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All the diseases in the world have fallen on me ...!

August 7, 2020       5472
“He isn't long for this world!" - that's everyone said. From the very birth, all the diseases of the world have fallen on me: dwarfism and cerebral palsy - what a cruel fate!
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“He isn't long for this world!" - that's everyone said. From the very birth, all the diseases of the world have fallen on me: dwarfism and cerebral palsy - what a cruel fate!

Giorgi (38 years old) meets us on crutches, looking exhausted, with his teeth clenched in pain: “Hurry, hurry, come here and you will see the miracle of God! Here is a healthy 6-year-old handsome Georgian man, a son of seriously ill parents. Great is the Lord!”

Giorgi could not stand longer and collapsed onto the bed. “Daddy, daddy, does it hurt?”- 6-year-old son Mirian rushed to his father.

“You see, he will go to school, but he has absolutely nothing to wear. My dream is new shoes for my son, and also nice notebooks and books, even the smallest stuff for school, but crutches, my damned crutches!
I believe there are great people in Georgia, and your Fund has proved it a thousand times!Whole Georgia is with you!”

“My mother went mad with grief, and left me. But I was adopted by kindest parents - mom Zhuzhuna Nemsadze and dad Mirian Mamaiashvili, great people, may them rest in peace! They had no children of their own, and when they saw me, all crooked, small, and frightened, they said: "He is Georgian, and now he will be our son." They made me a man! Years of treatment, years of continuous work gave results! I started walking, talking, and surprisingly I happened to have abilities! I loved to learn! Mom was a school director for 50 years! Dad was a choreographer. If not them, I would have died! - it’s true! 

- Giorgi, when did your problems start? 

Giorgi: When I graduated from school and entered college - yes, I have a higher education, I am a lawyer – it started when my father died. This was the first shock for my mother and me. We have almost no relatives, and they disliked us - they kept saying to my parents that adopting me was a huge mistake. “You need a healthy child who will take care of you when you get old,” the well-wishers said. Mom and Dad never answered this and taught me not to get angry with people. "Not of the good life they are like that," - my mother said - "only an unhappy person can be evil".

Sorry, I talk a lot about my parents, and I haven't answered your question yet. These people are most important to me! 

In 2000 my father died and my mother and I were left alone, without money. I decided to find a job by all means! 

- But how, Giorgi? In our country, it is a challenge even for a healthy person to find a job . 

Giorgi: Will is the main thing; athe responsible person won't be able to watch his people starving! I was told that I would not succeed, that it would be better to ask for help ... but I was young and I had a mother! I started to sell at the market place, helping my neighbors in the area. I used to earing some money and could buy medications for mom. But it was not enough. Over the years, we sold everything of value we had at home.

- When did you get married? Tell me about your wife.

Giorgi: When I looked at mom and dad, how they loved each other, how they supported each other, I always dreamed that I would also have a family. Lord heard me. 7 years ago just by chance I saw Mariam, this extraordinary girl. I will not hide from you, she has health problems, she is mentally retarded, she can neither read nor write, but she has a kindest soul! Nobody took her seriously, they made fun of her, and I decided that I would take care of her! That I wouldn't let anyone hurt her. I Introduced her to my mother, and she blessed us! When my mother died in 2018, Mariam and Mirian supported me so much!

- Mirian is your son, right? Did you name him after your father?

Giorgi: Yes, I want him to be like my dad! He's just a miracle! He is my helper, he is my friend! He is my everything! He is a wonderful person. He is a great son of Georgia!

- Tell me about him. 

Mirian (6-year-old): let me tell it, may I? Daddy, may I? 

Giorgi: Sure you can, you are a big boy already! Look, you'll outgrow me soon!

Mirian (6-year-old): yes, I am adult! I can even write and read! Daddy has taught me! This year I will go to school and I will please my dad with my good marks. I know I can do it! I will try my best!

Giorgi: I always tell him that knowledge is a ticket to a bright future! 

Mirian (6-year-old): You know, I want to be a doctor! Doctors are the kindest and most needed people in the world.

- In the meantime, before you become a doctor, what do you like to do?

Mirian (6-year-old): I like to ride a bicycle, but I haven’t got any. I like to play ball ... it's not very interesting to play alone, but I'm used to it. Children do not like to be friends with me. They point a finger, whisper. But I think I will have real friends at school! Dad says that I shouldn't get upset because of them. I know that there are more kind people!

- How do you know about this? 

Mirian (6-year-old): It's always like this in fairy tales!

- And who reads fairy tales to you?

Mirian (6-year-old): Dad reads books to me and mom. Mom cannot read but we listen to him and we like it so much! Daddy tells us lots of stories, it's so interesting! About grandmother and grandfather - they are kind! And also, we enjoy watching photo albums together and listening to stories! And you know, dad writes poetry! Well, he used to write! 

- Giorgi, is it true?

Giorgi: Well, you said writing poetry ... my mother always wrote down my poems, and once they even made a surprise to me and published my poems in a brochure. Mom was so happy! She even kept this book! 

Mirian (6-year-old): you see how brilliant my dad is!

- Mirian, what are you dreaming about? 

I know, it’s expensive and bicycles are expensive! I would like to have a sports uniform and trainers, but a bicycle would be like all New Year's gifts for me! For all years! And I wouldn't ask Santa for anything else!

- Giorgi! I have no words! Mirian is so nice! Now tell me about your problems. You addressed the Fund not because of good life.

Giorgi: I was used to do everything by myself not asking help from anybody. But now my health condition does not allow me to do manual labor I injured my leg about a year ago. People with the same diagnose as me - cerebral palsy, don't live even that long! I am 38 now, but it feels like 80. It’s difficult for me to walk, I get tired soon. I can’t work even in the garden. I am afraid that the pension which I get is not enough, and we have no social allowance. I want to ask food, clothes for my son, computer and TV. My wife's only joy in life is watching TV, I can't always read books to them, my eyes already hurt ... 

- Do you believe that your call for help will be heard? Do you believe that God will send you good people?

Giorgi: How couldn’t I believe? God gave me parents! Gave me Mariam, gave me Mirian. Do you think I have right not to believe that he will help me again this time? I know that the whole Georgia reads stories of the Fund, I know that kind people will want to make friends with us!


Friends! Giorgi is a small man with a huge kind heart, who did not get angry with the whole world. We found him for you! God found him for you! To do good through your kind hearts! Helping Giorgi you will save one more Georgian family and become closer to Lord!

The family urgently needs food, hygiene products, a TV and a computer. And it would also be great to give Mirian a bike! 

 We really hope for your help and we know that Georgians never leave their people in need! 

And one more thing, call Giorgi, talk to him, he is very exciting person to talk to. Phone: 595 17 83 19

Visit the family at the address: Kvareli District, village Akhalsopeli

Please repost our publication. Let all your friends know about the Mamaiashvili family and their problems! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove that we trust in God not by words, but in deeds!

Friends, there is one more request - if you know about the misfortune of a neighbour or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: 

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Giorgi in taking care of his small family, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

One calll saves life - 0901 200 270

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