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Mom, what if I don’t wake up ...?

- little Angela, the fourth operation is due, and she is very scared. The baby understands everything, she heard somewhere that the boy did not wake up after the second anesthesia and now asks his mother chilling questions ... She has already undergone three operations ... Three operations and three anesthesia, and the girl is only 7 years old, friends! “How much did you suffer, baby?” - the answer is known only to God ...
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- little Angela, the fourth operation is due, and she is very scared. The baby understands everything, she heard somewhere that the boy did not wake up after the second anesthesia and now asks his mother chilling questions ... She has already undergone three operations ... Three operations and three anesthesia, and the girl is only 7 years old, friends! “How much did you suffer, baby?” - the answer is known only to God ...
Angela (7 years old): I really want to be like all the girls: beautiful and smart. And also an aunt - (she lifted a beautiful baby face on me owl) - so that no one would laugh at me. Only Shh ... - The child whispers in my ear, - don’t tell mom, but how he will cry! I feel very sorry for her ... She is so kind to me!
-And I want, to be honest, in my room to have my own room, beautiful, but so that there are no mice! I am so afraid of them, - Again, the child whispers softly! Aren't you scared? And more ... - She thought to say or not, - Do not lead me, please, to the doctors. They hurt me! I don’t want to go to the doctors and the hospital anymore!
Margarita (mother): - Crying for an explosion ...!
“What am I to blame?” What am I missing? - The inconsolable mother sobs. But it’s true, she’s not at all to blame, on the contrary, all these seven years, despite the most difficult living conditions and unlimited poverty, Angela’s mother, Margarita, is completely alone fighting for the health and well-being of her beloved daughter. She stoically looks after the girl, tries to provide everything necessary, knocks on all doors, calls for help and does everything to ensure that little Angela is healthy and happy ... Poor woman, driven to despair, but thoughts about her daughter do not let her fall. But we, as Orthodox Christians, true Georgians, are simply obliged to support her, to make it clear that she is not alone in this unequal struggle with the disease and to turn her shoulder on her! Believe me, a sick girl, in a wretched shack, this is a sad picture ...
Turkish doctors, until recently, tried to keep the girl's eyes, but, unfortunately, all their efforts were in vain. At the moment, Angela needs surgery to implant an artificial, glass prosthesis.
And in what appalling conditions does Margarita raise her daughter? A tiny little room where mice run, a microscopic kitchen, amenities in the yard, and the baby has to bathe in the basin! And for what only all these misfortunes fell upon their small family? “Only God knows.”
 “Please don't cry, Margarita.” Tell us in more detail what kind of medical care your daughter currently needs, and why.
Margarita: From birth, I noticed that something was wrong with my little girl with an eye. She mowed a little, but the pediatrician said that this was a frequent occurrence and would pass away with time. But nothing happened! Angela was 1.6, when I was forced to leave my husband and return to my hometown, Batumi, because strabismus worsened, I turned to many doctors. Angela was suspected of a tumor, they even said that the case was hopeless, and offered to conduct an experiment. Of course, I refused, and began to look for funds to take my daughter to Turkey. Then my friend Tamuna helped me a lot. She took care of all the expenses. It turned out that the girl did not have any tumor, the eyeball fell out of the orbit, and ingrowth started on the inside, which, in fact, was taken by our doctors for the tumor. In just one year, from December 2017 to December 2018, the baby underwent three operations! Three times we had to go to Turkey! And where I just did not look for this money. Relatives, friends, the mayor's office of Batumi and Tbilisi, the Ministry of Health helped the world a bit, as they say ... But, unfortunately, they could not save their eyes. At the moment, we need a glass prosthesis, and now, I turned to you, hoping for help.
- And what seems to you the most difficult in the current situation?
Margarita: You know, Angela is a very smart girl, she constantly asks me why she doesn’t have the same things as other children, and this applies not only to the eye, but also to our financial situation, lack of father. And I sometimes do not find an answer for a long time, and barely hold back my tears. For example, she is very afraid of surgery, she heard that after anesthesia someone did not wake up ... He asks me: mom, and if I do not wake up? Well, what can she say? Tell me ...? (crying bitterly)
- What advice do you want to give mothers in the same terrible situation as you?
Margarita: You know, for my Angela, I did the impossible. In our distress, even a visit to the doctor is not available, not to mention a trip to Turkey. I asked, I begged, knelt, demanded and threatened in the end! Never give up, fight to the last breath, for the happiness and health of your children!
- What is your main problem at the moment?
Margarita: At the last examination, the doctors told us that the eye could not be saved, and another operation is required. Eye prosthetics. I just don’t know who to ask for help. The authorities refused to help us again. And now everyone is living so hard that none of our friends and relatives are in
the power to help us. We would somehow feed ourselves and our family.
- Margarita, I think the topic that I now have to touch on is not pleasant for you, but please tell us how you met your ex-spouse and what caused the breakup?
Margarita: We met in the restaurant Chadrebi. He worked there as a waiter and bartender, and I was simply asked to help, since a big feast, wedding and banquet were planned. We immediately liked each other, he courted so beautifully, introduced him to his parents, to his sister. Literally three months later, we decided to get married. I moved to him in Rustavi. A daughter was born. And here, my husband was replaced. We just did not recognize him ... I suffered, did not want the child to grow up without a father ... But the situation became unbearable, he completely stopped coming home, I think someone stood between us ... I was forced to return to Batumi.
 - And nobody helps you? Parents or relatives? Who would you like to thank for your help?
Margarita: You know, I am very grateful to everyone who supported me, continues to support me. My parents themselves need help, my father has a hernia, an operation is required, my mother has blood pressure, but despite this, my dad tries to support me in every way, brings food, sometimes sweets for Angela. My brother Suren, for four years only did what he cared for us. Now he has four children, you yourself understand how much they need. But still, he always tries to pay attention to my daughter. Of course, I am extremely grateful to friends and acquaintances who collected the amount for us to travel to Turkey. Especially Tamuna, it was she who took Angela to Turkey for the first time.
- Have you ever thought that such a disaster could happen to you?
Margarita: But who can imagine this? Do not bring the Lord! I married a modest, honest and hardworking guy. Of course, they dreamed of a happy family, healthy children ... But how it all turned out ... He preferred me to another, but it does not matter, if only the daughter was healthy. She has suffered so much from me ... My Angel ...
 - We greatly sympathize with your grief, but did you turn to someone for help? To local authorities, for example?
Margarita: Of course, you see, in what conditions we live, we don’t even have basic amenities ... Where could I get funds for expensive trips and operations in Turkey ... The Lord is merciful ... The City Hall of Batumi, the Ministry of Health, the Tbilisi City Hall helped. When quarantine was announced, I turned to the city hall for help, as I earned cleaning and was completely left without funds. They did not keep themselves waiting long, on the third day they brought us essential goods, pasta, cereals, etc. I am so grateful to them, and Angela was very happy. The mayor of the city of Batumi, Lasha Komakhidze previously handed us one-time assistance - 300 lari. I have nothing to complain about, the authorities have repeatedly responded to our call for help ... Now they have refused ... The situation is difficult, apparently there are no funds in the budget, after all, everyone needs help ...
 “What do you believe in?” What do you see salvation?
Margarita: We are very believers, from an early age, Angela addresses God with our own words ... In the morning we light a candle, every night, before going to bed, she prays and asks that He help her get better ...
- Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?
Margarita: Of course! How not to believe ?! It was strangers who helped us more than once, raised funds for a trip, for expensive operations. I am extremely grateful to everyone! I really hope that now, good people will regret my poor girl and help us ...
- Do you rent this house for rent?
Margarita: House? Yes, if you can call it that ... You yourself see ... But my daughter and I are not used to it. There are no amenities, you have to bathe a 7-year-old girl in a basin ... In winter we heat up with a wood-burning stove. Yes, everything would be fine! Once, in a dream, Angela was bitten by a mouse! I had to get vaccinated ... Now my girl, who is already emotional, her nerves are shaken as a result of so many anesthesias, is afraid to sleep at night without light. 7 year old child, dreams of living in a room where no one will bite her!
- Does Angela go to school? She likes?
Margarita: Yes, of course. She loves to study, she likes talking with children. He likes to draw and write, read a little lazy, it's hard ... But everyone is amazed, like a child who sees with only one eye can write so beautifully. She takes everything to heart, worries when she cannot complete the task, she has such a sense of responsibility. After all, the teacher sets the task for the whole class, she can not give the task separately to her, what would it look like? But she is very worried when she can’t master everything ... Madly wants to go to the dance, I even took her to a free club. But there are many other expenses, uniforms, compulsory trips, I don’t have such funds ... I had to leave. Angela is a very gifted and mature girl. I do not say that because she is my daughter. You can talk to her yourself and see for yourself.
“Yes, of course, I will ask Angela some questions with your permission.” Angela, do you go to school? What is your favorite subject?
Angela (7 years): I
I like school, math and English most of all ... I really like to count. I always try to complete the entire task, only the teacher asks a lot, and when I read and write for a long time, my eye starts to hurt ...
“What else do you like besides school lessons?”
Angela (7 years old): I really like dancing ... Mom took me to dance, but there is so much to do. Uniform, special shoes, and yet I could not go with them to Bakuriani, it cost too much ...
- Do you have a best friend at school?
Angela (7 years old): I am friends with all the girls, they are all good and we love to play breaks, hide and seek, traps together ...
 - Angela, are you helping mom?
Angela (7 years): Of course! Together with her, we are preparing soup, and I also help my mother clean our room, she has a lot of washing, and she does the laundry in the yard, so she gets very tired.
 - Do you have a favorite toy?
Angela (7 years): This is my favorite doll, Anna, I really like this name. We go to bed together with her and love to listen to how the mother tells tales.
- And what is your favorite fairy tale?
Angela (7 years): About the little red riding hood! I also want a beautiful dress and a little red riding hood like hers!
 “And what will you become when you grow up?”
Angela (7 years): I will be a dance teacher! I just dream of dancing, it’s so beautiful ... All the dancers have a lot of beautiful dresses and I also want to! I myself will dance beautifully, and I will teach children.
- What do you lack to be happy?
Angela (7 years): I really want to have my own room, beautiful, and that ba there were no mice! In general, I want a big house, and so that everything would be fine with my mom! And yet, I no longer want to go to the doctors and the hospital!
- What do you want to wish to the children of Georgia?
Angela (7 years old): I want to wish that everything was fine with them, and that they never get sick like me.
 - Angela, you are just a miracle! Margarita, back to our conversation. For example, how do you feed your daughter, what is her daily diet?
Margarita: We occasionally can afford meat, fruits, sweets, too, I try not to buy. In our position, we have to deprive the baby of her favorite delicacies ... Usually I cook pasta, cereals, a simple soup ... That's all our menu.
- What is your income? What is he enough for?
Margarita: Angela needs care, drops in the eye, by the hour, I can’t leave her alone and find a permanent job. Social allowance, 140 GEL, grocery card per child 10 GEL. That's all our income. I tried to earn some money by cleaning, but because of the virus now there isn’t even this ... 100 GEL we pay for this shack, but for the rest we rely on good people ...
- What is your biggest dream?
Margarita: I only dream that my daughter was healthy. She spent half her life in hospitals and doctors ... She was tormented, poor ...
 And together with her we dream to have our own corner, at least one, our own, small, clean room ...
- What, in your opinion, do you need in the house, first of all?
Margarita: At the moment, we have on the agenda an operation that we just need ... And you, my last hope ...
        And the rest, you yourself see how we live, we don’t have anything, old household furniture, no appliances, old TV. There is no Internet, only the neighbor Wi-Fi, which doesn’t always catch, and Angela is very worried when she skips classes ... She even cries ... We really need a refrigerator, we just have nowhere to store food and a washing machine, it is very difficult to wash in the yard in winter ...
 - Why did you decide to contact us?
Margarita: I read your articles on social networks ... I myself was eager to help those in need, so I decided that you have helped so many and will not disregard my daughter ... Your Fund has so many good friends, I really hope that people will regret us, lend us a hand help and wish to meet my Angela, a real clever and beautiful.
       Friends, we have no moral right, after reading this story, not to help these unfortunate people! Let's pray for Angela, ask the Lord all together so that the baby will grow up healthy and happy!
       The girl needs an urgent examination and surgery. The Iriziani family lives in dire need. They urgently need our financial support, food, household appliances! Help them survive, consider that these are your relatives.
      Let us support them, show mercy, help the unfortunate mother. You can personally visit this family and help them. Believe me, they will be happy! Call Margarita, find out about the needs of the family, cheer and support, say that she is not alone and that we will not leave them in trouble! It is very important!
       Here is their address: Batumi, st. Lermontov 49 (Western Georgia) tel .: 595 49 74 55
        Friends, the Chernovetsky Charity Foundation begins an action: to help the family of Angela Chikashua. As you know, the Fund does not stop with one-time assistance. Without children, the country and the people have no future. Take care of the younger generation! Help them survive! “Write” them to your relatives. And we are sure that the Lord Himself will bless you!
       And be sure to CEREAL our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!
       God gives us in
the ability to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Not all people are the same. And not everyone is kind, as we are with you. Do not pass by someone else's misfortune! Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!
     Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:
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