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The wonders of the Lord!

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September 17, 2019
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Revaz and Nelly Bokoli love Christ the Savior! And the Lord showed them a real miracle!
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There was not a single chance that their seriously ill epileptic son Nikolai would make them happy grandparents.

But once, seeing how his boy suffers from solitude, Revaz introduced him to a single and suffering girl with the same illness.

They prayed for days and, despite the dissuasion of doctors, in their old age they became grandparents of three beautiful and healthy babies.

Look at the end of the article... It's true, they are beautiful, friends!

It was a lot, a lot of happiness, but today again it is time to pray: Revaz is old and very, very poor. She lives alone, and never gets up from her bed. They all really need help! After all, they live high, high in the mountains and there is nobody around for many miles!

The son and the daughter-in-law are not just sick, but at times completely insane and, if the father does not look after them, the son can fall into the well, and the daughter-in-law can commit suicide.

It is impossible, friends, that the work of the Lord should be in such need. Read their story... it is very touching!

– Tell us, what is the problem of your family?

Revaz Bokveli (Father): They are numerous! But the main thing, we are very poor! Grandchildren are starving! I can't watch this! Look how nice they are. It should not be so for them!

I am already 67 years old! I cannot take care of everyone anymore. And if I die? What would happen to them then?

My wife is 65 and she does not get out of bed. I spends the whole day crying and not just from pain, but because of her son. After all, Nikolai is so sick. He has chronic epilepsy. He can't be left alone even for a while. She has epilepsy attacks, – bitterly cries the old man! He's so good! But he falls. Once he almost fell into a well! Can you imagine that? How would we live then?

– How did you marry your son? Revaz Bokveli: I will be frank with you and the Lord, I have nothing to hide. I saw how my boy suffered terribly, how he was tormented, and because of the excited nervous condition he could even cut his veins!

So I began to pray and God gave me the idea to marry him. We introduced Nikolai to Manana, who lived in a nearby village, she also suffered from a nervous disorder. They fell in love and got married. And I continue to thank God for that!

– So she's a disabled person too?

– Now, how did they have their first child?

Revaz Bokveli: Oh, you know, when my wife and I found out my daughter-in-law was pregnant, we were terrified. Did we need another sick person? We decided to take her to the doctor and have an abortion, there was no other way out. But as they say, God knows best! I went to our Church and told the priest. And he answered me as follows: "Revaz, fear God, do not abort your daughter-in-law, Christians do not do this, it is God's Will!". For 9 Months my wife and I were in terrible tension, praying, fasting, caring for the pregnant daughter-in-law as best as we could. And a miracle happened! A perfectly healthy baby was born. God heard my plea! You can't imagine what a joy it was, because I will have a successor of the family!!

– What was the name of the boy, how old is he now?

Revaz Bokveli: They called the boy by my name – Revaz, that is Rezo. He studies in grade 9; he is a very good grandson, attentive and studious. He is the hope of our family. You know, Rezo the only, who helps me around the house, he can chop the firewood, bring water from the well, after all we have no tap water.

– And where is Rezo now?

Revaz Bokveli: He and his class went on an excursion to Kutaisi, today it is Saturday, there are no classes at school.

– Does he have a cell phone so that we could call and ask what he is dreaming about?

Revaz Bokveli: Of course not... I'm the only one who has a phone in our house and it's so old. But I'll tell you what he wants. He dreams of a bicycle. I keep promising him, but so far I haven't been able to keep my promise. Of course I am sorry for that.

– But miracles did not end with Rezo and you have some other grandchildren?

Revaz Bokveli: 5 years ago, my sister-in-law gave birth to twins. The girl's name is Gwanza and the boy's name is Andrija. They are absolutely healthy children, real angels, they do not go to school yet, and there is no kindergarten in our village. While the eldest grandson is at school, I take care of them, and when Rezo comes home from school, he looks after them, although Gvantsa and Andrija are already accustomed to independence.

– Children, come here and tell us what you dream about?

Andrija (5 years old): I dream of chocolate and bananas…

Gwanza (5 years old): And I dream about toys, I almost have no…

– Do you receive gifts from Santa Claus?

Andrija: Santa Claus does not come to us…

Gwanza: Don't listen to my brother, Santa Claus comes to us. It's not real, though. This is our grandfather Revaz, he gives us churchkhela. We eat it fast…

– Who do you love most in the world?

Andrija: Grandfather says, that most of all we shall love God!

Gwanza: I love mom, dad, grandma........ grandfather, of course I love grandfather Revaz most of all!

– All right, children. You can go now. I'll continue the conversation with your grandfather. Revaz, tell me, how do you manage it all alone, it must be insanely difficult, isn't it?

Revaz Bokveli: It is difficult, very difficult, especially when everyone is ill at the same time, especially since we have poor living conditions: we take water from the well, there is no gas and bathroom in our shack, the floor has rotted, the furniture is so old and breaks down, there is no washing machine, and the refrigerator is out of order. Social allowance and the pension is mainly spent on medicines. You know how expensive drugs are these days?! Terribly expensive! I'm a sick person myself. I have a herniated navel, hypertension and sore feet. Here, now I will show you my medicines... Here, only one such tablet (shows) costs 2 lari. I must take it four times a day, and I'm saving up and drink two times. Sometimes I think that I don't want to live anymore, but who will look after my family then? So I have to buy the damn pills or I will have to have surgery. Well, that's fantastic for me.…

– You said you were a believer. What are you praying about, if not a secret?

Revaz Bokveli: When you came to our gate, did you see a two-meter wooden cross?

Yes, certainly I did. You built it?

Revaz Bokveli: Yeah, I built it 5 years ago when the twins were born. I am a deeply religious person and could not do otherwise. When the house is in trouble and suddenly the Lord sends a miracle in the form of healthy grandchildren, you need to be grateful. And I thus expressed my sincere gratitude to God! I pray only for the health of my grandchildren!

– Does anyone help you, your neighbors, for instance?

Revaz Bokveli: What neighbors? In our high-mountain village there are only poor families, the others left long ago. Oh, people are running from the villages, everyone wants comfort, work, normal life. What else can they do? The authorities will never get to us.

– And how do you live here?

Revaz Bokveli: I don't go anywhere, I can't leave my people even for a second. I quit smoking long ago, I do not drink, although I used to be a toastmaster at large tables; I have not bought clothes for 10 years; I am like a "squirrel in a wheel", I spin all day, if only the children had something to eat and to wear. I have no right to make a mistake! One mistake can cost the lives of my native people, so I'm always alert.

– What do you think happiness is?

Revaz Bokveli: When I had a sick son, I thought I was an unhappy man. But I don't think so now. Late at night, when I go to bed, I feel an incredible sense of happiness. Yes, it is happiness to be embraced by three little hearts; a granddaughter is pressed to my breast, one grandson's foot is on my stomach, and the other grandson's arm is around my neck. I sleep together with grandchildren and this is true happiness!

– What are you dreaming about?

Revaz Bokveli: I dream that my grandchildren will grow up healthy and happy, that they will become worthy citizens of the country, that our family hearth will never wither. As long as I live, I will do anything for it, but I need help from good people. That's why I came to you. I believe that the Lord is listening to me now, and your readers are Christians and with God's help will lend a helping hand and a kind heart. I believe in you!

This family needs medicines, hygiene products, food, bed linen, refrigerator, washing machine and toys.

Tel.: 595 28 26

If you want to visit the family, here's the address: Chiatura, Zodi village. 
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Today, friends, the Lord has given you this story so that when you have something to tell God, you can convey through it all the good that resides in your heart. After all, martyrs are the main priority for God. He always hears them.

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