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When death is breathing down my back, and grinding poverty opens the door

She lives, or rather lives out her days, in a one-room rented apartment of an old house, where disgusting living conditions and complete poverty reign.
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The story of 83-year-old Mariam Demetrashvili is banal and terrible, terrible just for its banality, because there are dozens of such grandmothers across the country. She lives, or rather, lives out her days, in a one-room rented apartment of an old house, where disgusting living conditions and complete poverty reign. 
Lately the old lady has got seriously worse: she is bedridden, almost blind; she began to hear badly; her mind is confused; she does not always understand whether it is day or night. 
25 years ago, Mariam Demetrashvili buried her husband, a couple of years later the eldest son died and 8 years later the youngest son passed away. The death of three people dear to her could not but affect her mind. Continuous nervous breakdown eventually resulted in a severe form of mental disorder. 
The unfortunate old woman is looked after by the 60-year-old daughter-in-law Dodo – the wife of the son who has to take care not only of the elderly woman, but also of the inadequate son suffering from "C" hepatitis.  
These people live below the poverty line, huddled in a tiny shabby room. Poverty is endless! Here they eat, sleep, wash and do laundry. It happens that often they starve, as most of the pension and social benefits is spent on rent of the apartment and utilities. 
"I have repeatedly appealed to the mayor's office with a request for the allocation of social housing or payment for rent, but was constantly refused," says Dodo. If I would have received assistance from the state, it would be a real relief: I would spend the money on medicines and food." 
– Dodo, tell me, who is your mother-in-law by profession? 
Dodo: She is a worker. All her life she worked at a plastic factory. Unfortunately, she has never had a quiet and peaceful life, death has always dogged this family. Miriam was a strong woman, for in her place another person would immediately go crazy or pass away, but she resisted till the end.
–Who's helping you? 
Dodo: Neighbors help, as much as they can. Fortunately, the world is not without good people. The neighbors often visit her, help to bathe her and bring food. But except for the allowance of 150 lari and a tiny pension, there is no help from the state. Look how everything is expensive now! Medicines and products become more expensive by leaps and bounds. I am in despair, my mother-in-law can die on my hands, and after all I would like her to live some more time. 
"She must be a good mother-in-law, since you haven't abandoned her and are taking good care of her?" 
Dodo: Mariam is a wonderful woman. How could I leave her? I've never thought of it. I call her "mother."  Yes, she's not my mother, but that's not the point. A sick person needs help, and even if I wasn't her daughter-in-law, I'd still reach out.
– And your son, who suffers from "C" hepatitis, is he included in the state program? 
Dodo: Yes, he is. I rush between two sick people, my son and my mother-in-law. Their sicknesses seem to take turns. I'm a sick person myself. I suffer of pneumonia. It's very difficult. Many thanks to your Fund sent to us by God; without your help we would not have survived. This, believe me, I say with all responsibility.
– Dodo, what can a woman who takes care of sick people dream of? 
Dodo: Lord, let there be no sick and unhappy in this world, and let people love and care for each other. There is nothing else I wish for...

Friends, Mariam Demetrashvili has earned the warm respect by her entire life. She honestly worked for the benefit of her country and people, and therefore entitled to expect reciprocity! 
The old saying goes: "Old age will punish anyone who has ever harmed it." Let us always remember that old age is the future of every person, and no one is immune from a fate similar to that of the "heroine" of our story.
Your feasible help will facilitate the daughter-in-law Mariam Demetrashvili to look after the poor woman. Only God knows how long she will live, but the fact remains – together, through our prayer and mercy, we can give hope to these people.
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