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I see with my heart

September 25, 2019       1064
I see kind people with my heart, ”the blind and old Georgian woman, Anolita Imnaishvili, tells us.
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Pain, fear, hunger - so this inconsolable woman spends her days, but she does not lose faith in the Almighty and is sure that every day is presented to her by the master.
The horror is that
Anolita Imnaishvili lives with a very sick son. But there is no money for medicines. She is on a miserable social allowance.
I would have died a long time ago. No one lives in such poverty, but all my torment is for my son! God will not leave him alone, here and keeps me behind the earth!
- Anolyta, have you been living in this state for a long time and how do you cope with your plight?
Anolyte: I don’t see anything, but I'm used to doing everything blindly. I used to work, but after the death of my beloved brother, I developed diabetes mellitus on a nervous basis, and I began to lose my sight. Blindness has developed rapidly and for 16 years I have not seen anything. But a person gets used to everything. You probably know that misfortune alone does not come, I began to suffer from various diseases, heart problems, spinal problems, diabetes and blindness drove me into a corner, and I became incapacitated. Although at that time, as now, my son needed my help ... but I can no longer help him with anything ...
- And your husband, where is he?
Anolyta: Eh, our love was sincere and strong, but life took it from me very early, my son was seven months old when he passed away, I had to grow up a son alone. If it weren’t for my mother, I don’t know what would happen to us, she helped me in everything, I could work and support my family ... she became for me an irreplaceable person. As I am grateful to her, only with her help I survived the death of my husband and raised my son Joni.
- You have a very difficult situation. What is the biggest problem in your life today?
Anolyta: The biggest problem is my son, he is sick and the doctors diagnosed him with glaucoma and he also loses his sight. I put up with the fact that I can’t see, but I can’t accept that Joni will also plunge into the world of darkness. He is the only one left with me. He was prescribed expensive drugs so that the disease would not develop, but we cannot buy them on our pension. We are only enough for food and utilities. I don’t even want to recall my sores, because the main thing for a mother is that her child be healthy, no matter how old he would be.
- But, all the same, you also get sick and not with one disease, but with a whole bunch?
Anolyte: Yes! I ate moving around at home, my joints hurt, my hands weaken every day, I can’t even wash my clothes. High blood pressure torments me everyday. I’m sick, but I hold on, for the sake of my son, he still needs me, you know how he cares for me, helps me in everything, even sometimes when I can’t wash, he erases my clothes.
- Nobody helps you?
Anolyta: The state pays us benefits because we are a socially vulnerable family. My son, a disabled person of the second group, also receives a pension. But this is not enough for us, I understand that in Georgia there are a lot of destitute people, but I never could have thought that poverty would become my companion in old age. It makes our situation difficult, and we cannot get out of this whirlpool.
You ask who helps me - good people help us, I met them in church and they began to come to me and help me. What good girls they are ... I’m nobody for them, and they take time for me, sometimes they cook for me, sometimes they clean. And your foundation, if not for you who would care about our health ... Thank you!
“So you believe in the kindness of strangers?”
Anolyte: Of course! the Lord himself sends them to me, I often pray, this is my everyday state of mind during which I draw close to the Lord. He hears my prayers and always peels off them. Now we are in a critical situation and every day I ask the Lord for help and suddenly your call ... You lend a helping hand to us, and this is for us, not help, but salvation ... isn't this a miracle ?! That is why I believe in the kindness of strangers!
“Have you helped strangers before when you could?”
Anolyta: My son often reads the Bible to me, which says that the right hand should not know what the left is doing. How can I tell you this ?! It helped many, but I don’t remember ... You see we are poor, but the poor also have a soul that is eager to do good to others and it is the merit of the Lord, thank him that, despite my sufferings, I have not lost my compassion.
- You mentioned your critical condition, what happened to you?
Anolyta: You already know, our poor condition, everything was broken on us together and now for three months now we were left without social benefits. We ate interrupted, and we were told that since the state is examining our situation again, we will not receive social benefits. benefits for three months. I don’t know where to find money for medicines, not to mention food ... I’m so afraid you see that we don’t even have a washing machine, and I’ve eaten my bed, I’ll linger on it ... if they completely take away our benefits, we will remain hungry. 0
Moreover, since I have diabetes, I need a specialistI’m only eating, but I can’t stop talking about it, we can’t afford it.
- You asked the local authorities for help and did they help?
Anolyta: The district administration financed the purchase of medicines only once. They did not respond to our request anymore.
- What do you most need today?
Anolyte: Oh, my dears, I feel so embarrassed. Your foundation helps us in this way, your employees come and take care of us. And they know that I will not lie, we need medicine. And if I had a washing machine, I wouldn’t have to wash everything with my hand, especially since I physically can’t do it already. And one more thing, I can’t sleep on this bed, my spine hurts already, and at night I wake up from hellish pain.
- What advice would you give to our friends on Facebook who will help, because you have lived such a long and difficult life?
Anolyta: People, love each other, help each other and God will definitely see your good deeds! I cannot see, but blindness taught me to feel that which is impossible to see. Sincere love and sincerely done good will save not only poor people, but the whole country. Remember this!
Anolyta Imnaishvili, although sick and poor and old, but does not lose faith, she knows that if you ask sincerely, God will help everyone. He gives us the opportunity to save the poor and sick people.
An elderly woman apologizes to everyone who knows her, remembers her, and who at least once was offended by her.
She lost all those close to her, but not the Lord, and the kindness that generous people do. And you, our dear readers, can be one of them. Help and save this woman and his sick son.
If you cannot help her financially, then re-post this story, maybe she will find her addressee and you will be an accomplice in a good deed!
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Holding out a helping hand to elderly and sick people, we must remember that our old age is just around the corner. Help this lovely woman as you would help your grandmother or mother. The Lord sees and appreciates your actions!