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Her husband left to a home wrecker!
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Vowed to love Yesenia Batiashvili on the altar before God Himself, "in joy and sorrow..." He left four children.

Lord, and where was the conscience of the woman that took the father of 4 kids? Where was his conscience?!

I'm a Christian, I don't want to foul my own nest. – She replied to our astonishment. And she cried so bitterly that we also began to cry!

–The children miss him very much...! They are always asking where dad is... And yes, I feel sorry for myself. But how will four children grow without a father? Where is his love for them? God help her!

Yesenia alone has not only to educate, but also to treat her children. And this despite the fact that she cannot work... Eight-year-old twins, Anastasia and Nikolai, suffer from serious diseases. The girl has dropsy of the brain. So she doesn't see or talk or get out of bed. The boy has infantile cerebral paralysis. He can only crawl on his knees or move around in a wheelchair.

"I called my twins 'angels' because they were born as special children. Thank God, I had no grumbling, no complaints, because it is much easier for a believer to bear all the suffering that has fallen to his lot. Many people sympathize with me. Yes, it can be very hard, but this is life, and you cannot get away from it! Each family has its own difficulties and joys, we combine everything in Anastasia and Nikolai. They teach to rejoice in small things. Sometimes one smile of Anastasia gives me as much joy as the huge success of a normal child would," says Yesenia.

– And how did the older children perceive the birth of the special brother and sister?

Yesenia: I taught them to treat their brother and sister like "angels." Children are aware of this and try their best to show their love and care, especially since dad recently left us.

– How old are the elder children?

Yesenia: Archil is 14 years old, studying in the 8th grade, and Irina is 9 years old, she went to the third grade. The older brother takes great care of the twins, especially of Anastasia. It is out of question to leave her alone even for a second. Therefore, when I do some household chores, he "watches" his sister. Archil helps me and in household affairs, and also takes Nicholas in a wheelchair to school.

– Now I want to ask the children about their dreams. Let us start with Nikolai…

Nikolai (8 years old, cerebral palsy): I dream...... to learn to read. I want to have many books. Now my big brother reads books for me, but when I learn to ewad, I'll do it myself....

Irina (9 years old): I wish dad would come back.…

Archil (14 years old): I dream that I soon turned 16 years old, then I would be able to work and help my mother. I will never leave her and I will always be there for my family.

– Tell us what problems you face in caring for twins? What is your biggest concern right now?

Yesenia: First of all, it is a material need. There is a catastrophic lack of money for diapers, medicines and special food. Pensions and social benefits are mainly spent on these needs. Older children have to be deprived of adequate nutrition, otherwise the twins will remain without drugs and will not survive. But Archil and Irina approach this with understanding, because now Archil is my right hand!

– Does the State help you?

Yesenia: The city hall pays for housing and twice a year gives us money for medicines; in winter there are municipal privileges…

– How do Anastasia and Nikolai feel now?

Yesenia: Anastasia lies all day long, often moans and cries, there are also epileptic attacks. And Nikolai goes to school, more precisely, we take him to school in a wheelchair. He's in second grade and he tries his best; he is eager to learn to read, but to no avail so far. After all, he has problems with the brain.

This family needs medicines, hygiene products, food, bed linen, refrigerator and toys.

Good people, help Yesenia! She deserves our respect! And if you cannot help financially, be sure to call and cheer up this heroic woman! We will be grateful for reposting the article. It is also enormous help!
Tel.: 557 926201.

If you want to visit the family, here's the address: Tbilisi, Nutsubidze Plato IV, building 23, apt. 45. Our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003, GE42LB0115113036665000 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Batiashvili family). You can also transfer money from our website. You can as well transfer money from the terminals of Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link

Today, friends, the Lord has given you this story so that when you have something to tell God, you can convey through it all the good that resides in your heart. After all, martyrs are the main priority for God. He always hears them.

And never lose heart! Our problems are nothing compared to Yesenia's! Think about it. And do not limit yourself to one-time help. God has given us the opportunity to manifest true faith in it.

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