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My three daughters are bewitched. One is brutally murdered.

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September 23, 2019
As soon as she got pregnant and her stomach appeared, the husband began to brutally beat.
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- One of my daughters is blind from birth. A wheelchair replaced her legs, but she hardly knows that there is another world outside the house. He sleeps all the time. The second one doesn’t eat anything: at the age of 25, it weighs just 15 kg. The third - never falls asleep, and all the time wants to run away. And my eldest daughter was killed.
Corr mom. Why so much misfortune?
Mother. Maya 56. As soon as she got pregnant and her stomach appeared, the husband began to brutally beat. I begged on my knees, I asked God - not even hit my stomach! A disabled person is born ...! Here is the result.
  First hit her after the birth of the first girl with cerebral palsy. With each new pregnancy - beat more and more! When the third girl repeated the diagnosis of the sisters, he ran away and left us all!
And when I even recovered a little from the beatings, the worst thing happened! We are defenseless ... And a drunken neighbor, when the husband of my oldest daughter went on a business trip, burst in to rape my oldest daughter and killed, leaving three children orphaned.
   So, my friends, if you feel very bad and want to ask God for help –– pray first about Maya! Remember her problems!
Maya Kipshidze has been living for 30 years now in terrifying poverty, constant tension and everyday torment. Her husband left her 17 years ago, leaving a poor woman with three seriously ill daughters:
     -Nan 30 years old, suffering from cerebral palsy, completely blind, confined to a wheelchair, sleeps 24 hours a day, and when touched, heartbreakingly crying and screaming;
    - Nonna is 28 years old, also suffers from cerebral palsy, cannot talk and walk, weighs only 15 kilograms, can only be in a sitting position, and sleeps exclusively with her eyes open;
   - Lele is 25 years old, like her sisters, she also suffers from cerebral palsy, makes only a few sounds, constantly rushes and never falls asleep.
    From the windows of the house Kipshidze is constantly heard piercing crying, turning into a mournful screech. Poverty and terrible devastation reigns here!
. After the murderer of the eldest daughter, Nino, Maya also brings up her three minor sons, since there is no one else to take care of the children.
      Maya Kipshidze is in despair - she needs to look after her sick daughters, she needs to take care of her underage grandchildren, they need to be treated, fed, dressed and dressed ?! And she is alone, all alone!
      Last year, our foundation announced a charity event to help this unfortunate family, in which more than three hundred people took part. And they talked about this in the video report
        And so, a year later, we decided to visit them again. Unfortunately, we had to find an extremely depressing situation there, it is simply impossible to be worse!
      We talked with Maya Kipshidze about her life and numerous difficulties:
      - At this time, exactly a year ago, we delivered diapers, medicines, food, beds. All this was bought with the above donations in the hope that your family’s life will somehow improve. Tell us how you live today?
       Maya Kipshidze: You really helped us then, we stopped starving, I sighed a little, did not think about looking for food, diapers, or medicines. As for the state of my daughters, it is in the same way, they are not alive and not dead, they simply exist.
-That is, there is no improvement, right?
Maya Kipshidze: There is no improvement, on the contrary, new difficulties have appeared. For example, Nana, for example, doesn’t eat at all, lives only on bread and water, and then she has to “cram” it with difficulty when she feeds, cries and screams. But Nonna had an appetite. It is only yogurt and in unlimited quantities, can eat up to two liters in one go. It is amazing how so much is crazy in this 15-kilogram body ?! Lela, on the other hand, became completely restless; at night she would not close her eyes; I close the doors and windows tightly so that she doesn’t run away while I doze for at least an hour.
         - Last year, you were suspended the issuance of social benefits due to the presence of a cow. Not restored?
         Maya Kipshidze: Social benefits were restored only after I took custody of my grandchildren after killing their mother. Since December last year, they have been living with me. Zurab is now 14 years old, Zaz-13, and George - 10.
       -In what circumstances did you kill your daughter?
       Maya Kipshidze: My daughter Nino lived with her family in our village. The husband left to work, and she, of course, remained at home with the children. One of our neighbors began to pester her, and my daughter refused to maintain any contact with him. So he killed her ...
-The culprit suffered the punishment?
Maya Kipshidze: The investigation is still ongoing, the culprit is at large. It's a shame that in our area there is no justice ...
Corr. We will help you and we will definitely turn to the Minister of Internal Affairs.
-And why grandchildren did not stay with his father?
Maya Kipshidze: Father left somewhere, disappeared, as they say. I couldn’t leave my grandchildren alone,bent them to her.
-And how did the guys suffer the death of their mother?
Maya Kipshidze: Very hard. They were cheerful, and now they are sad, they are silent all day, and their eyes are in tears. Every day they light a candle and pray for the repose of her soul. They became shy. See, they saw you and hid. They are still very stressed out.
-Maya, you are a long-suffering woman! Tell me, have you ever lived in peace, without anxiety and sadness?
Maya Kipshidze: My ex-husband is Vakhtang. We met in the village of Agara, where I lived. Loved each other and got married. He brought me to this village - Bolajuri. A daughter Marina was born, now she lives in Western Georgia with her family. Then Nino was born, this is the one that was killed. That is, all this time they lived as normal people, in peace and tranquility. Problems in the family began after the birth of a girl with cerebral palsy. The husband did not pay attention to the sick child, began to drink and scoff at me ...
- Excuse me for asking why you decided on a second and third child after your child with cerebral palsy was already growing up in your family. Did not consult your doctor?
Maya Kipshidze: My husband insisted, forced me to give birth, I could not resist. I can’t understand where he got such cruelty, such a brutal attitude towards the fate of his children. At the same time, in all three cases, cerebral palsy began to manifest after reaching one year of age.
- It's just some kind of pathology. And where is this "scammer" currently located?
       Maya Kipshidze: He lives in Western Georgia, far from here, does not maintain contact with us.
-And who helps you? Authorities, for example, help?
     Maya Kipshidze: Oh, wait for help from them ?! I asked to buy firewood for the winter, but I had to buy it myself. What kind of money? She was forced to sell a cow. Winter is cold and frosty, but I can’t leave my grandchildren without heat, they can catch a cold, and another disaster will fall on my head. As for the neighbors, they help as far as possible. However, they are poor people and their help is mainly of a moral nature.
- Probably, nothing pleases you in this life. Do you believe in God? Pray What do you ask the Almighty?
Maya Kipshidze: Despair ... fear ... is even stronger than before. Every new day is tortured. Almost every day I cry, sometimes I want to sleep and not wake up, disappear. I am afraid every next day. My only salvation is prayer, but there is not a single second to somehow retire. Therefore, I pray to myself and ask the Lord only about one thing so that my grandchildren are healthy. Neither money, nor property, nor wealth is the most important thing in this life, but health. Health cannot be bought for money. I know that for sure!
-And what do you regret?
Maya Kipshidze: I regret only one thing - getting married, I made the wrong choice. One mistake - and all life is broken. But this is my mistake and while I breathe, until the Lord deems it necessary to take me to the next world, I will bear my heavy cross!
- What does your family need now, what are the primary needs?
Maya Kipshidze: Pampers, medicines, food, teenage clothes, household appliances. Many thanks to your Foundation for remembering me. I want to cry, but these are tears of joy from the fact that we are not alone and kind people will come to our aid again. May God grant you health, success and family happiness!
Friends, the Kipshidze family has an extremely depressing situation. These people need our help, and the faster we do this, the faster we will be able to alleviate their difficult fate. You believe in you and your kind heart, always ready for mercy and salvation of people.
Call Maya Kipshidze, learn from her lips about pressing needs, cheer up this heroic mother and grandmother! You can also personally provide them with all possible assistance, and God bless you! And be sure to repost our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!
By the way, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a God-pleasing deed and write to us at Together we will definitely help them!
Here is the address of Maya Kipshidze: Adigeni Municipality, Bolajuri Village, tel .: 557285167.
Our fund account is GE15TB7194336080100003, GE42LB0115113036665000 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Kipshidze family). You can also transfer money from our site.
You can transfer money from the terminals Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our foundation in the charity section. (Additional rights and obligations of the Fund can be found at
Love for people - these are, after all, those wings on which a person rises above everything!

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