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Beloved mom, why did you give birth to me in agony?

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January 22, 2020
How cruel people are, and not only to each other, but also to relatives. Worse than wild animals!
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Beloved mom, why did you give birth to me in agony?

SO was called the article in which the unfortunate single mother - Nino grieved about her life with her 5-year-old daughter, Mariam, after she was kicked out of her sister from her parents' house.
They lived on an earthen floor, in cold concrete walls. In bad weather, the room was cold outside, and the windows barely kept on hinges. The only thing the unhappy mother could think about was that her young daughter should not remain hungry. For the sake of this, she undertook any hard work, despite her poor health.
 In the photographs, the mother and daughter, who recently interrupted from bread to water and trembled from the cold, shine with happiness! and this is only thanks to your kindness and joint efforts!
- I did not expect that so many people would want to help me - it was with these words that Nino met us.
For 18 years the poor woman dreamed of a child, but when finally her dream came true, her husband left them to their fate. Nino turned to our Foundation from hopelessness, not having high hopes, although she heard a lot of good things about us. During a conversation with us, she simply choked with delight:
Nino: I really did not expect that so many people would want to help us, everyone has enough of their problems and concerns. I don’t even know how to thank you.
- Nino, how has your life changed after we published an article about you?
Nino: Our life changed in just one day, I did not expect such a response. It turns out that dreams come true, I did not think that in our country there are so many kind people. The very next day, they began to call me, wondering what my daughter and I needed. They brought a huge amount of food, clothing, we just forgot about the cold and hunger.
- And what was the most memorable? Do you remember the names of the people who helped you?
Nino: a couple came, his wife's name is Eka. They brought us a TV, lots of sweets, gifts and gave us 200 GEL. Tamara Pipia brought many different gifts from Tbilisi and presented another 100 GEL. The guys from the National Defense Academy in Gori provided us with a huge supply of firewood. Four girls came, parishioners of one of the Tbilisi churches, brought clothes, food, gifts. I will always pray for each of these people who have extended a helping hand to me.
- Have you made new friends?
Nino: Thanks to you, I met wonderful people. They often call me and ask how Mariam and I are doing. Now I don’t feel lonely and useless.
- Nino, do you feel happy? Have all your dreams come true?
Nino: I couldn't even imagine it in my dreams! Now we have a refrigerator, a washing machine, a blender and even an electric kettle. Thanks to you, our closet was transformed, became comfortable, a new window was inserted, and such lovely ottomans and a table were presented. What about bed and bed? Now, my daughter and I can sleep humanly.
While we were talking with her mother, the girl did not stop for a minute, jumped and played. You would never recognize in her that depressed and sad child that she was just recently.
“Mariam, are you happy with the presents?”
Yes! Very very! Look at my beautiful comfortable bed and the bed like a princess from a fairy tale!
Nino: My daughter is happier than ever, she is just ecstatic.
- I remember she dreamed of a doll ...
Nino: Yes, Mariam only had an old one-eyed doll, and now there are dolls and soft toys. The child is completely happy.
- Nino, you can contact our compatriots, what would you like to tell them?
Nino: I want to thank everyone and everyone who helped me and my baby. I simply cannot express words of gratitude to your Fund. I saw for myself that the kindness of the Georgian people is limitless.
- Thank you for such kind words! And for our part, we can promise you that our fund will continue to help you.
But the problems of this family do not end there! Help them further! Your kindness is a chance to be happy in everything yourself!
Friends, on behalf of our entire Foundation, we sincerely thank you for all that you do for our beneficiaries. You teach our society to see good. You give people faith when they begin to doubt themselves and support them when they need it most! Indeed, for us and for Georgia there are no strangers' children and mothers.
  And if it’s hard for you because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, get distracted for a second and look at our posts in the FB. Our problems are nothing compared to the problems of our wards! Here it is - real grief! It is in front of your eyes! And thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.
Friends, thank you all again!
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Let us think that helping others, we take care of our soul and approach the Lord precisely through the suffering that we experience for others!

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