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Bitter tears of a real man! "Holy Trinity"!

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December 31, 2019
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On a New Year’s winter evening, when we friends pour glasses, laugh and rejoice, they have nothing to eat and it’s very cold.
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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!
Were forgotten by people! But great is our Lord!

They were forgotten by people! But great is our Lord!

Do you remember our post about three old people  lost in this world? ( The sad story told by 68-year-old Galaktion filled the hearts of many people with compassion, made them think about the fate of their neighbor and their own soul…

And here we are again in the same apartment, forgotten by people but illuminated by love of the Chkhaidze family. Galaktion, his 95-year-old mother, and his wife Dali were all excited to see us, their faces lit up with smiles... The head of the family asked his "girls" to sit down comfortably and then proudly led us to the kitchen, where a gas stove donated by the Chernovetskyi Fund was shining.

– Do you know who was the happiest about this gas stove? Me! After all, I'm the cook in the house. – Galaktion told us with a laugh, but there were tears in his eyes. – Oh, if my girls could get up on their feet, they would treat you to such goodies… But I can offer you tea with sugar – we now have both tea and sugar thanks to you… 

I did not refuse from the treat, and our conversation continued over a cup of hot, fragrant tea, prepared by Galaktion himself. My first question about what was changed in the life of his family thanks to our publication made Galaktion cry like a child:

– You know, my troubles have made me distrustful and suspicious. It seemed to me that there had been no kind and sympathetic people left on earth. But the good that your Fund sows in the world has broken through the armor that bound my heart… You've shown me how wrong I was. Hope and faith were born again in me…

  – Which of the people who visited or called you remember the most?

  – I remember them all, and I am grateful to them with all my heart! In addition to material assistance, after all, a warm word is still valuable for us, the old! We are so deprived of it… May God bless all of them and send them many years of happy life!

I will tell you about the very first person who came to our house after your publication. A young man, Georgiy from Kaspi, flatly refused to tell me his last name. He came loaded with food and presented 50 lari. I invited him home and asked him about his life. Here's what he told me: Georgiy studied at the paid Department of the Art Academy in Tbilisi, but could not pay for his studies and left the Institute. You can imagine what they are, our Georgians: he could not pay for his studies, for his ticket to the big life, but came to us and brought food for almost 200 lari! It turns out that he started working as a stonemason and carves ornaments on stone for churches…

How can I not believe in human kindness after that?

  I also want to say a special word about a beautiful girl – nurse Maya, who congratulated my mother on her birthday – on February 19, she turned 95 years old. I don't know how Maya found out about this, but that day she came and brought mother a big cake and flowers! My wheelchair-bound mother bloomed like a young girl at the sight of the flowers… After all, life consists of such small joys! 

  I'm afraid I won't tell you the names of all those who came or called us. Many gave us money, many called and encouraged us with a kind word… Surprisingly, more than 10 or 12 very young boys and girls called and offered their physical help... So Georgia has a future, since the youth remember the old people and are ready to help them with their own hands…

– Galaktion, share your emotions with us.

– I was filled with infinite joy. The feeling that I was needed by someone other than my family gave me strength and a desire to live… 

Gifts from the Foundation – a gas stove and a TV-set – is exactly what we needed. My girls were so excited about the TV! After all, it is their only entertainment and window to the outside world... Well, of course, except for my chatter (laughs)...

And the gas stove is a personal gift to me! My mom and wife can't cook, and they can't move around on their own, so I'm in charge of the kitchen! And now, thanks to your gift, I will be more comfortable. 

  – What does this help and support mean to you personally?

– Many thanks to your Fund, from the bottom of my heart. For your attention and compassion… I want to say again that you reminded me that there are still real people in Georgia. I know many people who do not just live well, but are really rich, but they do not have the warmth and compassion for their neighbor that the Chernovetskyi Fund has shown... You see someone else's trouble and really help people. God grant you all the best, strength and opportunities for such God-pleasing deeds!

– Did the local authorities react to our post in any way?

– Oh, Oh... There's nothing to speak about… No one even showed concern…

  – Maybe you have any other problems that our readers can help you solve…

– They've already helped us so much that it's awkward for me to ask, but if you'll let me, I'll still have the courage to say, even though I'm ashamed: we really need diapers for my mother and wife. They can't even walk to the toilet, and it's hard for me to carry them – I've had five heart surgeries myself… I'm sorry to say this to you, but this is the reality… These diapers are needed in the first place…

My girls are fragile and if someone decides to help us again, please let them buy diapers for 70 kg or a little more…

I understand that it's hard for everyone and I don't dare ask you to help us again… But if someone would like to...


And if you feel heavy at heart because of everyday problems, or unresolved issues, take a moment to look at our posts on FB. Better yet, dial the phone number of any of our beneficiaries. Call him and forget all your problems. Because they are "nothing" compared to those to whom you opened your good heart and came to help in the most difficult moment of his life.

Our problems are nothing compared to theirs! Here it is, a real grief! It is before your eyes! And thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, the problems of this and other families do not end, so from time to time view the stories of unhappy people on our site, talk to them. Every time you dial the phone of another unfortunate person, you will definitely feel God's blessing on the back side! It is for sure! Keep on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

 Your kindness is a chance to be happy in everything!

Dear friends, thank you so much once again!

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Just 1 call can save someone's life 0901 200 270

Let's think that by helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to the Lord through the very sufferings that we experience for others!

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