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“Betrothed to death”!

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August 19, 2019
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Two and a half years have passed since then, but he can’t overcome fear in any way, it seems to him that again something terrible will happen.
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On February 23, 2017 Badri Yakobashvili celebrated the engagement with a beautiful bride!
     In the restaurant his friends proposed toasts and wished a lot of children...! And just two hours after that, on the way home, he, happy and joyful, was hit by two cars: one after another...! The drivers were scoundrels that leave the young man dying: all in blood with a nearly torn off leg. And now the Georgian man is the most ungodly man on Earth! And instead of his beloved woman, family and children, "murderers on the road" "gave him" iron spokes in the leg and a bed from which he will never get up!
   They fled the scene. They are not tormented by conscience... And Badri has one leg 10 cm shorter than the other. He's afraid to get out of bed. And does not want to live!

This is how the villains who did not even suffer the deserved punishment turned the Georgian breadwinner and the hope of the mother into a beggar and a burden for the family!
Friends, take a good look at this photo. Badri Kobiashvili is only 45 years old, although perhaps you would give him much more. This is because the evil fate broke him and turned from a healthy person into a bedridden disabled person. He is under a strong psychological stress, one leg is 10 centimeters shorter than the other; there are spokes inside it; he can not overcome the fear and walk at least on crutches. Every attempt to get to his feet, turns to be a failure that deeply hurts the soul of the young man. And all these events are on the background of depressing poverty, a catastrophic shortage of medicines and a miserable existence.
On 23 Feb 2017 Badri Gabashvili was the victim of a terrible accident! Two days before the engagement with the bride, being in anticipation of the future happy family life, the young man celebrated the upcoming holiday with friends in the restaurant: toasts of the friends, wishes to die on one pillow and to have many, many children...! And just a couple of hours later, he's crippled. And now all toast will be about...
"It was too late when I went out on the highway to get a taxi. The streetlights barely lit the road. And suddenly a deafening noise! The wave from hitting the car threw me aside, I banged my head on the car, and then on the asphalt. And then there was another blow. It was another car that hit me. I felt something being torn from me, and then lost consciousness," recalls Badri Kobiashvili. 
He lay some time in a puddle of blood, the right foot was lying somewhere nearby, the body almost did not breathe. A driver of a passing car, seeing this nightmare, called the police and ambulance. Badri was taken to the hospital, where doctors had to pick him up literally in pieces. Well, where are the culprits? Were they punished?
"When I was told that my son was in a car accident, I cried and prayed to God that he did not die, that he survived. Of course, at that time I did not think about the drivers who ran over him, but a few days later, when I came to myself, the police told me that "on the road there were no cameras installed, and it is not possible to identify the perpetrators." Let this sin be on their conscience. I, as a Christian, forgave them, if only my son remained alive. God heard my plea! He survived!", – Margo Kobiashvili, mother of the victim, tells.
– What is the condition of your son today, what worries him most at the moment?
     Margo Kobiashvili: Two and a half years have passed since then, but he cannot overcome the fear, it seems to him that something terrible will happen again. In dream he talks, cries and shouts. I wake him up and he hugs my hand and falls asleep serenely. Badri is still under severe psychological stress. Here, for example, we were given crutches, and the doctors say he should be able to use them, but Badri is hysterically afraid of them, afraid to fall and hit the floor. He needs a psychologist, but we have no money for that. We're barely making ends meet. I and my husband are retired, absolutely poor people...
– Does anyone help you? In particular, do the authorities help?
Margo Kobiashvili: Look around our apartment and find out if they help us or not! The house has known no repair for 20 years, we do not have a washing machine, refrigerator, gas stove, normal bed linen, we have nothing. I sold my apartment and used the money to treat my son. And now we are "on short ration". Sometimes we even have no money for bread... Oh no, please don't sit on that chair, it is falling apart, here, take this stool; recently the neighbor fixed it...
– I know how hard it is to care for a sick son for retired parents? 
Margo Kobiashvili: I am 62 and I still hold on, and my husband is 75 years old, recently his health started to get much worse. We dreamed of a happy old age, and now we are in trouble. But, you know, in misfortune, fate always leaves an open door. That's why I pray the Lord about my son's recovery. I pray to Him that there will be people in our lives who are ready to encourage and give us hope. For this purpose I also addressed to you. I know God won't leave us alone...
– Badri, where did you work before the car accident? 
Badri Kobiashvili: I worked as a laborer at a canteen. I didn't earn much, but I had enough to live on. Years passed and I had no family. With age, there was a desire to start a family and raise children, so I decided to get married. 
– Where did you meet your fiancée? 
Badri Kobiashvili:  I didn't know her. It was supposed to be an arranged marriage. My picture was sent to her and hers was sent to me. I fell in love right away. She's adorable. Then she was 36 and I was 43. Age is critical for the creation of a family and we decided to hurry up, announcing the imminent marriage...
– And now where is your bride now? Did she not marry someone else? 
Badri Kobiashvili:  She lives in Kakheti, very far from here, but she promised to remain faithful. My only dream is to get back on my feet so that our hearts can finally be reunited. You know, when I was hit by a car, I actually died, but God did not accept me, He said that I still have to live in this world, and therefore I will live, I will live with your help, with the help of good people who will help me get out of the web of bad luck and misfortune! Help me, please!
     Friends, no matter how cruel fate may be to a man, no matter how he may be abandoned and alone, there will always be a heart, though unknown to him, but open to respond to the call of his heart. 
Badri Kobiashvili is in a depressing condition. However, as all of his family is. They are doomed if they are not given a helping hand in time. Let's turn despair to hope, let us make a sad person smile, and turn the disease into health!
They need literally everything: food, medicines, refrigerator, washing machine, bed linen, furniture... Help of any kind is life-saving for them. Call Badri, listen about his needs, cheer him up. You can personally visit this family and provide assistance, and God will help you in return. And be sure to repost our publication. Let all your friends know about the grief of this person! It is very important. Here is the address: the village of Vaziani of Gardabani district, building 3, house No. 6, tel.: 557 599299. 
Our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003, GE42LB0115113036665000 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Badri Kobiashvili). You can also transfer money from our website.
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If good things happen – bless God and the good will remain. If bad things happen – bless God, and bad things will stop. Thank God for everything!

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