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Grandfather Frost gave four potatoes to four young children for the New Year.

How quickly ordinary people are imprisoned in our country - fathers with many children and “how long officials”.
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 “I only had four potatoes for this New Year! I didn’t eat it myself. ”“ Just swallowed a lump in my throat, ”says 35-year-old Nestan Tupuria, a mother of four children.
    Since October last year, she, poor, suffers all alone. There is no one to help. Father for standing up in front of the neighbors for his son was put in prison for 2 years.
Unhappy woman does not know how to feed the children, where to get firewood, how to prepare the kids for school. A lot of problems, and no help from the authorities.
      “Here, I'm starting to make some kind of porridge, but at this time 10-month-old Emilia, who is held by the eldest son Diego, is crying; I take her in my arms, lull her and suddenly I hear the 9-year-old Manuchar whine: “I want to eat my mother”; I return again to the stove, in one hand I hold the baby, and with the other hand I cook the soup. I did not have time to cover the pan with a lid, like a 7-year-old Tako's stomach starts to hurt, probably from hunger. I’m rushing about, shaking, crying, and yet they still have to be washed, at least for a small room to clean, for the tenth time to sew up pants for my son ... ”, says Nestan Topuria.
       I had a very good husband. Good father, says Nestan !. He did not suffer when the child was insulted for some kind of prank. He is a very honest person, he worked, helped me to take care of children, in any case, we did not starve. Teimuraz is a loving and kind father. Children are very worried that he is not with us. But my husband, as I was told, will be released early for good behavior in the colony. Children can not wait! However, it will be in October-November, but you need to live? After all, we can die of hunger and not live to fall ... ".
        Grandfather and Grandmother have a Stone instead of a heart. They did not want me as a daughter-in-law, but children! Once an angry grandmother, who lives on the first floor, threw a kitchen rolling pin at an 8-year-old child and broke his arm. Then there were court proceedings and, according to Nestan, the grandmother was first arrested, but then released on bail of 2000 lari in favor of the state.
        Here is a nightmare going on in this house!
     God help them!
      These children are not only hungry and cold, but it is simply dangerous to stay there. No one knows when and what the evil grandmother will throw out, and grandfather is not “gold”. There is only one protector - an old yard dog, whom the guys picked up on the street and went out.
      In the house where these people live, there is no water, a bathroom, gas, a refrigerator, the children sleep in the same bed, the furniture is old and decrepit, and the veranda is all shaking, is about to fall apart.
        Nestan, tell me, what do you live for?
        Nestan: social benefit - all our income. Enough for a meal just one week, then actually starving.
       - Does anyone help?
      Nestan (crying - approx.): Who needs us? My parents cannot help, as they live in the occupied territory in Abkhazia. They are not allowed here, and we are there. I applied to the Ministry of Refugees with a request to provide public housing, I’m a refugee, but I refused.
      -What are you dreaming about?
      Nestan: I dream to escape from this hell, live peacefully and raise children. I am now pregnant, I am waiting for the fifth child, but whether I am having a healthy face is a big question. I am in constant stress, constant tension and anxiety.
      Friends, so what to call it? This is abnormal! It's just terrible and most of all offensive for children who grow up like “Mowgli” among the impenetrable jungles of human hearts!
      We asked the kids what they dream about? And they responded in chorus: "For dad to come back!". This is the case when children's sadness spills out and takes over the soul!
      God grant that everything in this life is good for them, that they be healthy, vigorous, full and happy. But this will be nothing if we, the public, do not extend a helping hand to them, do not tear them out of the web of poverty and disaster.
      Our help will be able to ease their difficult existence, and most importantly - will give an incentive to live on! The young mother does not have any financial opportunities to treat children, buy high-calorie food, high-quality clothes, firewood, household items and toys.
      You can personally visit this family and provide all possible assistance. They need a lot. Perhaps you have friends, baby clothes, toys. Everything, everything, if the children grew up. Call them and find out how to help them. And God will help you. And be sure to repost our post. Let your friends find out about the grief of children too! It is very important!
Address: Adigensky municipality, Abastumani village, tel .: 574 086 096.
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