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“I won’t be able to live without her! Please, do something!”

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June 9, 2020
- begged Lenochka with tears in her eyes ...her beloved mother has cancer
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- begged Lenochka with tears in her eyes ...her beloved mother has cancer 

From the very first day when her mother got sick, she has been taking care of her so touchingly and tenderly. I wish all of us had such daughters. Oh, woe, woe! They are alone in the whole world.

Mother Svetlana is 49, Lenochka is 19. The live in a tiny apartment on the outskirts of Tbilisi.

- Cancer. The word she heard from the doctor sounded like a verdict, - the woman started her story, suffering from severe pains. 

- When I heard it I went blank and collapsed into the chair, looked into my little daughter’s wet eyes, and started crying myself. It was a wail, loud, enormous wail.  I did not know what to do, where to go, and why it happened. Why did it happen to me? Right now, when I have got nothing? When my daughter is to graduate from school and enter University? I had so many questions in my mind, so many bad thoughts. I felt las if I was thrown down from a high tower! Something inside of me died. I have lived with this feeling since then. A deep cough interrupted Svetlana’s story.

Her daughter sitting nearby immediately rushed into kitchen to bring some tissue, then she tenderly wiped the blood from her mother’s nose. I got very scared. I looked at them with confusion, and tried to hide my embarrassment.

- If you find it hard, we can stop - a conversation with Elena will be enough.

- No, dear. Sorry for the blood. When I learned about your visit, I decided to talk to you, no matter how hard it would be. My Lenochka does a lot for me, and I’d like to help her at least now. We have nothing to treat you with today. I have no words to describe what a hard time we are experiencing now - my daughter and I, - Svetlana’s voice sounded guilty.

What are you speaking about! We are here to help you. If you would like to talk, please, go on. 

Two years ago terrible stomach aches started suffering me. When I went to the doctor, he said it was gastritis. Aches continued for quite a long period. Our financial situation always used to be difficult, we have spent all our life in rented apartments, there is just nothing we own. I had been doing nothing about it until I felt extremely bad. I feel guilty for that now. I feel so guilty! I felt that something terrible was going on. You see, I felt it! I was scared. 

I had no money for another visit to the doctor. At that time I had a husband, who worked. In three months we managed to gather enough money for an MRI scan and additional analyses. I had no health insurance at that time, and I had to pay almost for everything from my pocket. And when I learned that I had malignant tumor in the rectum, which blocked the entire anus, and homeostasis in the liver, I understood why I felt so scared all the time. The tumor had to be cut out urgently, and I did not know what to do, because we had spent ALL the money to confirm this terrible diagnosis. 

- What amount are you talking about? How much did the operation cost?

- We had to find 9000 GEL. 9,000! And we did not have even a penny. My daughter started to seek for the state aid, collecting the necessary documents and qualifying me for a pension. Thanks to her, the state financed 80% of costs. But we faced another problem - where to get the rest 2000 GEL. Our relatives helped us.  I got some money from Russia, some money from neighbors, some money from my husband, so I was operated on.

- Did it help?

Oh. I wished it would help! Dear, I hoped so much it would! At the beginning I felt better. But I needed chemotherapy. My doctor prescribed me 10 courses. Here the hell began. We already completed 7 courses, 3 are left. I endured, honestly, I made my best to endure. But the last course, my God, it was terrible. It has been unbearable, a have terrible pains, I am dizzy, all my body hurts. I scream with pain every night, I can’t describe how it hurts. It feels like it is killing me from inside. I lose hope every time I have pain attacks. Once I almost jumped out from the window shouting “Help!”, but my daughter stopped me. It was on the day when I had my 7th chemotherapy, for which we took our 1-year social allowance in advance. It was a fit of pain and despair, because we found ourselves in my worst nightmare.

- It means that the state payed you some allowance? 

Yes, we get 140- GEL social allowance per month. But to say that this is not enough is to say nothing. Just one of

my rehabilitation medications costs about 100 GEL. Besides that I have diabetes. I need to have an insulin injection at least once a day, sometimes twice or even three times daily. Do you know how much it costs? More than 100 GEL per vial! - Svetlana started to shake with emotions. - Can you imagine? Insulin, which is vital for me, costs our monthly income!

- What do you eat, what do you live for, where do you find means to buy medications? 

- My daughter had worked until I had to get a bed rest. My relatives help me with food. I have a sister and two brothers. They all live hard lives. My sister has 4 children, one of them is disabled. I burst into tears when she took her child’s disability pension 1 year in advance and brought me 1000 GEL for my operation. I refused to take this money, she insisted, and finally we dealt that I would take a little bit, it was hard for me. I felt so guilty, so guilty, oh! And the apartment where we live now, belongs to my brother. He is in Germany now for his son’s treatment, who has cancer as well. They gave up, they got tired, and I understand them. They will be back soon and we will have to move. But where? I don’t know. I have also a younger brother, he served in Afghanistan, and he lives nearby. His child was born blind and needs special care. We are four in the family and it’s hard for all of us. I used to help them, but you see my condition now.

- How did you live before? You mentioned that you had a husband. Why did you say “had”? 

Svetlana burst into tears.

- Dear, It is so hard to speak about that! I was married two times. My first husband was Lenochka’s father, but he was a gambler and we divorced, because it is impossible to live with a gambler. Especially when you have nothing, when you are constantly moving from one rented apartment to another, you live in poverty and he goes and plays. You cannot tolerate it for a long time. I tried, I really tried! For 10 years that passed like a whole life! Finally, when he lost again – this time it was the money we had gathered to buy an apartment, I could not stand it anymore and left him on that very day. My second time it was a love marriage, but, - Svetlana burst into tears without trying to keep the pain in her heart anymore. The tears were flowing from her eyes. She went crazy, it was a nervous breakdown, - she said while taking a breath and continued crying.

Svetlana, don’t speak it is painful for you. You shouldn't worry, please, you needn’t force yourself.

- You should know why I am in such a condition. - sobbing she continued her story, - He held on quite a long time, helping and supporting us. But one day he lost his mind and robbed a shop. Now he is in a mental hospital with a severe form of schizophrenia. It cannot be treated ... We filed for divorce not long before, but I still have feelings for this person! My daughter will scold me now. She says I’d better think about myself, but I cannot! I am so worried about him, I want to help him so much, to support him in some way... But how to do this when you are bedridden and are dying of pain every day? Tell me, how? - Svetlana, not holding back her emotions, covered her eyes with her hand and started crying again. Crying of pain, despair, sadness, injustice. She needed some tissue. And there was blood on it again.

- Let’s switch to another topic and speak about your daughter. What kind of girl is she? Describe her!

- She is the best! - finally they both smiled, - She does things that many adults won’t be able to do. She gives me insulin shots, she helps me to walk, she changes colostomy bags, gives me food, monitors my blood sugar level. She is my gift from the heaven! My Sun, I haven’t given up only thanks to her. I have stage IV cancer. The last stage. But I still believe that chemotherapy will help! And I believe that I will endure it. I am still alive and it means that God is with us. I will withstand this pain for the sake of my daughter. She does so many things for me, I have no right to give up. Yes, it is hard. But my daughter found out your Fund and addressed you - it means that there still is hope. - Svetlana took her daughter’s hand, whose lips were trembling. Tears...I thought I’ve made them cry again, but no. Elena held her tears back, swallowed a lump in her throat and said: 

- We addressed many funds. In one fund they provided us with one-time financial aid of 100 GEL, which was spent just for one insulin. Other organizations just ignored my letters. Thank you for helping us.

- You’re good, Lenochka! It’s not often when such a young person has so much strength as you! 

- What strength are you talking about! There was no other way. I had to do something! I used to work, before my mom got operated. She was able to walk, and now I cannot leave her even for a second without fear. Don't think that I am complaining, no way! It’s Mom who raised me and kept for 17 years. Now it’s my turn. I will do everything I can, and beyond! I want her to always be by my side, I want her to live, - once again Elena is holding back her tears, and I keep thinking - how can, this 19- year- old fragile girl have such a strong will power? 

- Where do you get your strength, Lenochka? 

- Look at her, - Lena turned her head towards her mother and looked at her with a glance full of love and warmth. - Mom gives me the power. Just look how much she struggles for life ... She is the meaning of my life, my strength, my energy, my life, my everything! I will not let either illness, or anybody else take her from me! 

 - Do you study? 

 - Not anymore. One year ago, when my mother needed help, I quit my studies ... I studied to be an office manager. I know computer programs quite well. I used to work as an office manager, but I also worked as a saleswoman in “Spar”, because my mother need expensive rehabilitation medications. I have lots of diplomas and certificates in programming, Photoshop, I’ve got recommendations from my work. I would like to continue working, but I cannot leave my mother. I cannot. That’s why I wrote to you.

- Really? Can you show me some of your achievements?

- Yes, sure!

- Have you got any plans for future? 

- It’s a difficult question. Hope mom will defeat the cancer soon, and I will continue studying and working. Maybe someday I will fall in love and get married. I want mom to see her grandchildren. And I will definitely earn money to buy my own home. We will move there together with mom! So that she would not worry anymore about not having the roof over her head. I will find my place in this life and mommy will be along with me! Do you hear me, mom? You will be by me and you will share this moments with me! - Lenochka threatened her mom.

- It will definitely be ... And what is the most difficult thing for you now, in caring for your mother? 

- When it hurts, - Lena stopped to collect herself, but her sad eyes betrayed all her suffering - When mommy is in pain, and I stand next to her and can’t do anything with that. I watch her suffering, and there is no way to help. God forbid anyone to go through something like that, - she looked at her tear-stained mother and began to wipe her tears with her hands.

- Tell me about you trust in God, do you often appeal to him? 

- Every day. When mother feels sick I always light a candle and pray. And she prays too. We always have holly water at home. God is with us. He will never leave us. I believe. He never leaves those in need.

- What do you need most of all now? How can we help you? 

- First of all mom needs chemotherapy. The state finances 70%, but we have to pay full 1700 GEL cost of one chemotherapy. We need three sessions more. This is an unaffordable amount for us ... We have nothing but clothes. All you see here belongs to my uncle: a furniture, appliances, everything. We need food as well. My mother need to keep the special diet with fruits, vegetables and boiled meet. You probably know the price of all of that.   We also need medications for rehabilitation, we need them so much! I somehow managed to get state financing for insulin. We just exhaled, at least we are not spending money on it now. But the bags which I have to change nine times per month cost 6 GEL each. We often use them for longer. It breaks and everything goes out. We fix it with adhesive type, because we cannot buy one for change. We will be glad for any help. It will be like a breath of fresh air. It’s true.

- Do you believe in kindness? 

- Yes, how else? Thanks to the kindness of good people we are not starving. When the neighbors cook something they always treat us, they know in what a hard condition we are.

- Would you like to meet friends of our Fund? 

Yes! Let Got bless everybody of you. We will be happy to meet all of them. Thanks that you responded our call for help! 

The founder of your Fund had already helped us. Do you know how? With his songs! Are you surprised? I see you are. His songs make mom feel better. We often listen to him.

- What? Songs of Leonid Mikhilovitch? 

 Yes, yes! His songs are so calming. My mother falls asleep only with his “My love” song. Don’t be surprised, the music often cures the soul.

 - What can you advise to the people, who found themselves in the similar situation. 

- Well. To love. To believe. Not to give up. In spite of anything. To hope. You never should lose hope. To accept. Everything what happens. And never blame anybody!  It is the easiest thing. If something happened in your life you should take that decently, like a new challenge, and keep on fighting. Always!

Friends, Svetlana and Elena faced the misfortune alone. Svetlana has IV stage of colon cancer, and she need money to continue the chemotherapy. The state covers 70% of cost, and the rest of the sum should pay the 19 years old daughter of sick and bedridden mother. 

The girl, at the age of 19, experienced a real hell, she is still going through it. When we left, she led us to the end of the staircase, hugged us and begged to save her mother!

“I won’t be able to live without her! Please, do something!” - begged Lenochka with the tears in her eyes.


Friends, don’t leave them alone facing the disease! Svetlana and Lena need everything. Lena has no mobile phone. The food that their relatives share with them is not enough for proper diet of Svetlana. They have no money for medications. The most important is that they have no money for the three remaining chemotherapies. Don’t be indifferent, the trouble may knock at anybody’s door, turning his life upside down.

Call Svetlana and Lena and ask her what does their family need, cheer her up and support her, let her feel that she is not alone and that we will not leave her in trouble. It’s extremely important! 

Address: 89 Kakheti Highway Apartment 32, Svetlana Chiplieva. Phone: 592 05 28 55

Friends, Chernovetskyi Charity Fund starts charity campaign to help Svetlana Chiplieva. As you know, Fund never stops on ad-hoc help. Let them survive! Count them as your relatives. And we are sure that God will bless you!

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Not all people are the same. Not all of them are as kind as we are. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove that we trust in God not by words, but in deeds!

Friends, there is one more request - if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: office-fsp@fsp.ge

Our Fund’s accounts are 




(Purpose: Chiplieva family). 

You can also transfer money from our website.

It is also possible to transfer money from ОРРА, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. Find our Fund under "Charity" section. (You can read more about rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link https://goo.gl/GY2Gus)

One call saves life - 0901 200 270

Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we experience for others!

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