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“In the orphanage, my life became better, which I didn’t even remember before,”
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“In the orphanage, my life became better, which I didn’t even remember before,” Bek Kelekhsashvili, a pupil of the Orphanage of the Chernovetsky Foundation, told us.
Very soon, on August 25, Beka will celebrate his 15th birthday. What will be his birthday, what gift he wants to receive, how he lives in an orphanage, about these and other topics, we talked with Beka.
In the Small House of Family Type Beck lives from the day it was opened. He remembers that before that he lived with his mother, father and sister, but does not want to talk about the past. He says that in an orphanage he feels better and does not want to remember the past.
Beka: I don’t know why I was taken to an orphanage, I can only say that I feel better here. My sister Elena and I have been living here for the seventh year, but I don’t remember a single bad day.
“So you feel at home here?”
Beck: no, what are you! I feel much better here than at home! I don’t even want to remember how I lived at home! Here I have friends who love, and whom I also love very much. I found a new family here and I had a lot of brothers and sisters. We value and respect each other ...
And the educators ... Do you know how good they are? They do everything for us to make us feel good, they are too good, I don’t know how to thank them for it. It was they who gave me what was missing in my real family.
“Who do you love the most on earth?”
Beka: Mom ...
“Despite what you told us?”
Beka: Yes! I love everyone, but first of all my mother. It is with her that I will celebrate my birthday. After we were sent to the orphanage, mom and dad broke up, and I know that she lacks us, but for our benefit we live and study in our orphanage and thanks to the foundation that provided us with this opportunity.
- You talked about studying, how do you study and what subjects do you like?
Beka: I'm not that good at school, because I'm a little lazy, but I love Physics and Biology ...
- What do you want to become, maybe an astronomer?
Beka: No, no, it's too much for me ... (laughs) I really like cooking and I want to become a chef. Do you know what I like to do the most? - Khachapuri! And they say that I'm doing well.
- You will soon be 15 years old, as you imagine, in the future what should be your wife?
Beka: I’ll tell you a secret, I like one girl, but I won’t say the name ... And so, I want my wife to be smart and decent.
- Beka, what gift do you want to get for your birthday?
Beka: Somehow, it doesn’t work out smartly, but I really want a bike.
“Who do you think will congratulate you first?”
Beka: I'm sure it will be my friends!
The Chernovetsky Foundation congratulates Beck on his birthday and wishes him many bright days in his life, so that everything bad that he does not want to remember remains in the past, and good things await him on his life path.
Friends join us! Together we wish this sweet and young guy a happy birthday!
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