timur was brought to the grave of his parents! Timur is 40 years old, but he still cannot live without mom and dad. After all, he never lived without them after his birth. He merely does not know how to live without them... Because this poor man has the hardest form of cerebral palsy. 
The father and mother loved him while they were alive and did their best to somehow improve the condition of Timur. For the parents he has always been a nice little baby. And they also took care of him: bathed and fed with a spoon!
 He does not have a chewing reflex and he eats from a bottle as a baby.
And the hardest day has come in Timur's life! My mother died, and after that, and dad... he was left all alone in the world! Thank God he has a sister who, because of her brother, moved to live in the village near Tbilisi along with her husband and young children. 
Imagine tlhe love and sacrifice that made her leave Tbilisi and come to the village to take care of the sick brother!
The elders say that everyone who suffers grief is a God's chosen one and is called a blessed one; they are sent on earth to carry their cross, even if they are not capable of doing that. When helping such a person we share his sorrow and eventually become accomplices to the person selected by God.
Meet the hero carrying God's cross!
We talked to Mzevinar about the problems and needs of the family.
 – Mzevinar, how hard was it when your parents died?
Mzevinar: It was a blow for me to lose my mom and dad in a year... but I have a family, my children gave me the strength to endure the tragedy, and Timur... he's like a child, he did not live a day without them, he really missed our parents. He was so attached to them that after their death, everyone thought he was unlikely to survive. When I took him to my one-room apartment in Tbilisi, he cried every day. We decided to move to live in the village, and I am grateful to my husband for that; he supports me, helps me with Timur, and our children love him very much. 
– Did he get better in the village?
Mzevinar: Yes, you should not think that cerebral palsy made him mentally retarded! He understands everything well, he is used to this house, to this yard. It is a whole world for him, and he's left in this world completely alone! Every day he asks me or my husband to take him to "mom and dad". He can pronounce only these two words... At the tomb of his parents he cries, howls and calls them. All the village knows when he is there, – Mzevinar said and started crying.
On the background of constant suffering, Timur's health has deteriorated dramatically. Last year, doctors diagnosed him with epilepsy, which meant seizures...
This family lives in extreme poverty. They are trying to survive with a pension of Timur and a pittance earned by the husband of Mzevinar.
Mzevinar: I have two children, and of course, feeding them is our main task, but Timur, is our principal child, he needs more attention and more warmth. Imagine how hard it is now for him; he cannot even repel a wasp if it stings. He even cannot change the position of his head...
At the moment our family is in a terrible state, it was a hard decision for us to contact you for help. We hope that kind people will respond to our call and give my brother their warmth. Our parents always lived with the hope that we would cure him. But God gave him to us just such as he is, and he is an angel with pure soul and we are responsible to God and must take care of him properly!
Friends, any help and attention will be saving for Timur! God told us to take care of this defenseless soul, and He will see what we do. After all, doing good to each other, we do good to our Lord!
 Most of all Timur needs medicines, hygiene products and special food. It is impossible to cure him, but it is possible to make it easier for his sister to care for him. We can make joint efforts by joining including our charity action. You can personally visit him and provide assistance. This is their address: Chkhorotsqu Municipality, the village of Zumi, tel.: 579 18 03 40.
 Our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Timur Jolokhava). You can as well transfer money through our websiteand terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the ways of payment by following the link
     Making good deeds, helping the weak, to making the world better – all this is inherent in every person, and what is inherent must be used! Let God help you.

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