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Father's heart breaks into a thousand pieces at the sight of his dying daughter!

How awful! The hospital became home to the 3-year-old beauty Emilia! Sometimes she opens her eyes and starts breathing evenly.
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      And then her father and mother are in paradise! They laugh and cry with joy! However, all this lasts a few seconds, and the child loses consciousness again. 
The suffering of the baby continues for 3 long years and all this time her guardian angel, dad Yuri, has been waiting at the door of the intensive care unit. He could, like many scoundrel fathers, leave the child and the family! However, Yuri is a true Christian! He's always with his daughter and carries his heavy cross to the end! 
Honor and praise to such a man!
"I will never leave her, I will be near for the rest of her life. When I think of my daughter, my heart breaks into a thousand pieces. You know, life is not a dandelion flower that has grown and blossomed and dissipated in the wind. No, life has a deep meaning, and you should always fight for it. This is my cross and I must bear it to the end!“ – says the girl's father Yuri Bukia.  
       Emilia was born with a spina bifida. It is a terrible illness, which over time grew into hydrocephalus. She has had 24 brain surgeries, but never recovered. At the hospital they were told that they can leave the sick child, i.e. abandon the girl, but they said "definitely no". 
6 years ago Yuri and his wife Salome decided to get married and start a big family. Twins Mary and Martha were born. The father worked as a dentist, and the mother looked after the twins. In a word, the family lived happily in prosperity. But bad luck was "hiding" somewhere near and waiting in the wings. The birth of Emilia turned the life of the young family upside down and their dreams of a big happy family were suddenly destroyed. 
"A dying child was lying in Tbilisi clinic. How could I live and work in peace? Once I had a dream in which my guardian angel said: "Yuri, why did you leave your little angel? Do not leave her alone, she is your flesh and blood." I quit my job. I sold my house in the city of Hobi and all our family moved to Tbilisi. My wife looks after the twins, and I decided to devote my life to my little beauty," – Yuri says.
– Where does your family take money for living? 
Yuri: We have a social allowance and a pension of our baby – only 600 lari. The pension is spent on food and medicines. We live very poor; often my wife and I are starving to provide the children with food. 
– And the state does not provide medicines and hygiene products? 
Yuri: The state pays for the presence and treatment of the child in the clinic, and also provides part of the drugs, and the other part of the drugs, as well as diapers, I have to buy myself.
– That is, in fact, there is no money left for the other kids? 
Yuri: Almost nothing. We live very poorly, barely making ends meet.
– How old are the elder daughters, and did they go to the hospital to see Emilia?
Yuri: They are 5 years old now. They saw their sister at home when we brought her from the hospital. Over these 3 years Emilia's condition improved twice and both times the doctors allowed us to take the child home. The girls were happy, they came up and kissed the baby, shared their dolls and asked:  "Dad, why doesn't my sister open her eyes? Why is she keeping silent?" Unfortunately, the whole family was reunited for a short time. In the first case it was 6 days, and in the second it was only 1 day. Emilia cannot breathe without the device, and she cannot be without constant medical supervision, therefore we were forced to take her back to the clinic.
Friends, the most powerful prayer for the health of a sick person is a prayer uttered with deep faith and sincerity. This prayer works even at a distance, and often works miracles, sometimes being stronger than the most expensive medicines.
      Let us pray for this wonderful girl, let us ask the Lord to ease her plight and grant her recovery. 
Now she needs medicines and hygiene supplies. Surely, we can do that! You can directly contact Emilia's father and personally provide assistance. This is their address:  Tbilisi, Tevz, 11 m\r, 2nd quarter. tel.: 568 16 15 15.
      You can also provide financial assistance by donating money to our Fund account: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Emilia Bukia).
You can as well transfer money through our website and terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay.
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       Dear friends, if you do not have a possibility to help with money, repost this publication! This is also a very important help! 
If you're ever asked: "Why are you helping a complete stranger?" Respond: "Everyone once helps someone. So you have to help someone someday."

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