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Still quite a child and so much anguish!

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August 8, 2020
The only son, 10-year-old Gigi, suffers terrible pain. Poor mother is all alone with a seriously ill son in her arms - it is a living hell for a mother. Father is a beast - he wanted to kill the child and left them alone.
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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!

You brought joy to my son and it’s priceless!

“My son became much more active, he is always in a good mood and it’s all thanks to your help and support!” - mother Zhanna greets us with the words of gratitude and happily smiles. - “Please, come in and look how my Gigi has changed!”

      Eleven-year-old boy with severe diagnoses - microcephaly and infantile cerebral palsy, does not need much to be happy. It turned out that a new TV set is completely enough to bring to a good mood both him and his poor mother, who alone struggles for her son’s health and well-being. We told you their sad story not long ago in our post “Still quite a child and so much anguish!”

“Our Gigi is a musician! When he's happy, he beats pot lids ... like a drummer. So he celebrates the gifts he has got. Now imagine what an impression the new big TV made on him! Not a single day without music! When I see him in such a mood, I want to cry with happiness...” - Mother Zhanna is barely holding back tears of happiness.

      The warmest, kindest, and most empathetic people in the world live in Georgia! Everyone helps each other here. Zhanna and Gigi feel your support now, and they know that they are not alone! Their attitude has changed, and they also gained strength to continue their fight against a severe illness.

“There are still many good people in the world,” - Zhanna says with tears of gratitude in her eyes. - I knew that the Fund helped people, I read and saw many stories, but when your child and you become the participants of the story, you get overwhelmed. I wrote a letter, but I did not know how it works.

After a while someone called me asking what home appliances we needed. I said TV, of course. Ours was already old - we used it for years. Its screen was getting dark all the time and a sound was bad. Sounds are very important for Gigi.

They also gave us diapers for the amount of 500 GEL - this is a significant help, because diapers become more and more expensive, and Gigi needs at least six pieces a day.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone who made money transfers, and I want to wish them health and prosperity. You give me strength, determination, you support my faith in a better future. The joy of my son is the most precious thing for me, it’s the greatest treasure. And you gave him these emotions.

(Zhanna is very anxious, she takes a breath).

- Gigi is a wonderful boy. How does he express his big joy?

Zhanna: He laughs with all his heart, hugs us, wants to caress us. We asked him “Do you like it?” pointing at the gifts and he nodded his head. He was interested very much. When I see him in such mood, I want to cry with happiness, I go crazy.

My boy loves to be photographed very much. When David from the fund came to take pictures for the publication, my son recognized him and was very happy. With great pleasure he posed, turned his head.

And when he's happy, he likes to beat on pot lids. Yes, he crawls to the kitchen, pulls off the lids and rattles them. So he celebrates receiving the gifts.

- He uses them as drums?

Zhanna: Yes, he is our musician, our composer. We cannot take the lids away until he decides to give them to us. And now imagine what an impression the new TV made on him! In the morning he shows me that I must switch on the music. I put on some rhythmic songs, which he is fond of. He likes foreign music; noisy club music attracts him. Gigi sways, moves, claps his hands. We put him on the coffee table.

The sound of the new TV is excellent, and my boy is so happy! His favorite cartoon is Peppa Pig. Imagine it on a big screen! God bless you! He does not miss a single episode, he communicates with the characters in his own way.

We hung the plasma TV on the wall at such a height that Gigi couldn't reach it, and so as TV not to fall on him. Gigi’s weight is only 18 kilos and 300 grams. At first, he could not get used to the new place for the TV, but now everything is fine.

- And how the things are going with Giga’s examination?

Zhanna: The Chernovetskyi Fund financed Gigi’s examination at the Aversi clinic - a visit to a neurosurgeon, a neurologist.

I hope that there will be a serious progress in Gigi's condition. There is a reason to think so - over the past six years, my son has become very active, he crawls. He can get to another room by holding on to the wall. When I noticed that, we rented an apartment of a bigger size (for the amount we get from the Town hall). There is more space here, and I see how he changes, opens up. I can see the progress. Gigi's grandmother, Marina, taught him a lot - to sit, to hold objects in his hands, she constantly tells him fairy tales. Gigi learns everything. But to go further, to do something, you need money. Alone, we would never have afforded such expenses. Our family is immensely grateful for everything that you are doing. You always lend a helping hand in the most difficult moments.

- Did the local authorities provide you any help, did they express any interest towards you since our publication?

Zhanna: Nothing new. They have data about my son in their database. They know he is first category disabled; they know about his problems. Once a year I can apply for aid to the District Administration. You should choose what aid do you want to apply for: 3-4 packs of diapers or 150 GEL, or medications (you should write a justification and attach the medical certificate). It happened several times that they gave us both diapers and medications. But alas, not past year, 2020.

We need diapers constantly because Gigi spends a lot of time on the floor and catches cold quite often. And we don’t heat our apartment permanently, we just switch an electrical heater for a while.

You provided us with diapers for a pretty long period - we have still two and a half packs left from the supplies you brought us.

- What do you need right now?

Zhanna: I am embarrassed to ask. The Fund has made a lot for us. But if there is any chance - it will be great to get special walkers with wheels for the disabled children. There is the same device for the adults who had stroke, but Gigi can’t use that.

And if it’s possible - a washing machine. Our is about to collapse, it’s old and rusty. We wash a lot - we often change Gigi’s linen and clothes. In winter we put a lot of layers of clothes on him because it is cold at home and he spends all his time on the floor. And, of course, we need diapers.

Until my son learns to walk on his own (which I really hope will happen, I trust in God!), I take him out for a walk in a baby carriage.  You know, the whole neighborhood loves my son. And after the publication the attention was tripled. We walk with him on the street, and then one neighbor will come up with the words: “Gigi, I saw you on the Internet!”, or another will say: “Man, you are already famous!” A woman who sells sweets calls him and gives sweets to him: “I heard news about our Gigi”. By the way, he loves her. And he gets empathy, kind words, affection from everyone - he likes it so much! It is so important for my son to feel that he is not alone. It’s like wings. Our people are so warm, kind, wonderful. Everyone in Georgia helps each other.

- It's so great to hear words of love from you, to know that you are overwhelmed with hope and you are full of strength to fight.

Zhanna: You gave me spirit! And now we have a New Year's mood, of course! Our everyday life differs a lot from the life of healthy children. But we also have space for joy. And Gigi loves holidays, like all children do. His Christmas tree is beautiful, with lights. And I gave him a toy microphone with music, and he is delighted with it. On New Year's Eve, Gigi also does not want to go to bed until he has seen enough fireworks.

I want to wish all readers health and happiness in the new year.


Friends, you see what power good deeds have! It's like a strong wave - with your attention and participation in Gigi's problems, you instilled hope in the heart of his mother Jeanne. She feels your sincere support, and this impacts her attitude. She is ready to go on with her difficult struggle for the health of her son. And Gigi feels that too! Children always feel and understand a mood of their parents.

We will not leave them halfway there, would we? Alone with their problems, needs, experiences. Especially when we know what exactly this family needs - diapers, a washing machine, a walker for a disabled child.

        Of course, we will help them. Everyone in Georgia helps each other.

If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better dial the number of any of our beneficiaries. Call them and you will forget about your problems. Because they are nothing in comparison with the problems of those to whom you opened your good heart and came to help in the most difficult moment of their life.

Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with others!

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