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The most miserable mother in the world!

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November 11, 2019
Imagine what it is like to see your “blood feud”, the love of a lifetime, all the time dying in the hardest torment!
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Despite the fact that over the 7 years of our work in the Fund, we have seen a lot of very hard stories: terminally ill children who died in the hands of their mom, poor hungry children, who were like little frightened animals... We saw young men who couldn't lift a finger... But Anzor and his mom stroke us with horror... It was a horror of despair, horror of understanding and knowing that you're doomed, that there is no other way... It was the darkest hour in our practice... And this tiny but courageous woman has been living so all the time... All the 12 years! 100 thousand hours! 400 million seconds! And every second is worse than death!
Imagine what it's like to see your blood and soul, the love of your life, all the time dying in the hardest throes!

Talking to her turned out to be almost an impossible task. 12-year-old son, Anzor, yelled so much that it was almost impossible to speak! He wanted uppy although he weighed more than his thin mother, then threw her on the bed, then bit her painfully, then beat himself, then her, then did things that could not be described in words. It was such a constant terror that we wanted to close our ears, to run away and cry ourselves, if only we could not see this grief!

– Maya, when Did you learn about the child's illness, during pregnancy or after birth?
Maya: When Anzor was born, my husband and I were happy! There were no signs of the horrible illness. However, a couple of months later, first convulsions emerged... And then there was the August War, expulsion from their own home and serious aggravation of the child's health.
– What was the first thought when you learned about the illness? What did you want to do?
Maya: I ran to the clinic with the child. But they said there was no hope! They told that they had never met such serious form of epilepsy before, but they prescribed some medicines. We went to another clinic. There we were told the same. They sent the diagnosis abroad for verification and received an answer that the prescription was wrong, and certainly asked for money for transportation, inspection and treatment. I wanted to die. My husband prevented me from doing this and "awarded" me with another child, and then left me... The rascal! He is not a human!
How did your husband's parents react to this... What did they say? Do you remember?
Maya: Oh, I don't even want to recall. My husband's parents said that the child is a disgrace to their "nice race"! That it was all my fault ... It was like a knife in my heart. My resentment is still present!
But the husband did the worst thing in the world. He is such a vile traitor! No, not to me...To his own children! After all, the second child was born. And how can people live with such betrayal in their hearts? I do not understand! And no one who has conscience will understand. After all, he left his children like kittens. And those, at least, are drown in the river. And he... He's not a human. He left them to suffer. God sees everything.
– Describe us your normal day.
Maya: Every new day is a struggle for survival in the truest sense of the word! He has frequent and very strong attacks. Sometimes he wakes up at night, jumps out of bed and falls down, hits his head against the floor; sometimes he falls with his face down and sometimes his teeth even enter the wooden flooring. The whole family, including his younger brother Lesko, jumps up and starts holding his brother in convulsions, as he can die if not stopped. The attacks can happen any time of the day, for this reason I look hard after him. And such is every day! Feeding, clothing or bathing him is just a tragedy... Let me not describe it. 

– What is the most difficult thing in raising a sick child? What advice do you want to give mothers in the same dire situation as yours?
Maya: What could I tell them... Don't lose faith in God. Don't lose your strength. You'll need them. Don't cry – it's exhausting. These are your children and they have no one but you.
– How did you get into this building?" Did any officials come to you and promise to help?
Maya: My relatives live here, but there are no normal living conditions. And my kids... It is very crowded and I understand that Anzor inconveniences them, I understand everything. Not everyone can withstand the constant crying and howling of a child.
 – What's your family's income? What can you afford?
Maya: Social allowance is not enough for anything. But anyway it was also suspended. They said they need to reconsider. But there is nothing to reconsider! What could change? Medicines that we need every day cost 700 lari per month! I'm not even talking about diapers, food and clothes.
These drugs are like air to Anzor! Not even like water. And I cannot even give him half of it...
– Who would you help if you had the opportunity?
Maya: I am not God. I am unhappy myself! But still I would help all the mothers of Georgia who have sick children. I know perfectly well how hard their life is!
– How did you imagine your life before the birth of the child? What kind of life did you dream of?
Maya: Oh, I was a child myself when Anzor was born.  He was like a doll to me. Being pregnant I imagined how I would walk with him, lull and kiss, kiss and kiss on the cheeks, lips and neck. I was going to teach him the verses, we will draw and dance together and the sun will shine for us...
– How much money do you need every month so that you do not suffer or worry about the future of your child?
Maya: I'm not a beggar! He who sees how I live will decide for himself. Everyone has his own scope of kindness. I don't ask anything for myself. My son needs drugs! If he dies I will die too...

Dear friends, give mercy to this family with as much as you can, turn their existance into a life! They need everything: medicines, food and household stuffs. God will thank you for your kindness!
   Our Fund believes that nothing is impossible for the Lord. He will surely extend his kind hand to those who are suffering. Maybewe will collect the necessary amount even for the treatment. And Anzor will go to a proper hospital. We will fight for it. And different miracles do happen! Nothing is impossible for the one who created us!
   The grief of this heroic mother is given to us, so that our heart also aches, and the Lord dwells in it forever!
Please, do not pass aside the sorrow of others! Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!
Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend, do a Charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:
Here's their contact number: 557 97 73 98 (Maya) Address: Zages, barracks
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Three things never come back: time, word and possibility. So do not waste the time, find good words and do not miss a possibility to save another life!

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