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Baby, just bear it a little more!

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August 18, 2020
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He is only one year old, but he does not laugh, he only cries of hunger. Lord, what a horror! Hunger...not in wartime, but in peaceful Georgia!
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A person needs so little to be happy...

Families starving not during the war, but in peaceful Georgia have already become commonplace, and there are so many families like that next to us. We never tire of telling you about them and every time we get surprised at how many truly kind people with hearts open to God there are among you.

You probably remember how Maya, the unfortunate and seriously ill woman, addressed all kind mothers and fathers of Georgia asking them to save her kids from hunger! She suffers a terrible disease - lymphoma, but she did not ask for medications for herself - this is a real Georgian mother! Her children are her first priority! And her own health does not matter!

Take a look at these photos, rejoice together with us and Maya. You will feel the warmth and joy that we feel when we see the happy faces of our dear beneficiaries. We have a chance to see them before, and after - and you know - they changed a lot! They turn into people who believe, people who have hope...

Thank you very much, friends, thank you for allowing us to share this happiness with others! God bless you!

- Maya, how did your life change after we have published an article about you?

Maya: Thanks to your post, we got a lot of new friends and we don’t feel lonely anymore. Our life has changed dramatically in all aspects, of course, it became better. Thank you, thank you to your readers. With your support I managed to overcome many fears, now I have the confidence that I will recover, and everything will be fine. And, of course, you brought my children a smile, and this is the most powerful medication for me. My babies fall asleep on our new bed without fear - they are sure that rats will not reach them there. And the TV... Music sounds at home, and kids can watch cartoons for hours. Not to mention my new, faithful friend - the washing machine, which literally saves me every day. Thank you and your readers! If not for your publication, none of this would have happened, and I don't even know if we would have been alive... Thank you indeed! God bless you!

- Maya, would you like to single out someone of your new friends? Do you remember their names?

Maya: I want to thank everyone, without exception, all those who, having read the publication about us, did not leave us unattended. My phone does not stop ringing - people ask me about my health, about our problems, wish me health, and do their best to support us. Thanks to them, I don’t feel lonely anymore! I would especially like to note the young guys from Gori and ask them to forgive me for not remembering their names. (Due to my illness, I have severe memory problems.) The guys came to us, brought foodstuffs and firewood, and then came to visit us again for the New Year. They brought gifts for the kids - toys and sweets, played with them. They brought us a holiday. Thank them a lot! Many thanks to their parents who raised such worthy sons, I will always set them up as an example for my kids. Once again, I want to thank everyone who came to visit us and apologize for not remembering their names because of my illness. I'll engrave all these people into my heart forever. I am sure that when I recover, my memory will bring their names back to me. Their faces are always in front of my eyes, and every day I ask God for mercy for each of them.

- Was there any response to your misfortune from the local authorities? Did they somehow react on our post?

Maya: I’ve addressed the local authorities many times with different problems I had, but they did not seem to notice me at all. And after your publication, they brought us grocery bags twice. I want to express my gratitude to them for this.

- What does this support and help mean to you?

Maya: To say “a lot” is to say nothing. In the current crisis situation due to the pandemic, we simply could not have survived the winter without your help. When you first came to visit us and asked what we needed the most, I, burning with shame, asked for a bed, because our homemade one sagged completely, and we slept almost on the floor. At that moment, I could not even think about household appliances. But my son named you correctly: You and your readers are wizards indeed! A gas heater gives us warmth; the washing machine takes care of my health - my back and neck no longer hurt when washing; TV gives us high spirits and leisure for kids; a mixer, a meat grinder, and a toaster are my little helpers who help me to cook quickly and easily; the refrigerator keeps our food safe. I can't even list everything - you have turned our wretched little room into a cozy house. We have gone through a difficult winter, summer is coming soon, and I am sure that everything will be fine with us. You gave us this confidence.  Thank you again! God bless you!

- Guys, what gifts did you like the most?

Gela (5-year-old): I like everything! You are real wizards!

- Gela, and what did make you happy the most?

Gela: TV and sweets.

- Do you like to watch TV?

Gela: I like to watch cartoons and listen to the music.

- What are you dreaming about?

Gela: My mommy to get well soon.

– Maybe you have some more problems that our readers can help you to solve?

Maya: You have done so much for us - I can hardly believe that all this happened to me. I asked you for a bed, and you gave us everything that I did not even dare to dream of. You know, I still dare to address you with a request that is more important than diapers and food that we always short of. I met a woman who has even more problems than me. She is very sick and very lonely, her name is Khatuna Achilashvili. She lives in Akhalkalaki. I want to help her somehow, but, as you know, I have no opportunity for that. But the most important thing I want to tell you is a - thank you! God bless you! Many thanks indeed to you and your readers. You bring people faith and confidence! May Lord bless you!

Friends, thanks to everyone who helped the Baliashvili family. I hope that we will keep supporting this wonderful family because they still have many problems. They need foodstuffs, diapers, and medications. But even in this state, they try to put other people's problems ahead of their own.

We manage to do a lot of good deeds together, but I still want to ask everyone once again: please, read our posts, tell your friends about them. Do not pass by other people's grief, because there are only three really worthy things in this life, and these are not "plant a tree, build a house and raise a son." The first one - is to help the one who needs help, the second is to protect the one who is defenseless, and most importantly, to give hope to the one who has lost it!

If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better dial the number of any of our beneficiaries. Call them and you will forget about your problems. Because they are nothing in comparison with the problems of those to whom you opened your good heart and came to help in the most difficult moment of their life.

Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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One call saves life - 0901 200 270.

Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with others!

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