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We are used to hunger, but we don’t have the strength to look hungry children in the eye?

May 22, 2020       3855
The unfortunate cancer patient in two parts of the body, the mother of three beautiful daughters, Tinatin Gachechiladze, went to hell with her husband, Ernest, to quarantine painful hellish pains. Selling all the little things. Somehow lived ...
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The unfortunate cancer patient in two parts of the body, the mother of three beautiful daughters, Tinatin Gachechiladze, went to hell with her husband, Ernest, to quarantine painful hellish pains. Selling all the little things. Somehow lived ...
But recently, a very good man - "broke" an extensive heart attack! And she herself was operated on. But cancer is cancer and it continues to eat the unfortunate inside.
Lord, Lord, help me, the wretched mother laments! We are not idlers, we worked all our life, tried to somehow get out of poverty, but, alas ...
And now this damned quarantine! There is no bazaar, even if we reach it. And we are without a piece of bread. But soon you will pay for the apartment or go “outside”!
It would be time for us to ask alms, but what do we teach children?
- Tinatin, what are you sick with?
- I have two cancers: it is very painful to walk, sit. Recently had surgery. But hardly…
    Do not think - I do not need anything for myself! Only for children, please! Baby Angelica was breast-fed, and after the operation, the milk disappeared. You have to buy mixtures, but for what? So hard for our family has never been! Vicious circle…
So I have to ask you for help. Maybe the Foundation’s friends will help us with diapers, artificial nutrition, food ... I swear, I swear to God, I and Ernest do not need anything, only children! We are used to hunger, but how to look hungry children in the eye?
- Tinatin, why are you in a rented apartment?
- This is an eternal story of good and evil. My husband is good. He pledged an apartment to give money to a friend for treatment, and he later found out - he was not sick. He escaped abroad. The two-room apartment went off the auction, and we were left homeless ... Well, God be his judge!
- What are the conditions in your rented apartment?
And the conditions ... There are two sofas, on one Salome and Barbara are sleeping, on the second - me, my husband and Angelica. We have nothing of our own - neither a chair nor a table ... Everything we own can easily fit in one small bag ...
- Do you really have relatives who could shelter your family?
- The apartment that the bank sold belonged to the husband’s family, and I only have an 83-year-old mother - she was sheltered by a relative in the village. So, no, we have no one to go to.
- Tell me, have there really never been happiness in your life?
- How it was not. I love my husband and what children ?! If only they had not been taken from us. Why not live then!
-“The Lord gave you three children.” Tell us more about each of them.
- The older one's name is Salome. She is 17 years old. She graduated from nine classes. I went to study hairdressing, but we could not pay for stylist courses and Salome dropped them. She likes to draw, she even went to classes for some time ... She is a wonderful daughter, she helps me a lot with little Angelica.
The middle daughter's name is Barbara. She is 7 years old, she goes to first grade. Barbara can’t get used to our frequent moving in any way and she dreams of a house and a beautiful room.
And the youngest Angelica is a year and a half. Most difficult with her. When a hungry child beats in hysteria, you can’t explain to him that mom and dad cannot buy a meal ... She still reaches for my chest, and I can’t feed her! Lord, help my baby!
- What do you find strength to withstand such suffering?
 - In faith in God! Only faith holds me on this earth, and also my girls. I only pray for one thing - may the Lord not leave my children and protect them from illnesses!
- What is your most cherished desire?
“I dream of having a small patch of land to put a shack on it and bring my children into it.” Its shack has four walls and a roof over its head.
- Tinatin, now, if possible, I will talk with the girls. Let's start with Salome.
“Salome, tell us about yourself.”
Salome (17 years old) - Hello! I am the eldest among the sisters, and sometimes it seems to me that I am like a mother to them. I often had to look after Barbara (7 years old) and Angelica when my mother was not at home. But they are both obedient girls, especially Barbara. She is already quite big. Angelica doesn’t interfere with any of us, as she is still very small.
Usually I sit at home with my sisters, I don’t really want to go out for a walk, although I don’t take a walk now ... 
- Your mother said that you left school after the ninth grade. Do not regret it?
Salome (17 years old) - I loved going to school, but really wanted to help my mom and dad, I wanted to become a hairdresser and earn money for my family. I even went to styling courses, I wanted to learn how to work with hair, but it didn’t work ... After several lessons, my parents could not pay more - they need money first of all in order to feed us.
- Do you think that being a stylist is your calling or do you like something else?
Salome (17 years old) - I like to draw. I often remember how my mother took me to painting for a long time, as a child, - this was my favorite pastime. But then I abandoned him, too, because of the money. The work of the stylist is also interesting, you can come up with different hairstyles, mix colors and get an interesting color. Unless of course the client allows the experiments (smiles)
-. Tell Salome how you see your future?
Salome: I guess I’ll still study to be a hairdresser, if I somehow find money and study. I hope that someday this will happen, I will be able to help mom and dad and will be able to give gifts to my sisters ...
- What do you dream about?
Salome (17 years old) - I want my mom not to get sick, dad not be sad anymore, so we live in our house, from which no one will ever expel us ...
“Salome, you are already a big girl, and you probably thought about your future family, about your husband, about children ...”
Salome (17 years old) (embarrassed) - Well, sometimes ... I would like a loving husband who can take care of me and our children.
“Have you already fallen in love or was someone taking care of you?”
Salome (17 years old) - No, this has not happened before.
- Your sister Barbara (7 years old) is such a coquette, probably she already has a boyfriend. Is that so Barbara?
Barbara (7 years old) - When I went to school, there was a boy who I liked, but I don’t know if he liked me ...
“What did you like about him?”
Barbara (7 years old) - He studied very well and always answered the teacher correctly. Now I am sitting at home, and for a long time I have not seen him and my other classmates. They don’t go to school either - mom says that no one goes because the virus needs to wait until it passes.
- Do you miss school?
Barbara (7 years old) - I miss ... I loved going to school. It is interesting there.
“Are you doing home now?” Do you have a computer to listen to the teacher on the Internet?
Barbara (7 years old) - No, I'm not doing it. We don’t have a computer, but I have a school Buk, but I still can’t do it - there’s no connection. Mom said it’s very expensive to include this connection ...
-Do you mean the Internet?
Barbara (7 years old) - Yes.
- What do you like to do at home?
Barbara (7 years old) - I love music, I like to dance, I dream of going to dances. Mom says that someday I can go to the dance, and I believe her.
We also Salome (17 years old) often play and mess with Angelica. Salome helped me do my homework earlier, but sometimes I don’t obey her, because she’s not my mother, she’s just the eldest, but she will be a very good mother, like our mother.
-Do Salome or mom read you bedtime stories?
Barbara (7 years old) - Mom used to read and recite by heart, but now she cannot, she is sick ... She cannot even play with us, she lies all the time ...
- What do you dream about before going to bed?
Barbara (7 years) - I dream that my mother would not be sick and cry! And so dad becomes a little more fun. He probably doesn’t want us to be upset and tries to smile, but I see that he is sad ...
And after that I dream of my room and my bed - Salome and I are closely on the couch. I will draw all the walls in my room - I will draw a rainbow, clouds and a horse. And I’ll arrange everything the way I want.
Salome says I want too much! (laughs). And mother says - pray and God will give you everything. I pray every night ... Do you think Auntie looked up at me - Will God hear me?
- And what would you like to have presented to you?
Barbara (7 years) - Beautiful dresses and a jacket. I want to be the most beautiful! Although Mom and Salome say that I am a beautiful girl, but without beautiful clothes I’m not at all beautiful! And when I wear a beautiful dress, I will be like my Barbie! I’m also affectionately called Barbie!
- Do not doubt, all your dreams will come true.
- Tinatin, back to you. Tell us, how exactly can we help you?
Tinatin - Milk formula for one and a half year old Angelica, food and clothing for children. It is inconvenient to say it out loud that we need hygiene products - I would really like washing powder and soap, I don’t even dream of anything else, they have long become luxury items for me. We learned how to do without them somehow, but, believe me, this is very difficult. It’s one thing if you don’t wash your hair with shampoo, but another thing is the inability to wash your hands, wash, wash the dishes.
Any possible help for us will be manna from heaven ... I hope that our fate will affect the hearts of the Foundation’s friends, that they will take care of us as well as everyone who has already addressed you. God bless them!
Friends, as you see, the Tinatin Gachechiladze family lives in dire need. They need food, diapers, bed clothes, bedding, clothes and household appliances! Let's support them, show mercy, give children a chance to develop normally and have a happy childhood. You can personally visit this family and provide assistance. Children, believe us, will be happy! Call Tinatin, find out about the needs of the family, cheer and support, say that she is not alone and that we will not leave them in trouble! It is very important!
            Here is their address: Tbilisi Varketili 3 massif. 8 building sq. 4. Tel .: 568 63 88 04
Friends, the Chernovetsky Charity Foundation begins an action: to help Tinatin Gachechiladze and her children!
As you know, the Fund does not stop with one-time assistance. Without children, the country and the people have no future. Take care of the younger generation! Help them survive! “Write” them to your relatives. And we are sure that the Lord Himself will bless you.
And be sure to CEREAL our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!
God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Not all people are the same. And not everyone is kind, as we are with you. Do not pass by someone else's misfortune! Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!
Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:
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Let us think that, while helping others, we take care of our soul and come closer to the Lord precisely through the sufferings that we experience for others!
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