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Hunger, cold and humiliation... Maybe these are Gypsy children?

No, no, friends...! They are pure-blooded Georgians. We're telling the truth! Then why are they so unhappy?!
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   No, no, friends...! They are pure-blooded Georgians. We're telling the truth! Then why are they so unhappy?! Why do they not rejoice when adults come to visit them? Because these uncles and aunts are important officials. They come, take pictures with the kids as if they were animals in the zoo. They promise something and do nothing... They do nothing at all! They even wrote a manual how a mother should live in this horror with only 570 lari per month. That concern for children is so touching... Are they not ashamed?
   They simply do not know that noble people live in Georgia. The Georgians. And only they are the hope of our beautiful country!

Single mother of six children Taso Akobia told us how their family ended up in that godforsaken place, how they lived before and what their main problem is today. 43-year old mother brings up six children all by her own.
The first 12 years the family lived in Russia. The father worked at a construction site; he earned money and the children went to school... And though in a foreign country, they lived as normal people do.
But all these years the father and the mother dreamed to return children home! The father stayed to earn more. But it did not work out.
– How did you end up in these ruins?
Taso: At first we lived with my grandmother in Zugdidi. My mother was still alive, Lord bless her soul! But my children were always fed, clothed, and shod. And now we have no relatives left in the world. The house was taken by other relatives, and this one was given to us by the Iavnans Foundation.

 – Why did you settle here? Here it is dangerous!
Taso: I did not think well before moving. And now I think it was better to take children into the woods and live there... All the walls and ceiling is leaking here, we live in a puddle!

 – Where's your husband?
Taso: He is in Russia. He did not mange to find a job and left to work there... But he was not able to find anything normal there either... Sometimes he sends us a few pennies... Maybe he has got a new family... Who knows... God will judge him. I was unlucky in life, but what is the guilt of my kids?

 – And how did you imagine your life after marriage?
Taso: I'm an only child. When my father died, it was very hard for me. And then I fell in love... And I am still faithful to my husband! But he went back to Moscow and promised to take care of us, but there he found another woman.
Are you offended?
Taso:  How can one blame God? Now my angels, my children are with me. The only thing I will never understand is how such "men" live their life without conscience. After all, these are his angels too. And the oath that he gave God in the Church to love and take care of the family, what about it?!
– Do the local authorities help you?
Taso:  Yes... (sad smile of the unhappy woman). They tell us how to spend 540 lari in the proper way.
– A how much do you get? Do you think this should be enough?
Taso:  There is a social allowance of 540 lari and a voucher for food... I'm ashamed that I complain. I am a faithful Christian, and God teaches us to be contented with small things! My children are well – and I am grateful!
"Good people" told my children that they might be taken away from me because I cannot provide them with everything necessary... You should see how my little Tazo reacted... Poor thing, when he saw strangers near our place he hid in the well... At night he does not let my hand go, he has nightmares and jumps up searching for me. Is it possible to do so? I know I'm not the best mom, I can't give my kids even elementary things, but these are my kids! God sent them to me, and who has the right to take them from me?

 – Can I ask the children a few questions now? Let's get acquainted first!
Taso: The oldest is Mizia. She is 15. She "a second mother" for the little ones. She is my right hand and my salvation! Then we have Revaz. He's 14. He considers himself the oldest and tries to take care of us... Varazi is 12 years old, Ramazu Is 9, Tazo is 8, and the youngest Tina is 6. Here are my treasures!

– Mzia, let's start with you, tell us what do you dream about?
Mzia: I remember well how we lived... Life was so good in Moscow. Mom and dad worked. Revaz, Ramazi and I went to school and to an after-school program. The younger ones went to kindergarten. In the evening, the whole family gathered and it was the happiest time for us... We talked, sang songs, dad read us fairy tales, mom baked delicious buns... I remember it, I know what it means to live... Unfortunately kids do not remember everything so well.
– Revaz, do you remember "the good life" too?
Revaz: Of course I do... But I would rather not... It makes me very sad. We used to have separate rooms, not the way we live now. Now all of us live in one hole. We need at least another room, separately for boys, and separately for girls.
– And separately for your mom?
Varazi: She's a girl, isn't she? And Tazo can't sleep without her.
–What do you dream of?
Ramazi: Bicycles for boys, toys for girls and much food for mom... So that she doesn't cheat us that she ate something when we we were at school! I've never seen her eat anything with us. We ask her all the time, and she says that she is full... And then barely walks and falls from hunger... I know, I not a little already.
Tazo: and I want my dog Meko to be healthy! It is so cute, I always play with it... I have no toys, but I can play with my dog...

Taso:  God forbid a mother to watch her children starve... It's just a nightmare! The girls even have no dolls. They even do not know, that there are shops selling toys. If I would buy them a toy, we will have to starve for 2 days...

Taso: here's my gas stove, and here's our food for today... I kneaded the dough to bake bread... I can't buy it. When bread is your only food you need a lot to get enough... We need 100 kilograms of flour per month! To say nothing of meat, dairy products or fruit. Sweets and candies are out of question...
– What do you think will happen when we write about your family and people find out about your problems?
Taso: I know, that many good people read your articles, I have no computer, but a neighbor has shown me them on his PC. I always believe in kindness and believe God will send me good people!

Friends, if we do not respond now, the children may be taken away from their mother. And we will be the ones to blame. We have seen, Teso is a very caring and good mother. Anyway, children need their native mom.
 So, Chernovetskyi Charitable Fund initiates a campaign to raise funds for the family of Akobia. And we do not intend to stop at one-time assistance. These beautiful children should live like the children of the proudest nation on earth – Georgians!
To survive, the family is in dire need of food, hygiene products, medicines for children, a gas stove, clothes and household appliances! These Georgian children should become ours. After all, hungry children are the pain of our entire Georgian society!
Help them survive! Consider them your own children. After all, so it is in fact. There can't be other people's children in Georgia! Look at the pictures and do what your kind heart tells you! And even better, call Taso, learn their urgent needs and cheer up this family! You can personally provide assistance to this family, and God will bless you. And be sure to repost our publication. Let all your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important.

God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Not all people are the same. And not everyone is as kind as we are.
Please, do not pass aside the sorrow of others! Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!
Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend, do a Charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:
Here's their contact number: 592 78 50 74 (Taso) Address: Zugdidi, Tetri Giorgi Street, first turn No. 23.
   Our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003, GE42LB0115113036665000 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Akobia family). You can also transfer money from our website.
You can as well transfer money from the terminals of Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link

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