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There is nothing worse in the world

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April 30, 2020
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- than when, in front of your mother, it seems that you are forever “losing” your beloved child.
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          - than when, in front of your mother, it seems that you are forever “losing” your beloved child. And so it happened to me the first time, when suddenly my gentle baby, my handsome Temuri lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Lord, do not bring you to find out what was going on in my soul when my favorite, my bloodthirsty son, a 2-year-old, lost consciousness for the first time. After all, then I thought it was forever !!!
          I held in my hands the motionless body of my own child ...! You can imagine this, - Maya begins her story! - Probably there is no worse feeling in the world!
        “Don’t be afraid, mommy, he just fell asleep,” cried out to me, when I myself began to lose consciousness from horror, my baby, Salome. And I didn’t fall.
     “Yes, yes, that’s how it was,” the child repeats to her mother and gently strokes the brother’s hair of Temuri with his tiny pen ...
   “You see, aunt,” the talkative little girl continues, “my brother just gets tired quickly and suddenly falls asleep on the go.” And mother does not understand, and every time for some reason she’s so scared ...! So crying! And she is sorry. After all, my mother is the kindest in the world - with spontaneity peculiar only to children, ”Salome says seriously. - To be honest, I’m scared of my mother. Then I am ashamed ... After all, I am already an adult. I am 3 years old. - And shows on the fingers how much it is.
“Calm mommy, aunt,” the beautiful baby asks me!
       “Please save my son, I'm begging you on my knees,” cries Timuri’s mother, Maya, “my powerlessness is killing me.”
       Unfortunately, friends, so far no one knows what happens to the 2-year-old Temuri. The family is in a panic, the child is sick, and they cannot help him in any way. And his mother Maya prays to God for help day and night.
     Get to know ...
       Here is a wonderful Georgian family: mother Maya and her three wonderful children: Saba - 12 years old, Salome - 3 years old, Temuri - 2 years old. Previously, they somehow made ends meet if not for the baby’s disease! ..
         - Maya, tell us about your family, let's start with your youngest son, Temuri. What about him?
       Maya: Temuri is 2 years old, he often has seizures, he loses consciousness. We are in poverty and could not examine him and find out the reason. He was not even a year old when this happened for the first time. I was very scared and thought that I had lost my son. You know, it’s so terrible to look at the lifeless body of a native child. We have absolutely nothing to live on, and we could not see a doctor. We need to conduct a full examination, go to Tbilisi, this is a fabulous amount for us.
- In your opinion, what is the most difficult thing in raising a sick child?
Maya: You see, I’m constantly, day and night, living in fear and ignorance. Not a minute of peace ... I’m afraid to leave it even to my dearest ones - my parents, suddenly an attack starts, they cannot cope without me and the consequences will be irreparable ...
Corr. Don’t cry, Maya, the Fund will immediately transfer the money to the clinic for the examination. Better tell us more about yourself and the children, the subscribers of the Fund. Among them are many very kind people!
        “What advice do you want to give mothers in the same terrible situation as you are?”
         Maya: Never lose hope! Fight to the end, to the last breath, for the life and happiness of your children!
         - What is the main problem of your family?
        Maya: It is very difficult for me to cope alone. It all comes down to cash. I live with my parents' children, and we can barely make ends meet. It pains me to say that my son’s life is in mortal danger, and I can’t help him.
         - Maya, tell us how you met your husband, how you started a family. Why is your marriage broken, if not secret?
Maya: My first marriage failed, but I still have a son - Saba. For his sake, I went to work in Turkey. She worked tirelessly, hoping to see him soon, because he was very young - 3 years. I never thought about anything else
It was there that I met my second husband, Nodar. He also came to earn their Georgia. I did not allow the thought of remarriage, but Nodar was very persistent, beautifully courted, protected me, and in the end I got consent. His family knew that I have a son from my first marriage. I did not think to hide it. Parents gave their consent, and we got married. There, our common children were born - Salome and Temuri. Everything turned out fine. But the eldest son grew up with my parents, and this haunted me. Therefore, we returned to our homeland. Despite the fact that everyone knew about Saba, the husband’s parents refused to shelter someone else’s child, we moved to live separately, rented an apartment. Relations with Nodar spoiled every day. But I still don’t know the reason ... I’m sure he loves us, but someone stood between us. His parents know about the illness of our son, Temuri, and do not even ask about him. And I really need support, I can not cope alone.
Once, when Temuri was a month old, her husband came home from work late, drunk and aggressive. My questions made him angry, he insulted and beat me. I tried to calm him down, but he pushed me out of the apartment and slammed the door
Look in front of my nose. I hysterically called for help, because my children remained there, face to face with a drunken, furious man. My neighbors helped me, they called the police. He was arrested, sentenced to 1.5 years, and we no longer saw him.
Corr. What about next? Children without a father ... Bad?
Mayan. I will not let anyone scoff at my children. Let them kill me first! He won’t drink, - I’ll put up with it, although he beat me very badly and as I did not beg the police, they did not put him in prison for me, for bullying drunk children.
 - Who supports you, without support, you probably would not have managed?
Maya: We live in a town where everyone knows each other. Many of our misfortunes help as much as they can. I always feel their support. My parents have always done and are doing everything possible for us. Dad often goes out, collects and gives up scrap metal to get at least some money.
- Whom would you like to thank for your help?
Maya: Their parents Rusiko Gegenava and Arveda Dzhibladze, who always care about us. Without their help, I would definitely not have done it.
         - What were your dreams when you started a family? Have you ever thought that such a disaster could happen to you?
        Maya: I got married in the hope that there would be a strong, masculine shoulder nearby, that we would be like behind a stone wall. I hoped that together it would be easier to cope with the hardships of life and we will be support for each other ... But, alas ... Everything turned out the other way around ...
       - Does the state help you somehow? Did you ask the local authorities for help?
Maya: The City Hall of Tskaltubo really helps. They promised to help with the examination of Temuri and recorded us in the queue for an apartment, as a victim of domestic violence. They take to heart and understand my pain. Thank you so much for that.
         “What do you believe in?” What do you see salvation? Do you believe in God?
        Maya: All my hope is for God and good people. Only faith gives me strength and hope. My spiritual father, Theodore supports me very much, his prayers help me. He always says: you are a mother, therefore you must be strong, never lose heart and everything will surely work out! I believe him!
        - Tell us about the children, they go to school, to kindergarten?
        Maya: Sab's eldest son goes to school. Good student. Saba is a very gifted boy. Everyone praises him at school. He especially loves English and literature. Salome will go to kindergarten next year. Little she is. But with Temuri, I won’t know what to do. I can’t send him to kindergarten, I can’t leave him alone, anywhere.
- What do the children eat? What is their daily diet?
Maya: You yourself understand that a growing body needs good nutrition ... But how? With our income. I’m so worried ... I have to feed them with cereals, pasta and soup on the water ...
“Do you tell them tales?”
Maya: Salome and Temuri love to listen to fairy tales. My grandmother and I tell Georgian folk tales and fairy tales about wizards. Baby Salome (3 years old) loves a fairy tale about a beautiful princess (Rapunzeli) with long golden hair, who lives in a tall, tall tower and when the prince comes to save her, dumps his long, original hair to him and he rises to the tower along them.
There are few blondes in Georgia, and Soloma really likes an unusual princess, she says that she also wants such long golden curls.
 The younger Temuri (2 years) likes the legend of St. George the Victorious. I want the children to know our saints. There is no such tale, but we have an icon, and the boy thinks that the story of George is a fairy tale. Timur, tells me: I love George. He is a hero, saves everyone and kills a huge dragon with a sword. I will be a hero too. And his horse is so beautiful ...
        - And now I’ll talk with the children. Kids, talk to you, can I? How are you? What games do you like to play? How do you help mom and dad? Are you a good student, Saba?
        Saba (12 years old): Good, but how are you? I really like playing soccer with the guys. I study well and mom is happy. I love English and literature and really want to have a personal computer. The school gives a lot of tasks from the Internet. And I can’t carry them out. And yet, you can find any book there, but I really like to read. I help grandfather and grandmother, and mom, housework. I look after the younger ones. I want to finish school as soon as possible, start working and help my family.
- And who will you work with?
Saba (12 years old): Well, I don’t know yet ... I am very interested in computers ... Maybe a programmer. I heard that they always have a job and they make good money.
Have you looked after yourself the most beautiful girl in the class? What is she like?
Saba (12 years old): No ... Well, or yes ... (embarrassed) I like one girl, Nina ... Imagine, she is with huge blue eyes. I take books from her, and then we discuss them together ... She is the most intelligent and beautiful.
-And do you think you are the strongest in the class?
Saba (12 years old): I don’t know, someone is stronger than me, someone is not. Mom asks not to get into fights, she is afraid that I will be crippled. And then I hide from her abrasions and bruises.
-What years you get married and with
how many children will you have?
Saba (12 years old): I haven’t thought about it yet ... Three will definitely be. There are three of us with a brother and sister, and we feel good. Maybe there will be more, I don’t know. (Laughs)
“Can’t you leave your mom?” And the wife and children?
Saba (12 years old): I love Mom more than anyone in the world. Of course I love everyone, but my mother is the best. When she hugs me, all fears and pain go away. How can you ever throw someone?
           “Do you love your father?” Do you see him often?
Saba (12 years old): I don’t communicate with dad, I don’t even know if I love him. I don’t remember what he is.
- Do you love your brothers and sister?
          Saba (12 years old): I love them almost as much as my mother, they are my very best. I will always protect them. Especially the little sister.
“Have you ever put any of them to sleep?”
Saba (12 years old): Yes, I command - quickly to bed, because I have to help my mother, make sure that we do not indulge, but fall asleep. They are so glorious ... I feel quite grown up next to them.
          - What do you want to wish to the children of Georgia?
Saba (12 years old): I wish everyone in their families was healthy, so that no one cried ... Everyone cries when someone is sick.
- Salome, what fairy tales and who tells you before going to bed? Who is your favorite hero?
Salome (3 years): Mom and grandmother tell us tales, I ask about the princess with golden hair, I have never seen a real girl with golden hair.
             - What do you lack to be happy?
 Salome (3 years): I want a big kitchen, like Emily from Emily TV
“Why are you so big?” What will you do with her?
Salome (3 years): Why? I’ll cook the dolls like Emily.
- Are you a beautiful girl?
Salome (3 years): Of course! I'm a princess! Don't you know? - Proudly looked up at me baby, - All the princesses are beautiful.
“Who told you that?”
         Salome (3 years): Mom says I'm soooooo beautiful in the world. And everyone is talking.
- And whom does the mother of the children love the most? Mom is pretty? Kind?
Salome (3 years): Mom says she loves everyone. But I think ... -Childly whispering to the child that she loves me the most! I'm a girl! You do not understand? I need to caress more! But you don’t tell anyone - And I put a finger to my lips!
- What is your favorite doll? What is her name?
Salome (3 years): Look, this is Emily, I love her so much, I sleep with her. She was beautiful new, very, and now ugly already, but I still love her ...
          - What do you dream about?
- I dream that I am a princess, I have a pink room, a large kitchen like Emily and many, many dolls!
Temur (2 years) And I want a big car in which you can sit and ride. And I also want to be a hero like George from a fairy tale when there were no cars yet. George on a horse defeated the dragon. Only now there are no dragons.
“And what kind of dragons are they?” Good or evil?
Temur (2 years): There are good, and there are evil ... George killed the evil dragon, and in the telly I saw the good, he defended people!
- And whom does mom love the most?
          Temur (2 years): Mommy loves us all, she is our mother!
         - Children, you are a miracle! And now I’ll talk to mom, can I? Maya, what is your family’s income? What is he enough for?
        Maya: I get social benefits, my parents have a pension. That's all our income, not even enough for food! Sometimes it’s not possible to buy even the necessary things. You know, I would starve, if only the children were healthy. My boy is sick, and I am ignorant, and I can’t even take him to the doctor.
          - What is your biggest dream?
          Maya: My biggest dream is for my Temuri to be healthy. I want to examine him and know what is happening to my baby, why he is losing consciousness. He urgently needs help, but I'm powerless. (Crying)
        - How did you find our Fund? Why did you decide to contact us?
          Maya: I read an article about Tinatin, the mother of five children. I worried so much for them. She dreamed of being able to help them. So I found out about your Fund, found out that you are actually helping distressed families. I did not dare for a long time, but then, nevertheless, I wrote to you ... Believe me, only because of the baby. If something happens to him, I won’t survive. Mothers will understand me, I know.
         Medical care for my son, of course in the first place. And so, I don’t even know, a washing machine is probably the most necessary, you know, three children and a lot of washing. Diapers and products are also very necessary ... My children do not know what to eat enough.
             - Want to meet friends of the Fund? Find new friends?
Maya: Of course, any help will be our salvation, and I will be glad to everyone who enters my position and reaches out to us.
       Friends, we do not have the moral right to read this story does not help these unfortunate people! Let's pray for Temuri, ask the Lord all together so that this baby grows up healthy and happy!
       To survive, Temuri needs an urgent examination and treatment. The Dzhibladze family lives in dire need. They are in dire need of food, household appliances, furniture! Help them survive, consider that these are your relatives.
      Let's support them, show mercy
, we will help the unfortunate mother find out the cause of her son’s illness and cure him. You can personally visit this family and help them. Believe me, they will be happy! Call Maya, find out about the needs of the family, cheer and support, say that she is not alone and that we will not leave them in trouble! It is very important!
       Here is their address: Tskaltubo, st. Dedaena 17 sq. 14 (Western Georgia) tel .: 551540175
        Friends, the Chernovetsky Charity Foundation begins an action: to help the Djibladze family. As you know, the Fund does not stop with one-time assistance. Georgians must live as it should be the most proud nation on earth - Georgians!
       And be sure to CEREAL our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!
       God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Not all people are the same. And not everyone is kind, as we are with you. Do not pass by someone else's misfortune! Unhappy people are given to us from above, so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!
     Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:
     Account of our Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003, GE42LB0115113036665000, GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Djibladze family). You can also transfer money from our site.
      You can transfer money also from the OPRA, TBCpay, ExpressPay terminals. In the charity section, find our Fund. (Additional rights and obligations of the Fund can be found at
One call will save a life - 0901 200 270

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