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Grandfather, don’t die! You promised to buy me roller skates!

June 22, 2020       3074
8-year-old Barbare is sure, that her grandfather David will not die, because he promised to buy her roller skates. The grandfather always keeps his promises! As soon as he wins the battle against this unknown “cancer” her dream will come true.
₾ 948.35
Project completed!
9 months ago
₾ 20
მარინე მამულია
a year ago
₾ 10
გიორგი ჩიტაძე
a year ago
₾ 10
გოჩიაშვილი ლევან
a year ago
₾ 4
ანდრო ათოშვილი
a year ago
₾ 10
ელენე ჯვარიძე
a year ago
₾ 5
#Ill adults

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