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The saint cry too

September 21, 2020       2732
Would you help to Saint Jacob, Father Gabriel, Saint George the Trophy Bearer, Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archangel Michael, if they asked?
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Would you help to Saint Jacob, Father Gabriel, Saint George the Trophy Bearer, Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archangel Michael, if they asked?

They came to you, via those beautiful children! 

These boys proudly bear the names of Orthodox saints, they live in ruins, dressed in tattered clothes, starving ... But instead of praying for a piece of bread, they ask God to give them a sister. 

 This is the way their parents raised them, they know that everything they have is from God. And what they do not have, they should not have. 

 “Our mom is girl” - 3-year old Gabriel says, - “I have many brothers and they are so noisy, I need a beautiful sister!”

 “You know”, - 6-year-old Giorgi joins our conversation, - “I prayed so much to have a sister, but Jacob was born. Maybe I did not pray properly, mom, and the next will be Mariam? Or Nino?”

 - Do you ask God for anything else, besides the sister? 

Giorgi (6-year-old): only for sister and sweets… And bicycle, and cake, and home, that’s all! And sister... No, two sisters! I will love them so much and protect them!”

 This is the house where 5 “saints” live - 2-month-old Jacob, 3-year-old Gabriel, 6-year-old Giorgi, 11-year-old Michael and the eldest 13-year-old Nikoloz! They all are handsome, but besides that they lit from within. They are the embodiment of good, they are children of God! 

The concrete walls, ground floor, no furniture and appliances at all terrifies you, but with their words and smiles you forget about everything, even about your own problems.They are saint, this is the only thought that you have in your mind till the end of the interview. They are starving and wear tattered clothes, they have no beds, no TV, no computer. They don’t need fridge because they have no food.

 - Natia, how is it possible that despite such a conditions you children lit up?

 Natia: You know, we raise them this way! And the faith helps us. Brothers of my husband are monks. One of them, father Anthony has been building churches for 20 years, and the younger father Isaac has been serving God for 4 years. Our elder son Nikoloz dreams about that too. He draws the churches and wants to become a builder as his uncle. 

 - Do you want him to become a monk? 

 Natia: It’s God’s and Nikoloz’s will, how can I oppose?

- Natia, I am delighted with your children, we will talk about them later. Tell me, how did you find yourself in such a hard situation?

 Natia: We have not always lived in poverty. 8 years ago, our family needed money and borrowed it. But we did not manage to pay debt and lost everything. We started wandering, my husband’s friend sheltered us. But you will not stay at some other’s place forever. We arbitrarily moved to this place, it used to be the veterinary unit before.

 - At least you have a roof over your head. On what means does your family live? 

 Natia: The social allowance is our only income. We have them strictly distributed. My parents-in-law need medications, we need to pay for electricity, and the rest is enough for pasta and cereals. It’s good when my husband manages to find some side job. But in our village as well as in whole Georgia there are no working places. So, my husband chops the wood and in such days we can have a fest and buy a chicken. A manage to make a two-day “New Year” dinner with one chicken, this is how Gabriel says when he feels the smell of meat, and he jumps up and down with joy: “ Hurray, the New Year came! It smells New Year”... Poor children...

 Giorgi (6-year-old): Jacob is so lucky! He always has mommy’s milk, and we have the New Year only three or four times. 

 - Natia, does anybody help you? 

 Natia: My parents are elder people, they live on their pension together with my ill brother. He has varicose veins and thrombosis, he used to work all his life to keep the parents and himself, he used to help me. Now I have to take care of them. The parents of my husband Akakiy are ill as well. They live with us. My mother-in-law had stroke and she cannot move. She also has diabetes. The poor one needs to keep a strict diet we have no means for! She won't live a day without medicine. My father-in-law was wounded at the military service. He was guarding a prison facility where he got the bullet wounds to the stomach. He still can hardly walk. I do my best to take care of children and elder, but I don’t know how to do it with 740 GEL. 

 - Did you address the state authorities for help? 

 Natia: Oh, don’t remind me that! I can’t count how many letters did I send to the townhall. To be honest, the local government has helped us a couple of times with buying medications. They covered a part of costs. But we need the medications permanently, Akakiy’s mother will die without them. That’s it, they did not help with anything else. 

 I wrote many times to the Municipality asking for funds to repair the roof. But they reject my requests permanently. Unfortunately. When it rains it is impossible to stay in the rooms. 

 - Where do you see a way out of your situation? 

 Natia: Only in God. We are religious. As I said before, the brothers of my husband are monks. They taught our children to pray, and they pray with their words but from their heart. I am sure God hears them. That’s why he brought you here. 

 - Let’s speak about good things. What are you dreaming of? 

 Natia: I will be very straight-forward! My cherished dream is a washing machine! Maybe someone can take it absurd, but I really dream of this salvation at our home. It is so difficult to me to wash the boy’s clothes by hand. The skin on my fingers has cracked, because the hands are in water all the time. My sons are real fidgets, they run around the yard all the time and get dirty.

 - Who is the major fidget here? 

 All the kids pointed on Giorgi.

 Giorgi (6-year-old): Why? Why me? Mom, is this true, that I am the major fidget? Look at Nika and Misha! They have no shoes which are not torn. They chase the ball like mad! Look, they want to become a football players. I don’t play with you anymore!

 Michael (11-year-old): oh, oh, how touchy we are! Don’t worry, he will be back soon and will not allow us to say a word. 

 - Okey, let’s start with Nika. Tell me about you.

 Nika (13-year-old): I like to draw churches. When I was a little boy, my uncle, or rather father Antony, he is monk and he is my uncle, I am so proud! So, he took me to Kintsvisi and showed me the church! It was so beautiful! Since that, I think, I only draw churches! I don’t have a drawing paper, so I paint on walls, mother and father let me. Do you want me to draw one when I have paper and pencils? 

 - Yes, for sure! It will be the most valuable gift for us and the friends of the Fund. Can you draw with paints?

 Nika (12-year-old): I think, I will be able. I have never had paints. But I am sure, I can! I will paint many beautiful churches for you! When I grow up, I will become like my uncle, a monk or a builder. Or maybe a football player.

 What a diversity in interests! With whom do you play the football? 

 Misha (11-year-old): He plays with me, I love the football too! We are always in the opposite teams. He likes Ronaldu, and I like Messi! We have to live with that! Your blood brother is in the “enemy’s” team!

 - What about studying?

 Misha (11-year-old): - let’s better speak about football! Okay? I am a straight-A student in football! My classmates have a computer, they sometimes let me use it. There I read about the most famous Georgian football players. You know how many are them? #Chakvetadze, #Ananidze, #Kashia. I read from time to time and learn. Because I knew only about Ronaldu before. 

 - Do you want to have a computer too? 

 Nika (13-year-old): - we just need it! We dream about it! When it was quarantine, I was not able to study, because we don’t have computer and phones at home. I had to miss many lessons, but it’s okay. I am smart and I will catch up and overtake when the school starts.

 - I have no doubt! Gio, don't you take offense at us anymore? What are you dreaming of? 

 Giorgi (6-year-old): Me? May I tell anything I want? So, I dream about a phone! But not the one my mother has, with buttons. I want one without buttons, to play on it!

 - Do you like to play football as your brothers?

 Giorgi (6-year-old): I do, but I don’t want to become a football player! I will become a judoka! Mom says the Georgians are the strongest in the world! I also want to be big and strong. So that everybody will know me and will say: “Gio is so strong, want to be like him!”

 - Can Gabriel talk? 

 Everybody started laughing.

 Nika (13-year-old): Oh! If he opens his mouth he will not stop. Look, we have warned you. 

 - Gabriel, what can you say? 

 Gabriel (3-year-old): I can say a poem, sing or say who is wronging me. And ask me what I want!

 - What do you want?

 Gabriel (3-year old): The ice-cream for everybody except Jacob, for mommy and for daddy! For all children! Two for me! I also want toys! And the nice shoes! You know, when mommy tells me the fairy tales, everybody is strong there, I want to be strong too and want to draw like Nika! I want to have a sister! And a bed to look like a car! I saw, there are such beds. And...

 Nika (12-year-old): Do you see? We have worried you. He will not stop. 

 - Natia, your children are wonderful! The boys want to have a sister, and what about you? Would you cope with the more children?

 Natia: All is the God’s will! We would be happy to have a daughter. Hope we will manage to get out of this gloom. Hope my children will have a good future! 

Gabriel (3-year old): two girls! Mariam and Nino! Two! 

-Natia, how can we help you?

 Natia: First of all, we need products, to be sure that kids will not starve! The furniture and appliances are a kind of luxury for us. We have neither fridge, nor washing machine, nor even a wardrobe! We live within four concrete walls, hoping for God. Little Jacob needs diapers and it will be good if you can help with hygienic stuff. I can’t ever repay you, put I promise to pray for everyone! 


Friends, we told you the story about one more family. We ask you to pray to the saints you usually pray to: Gabriel, George, Michael, Nikolas, Jacob and ask them to give them force to save those children! 

The Chitadze family urgently needs the food, hygienic items, basic home appliances and furniture. Five little boys grow in an unbearable conditions, and their parents have no idea how to get means for a better life. The family father works hard, but this is not enough to keep five sons and the ill parents. That’s why God directed them to us. 

Call Natia, support this mother with the kind words. Phone: 598 176 379

You can see the terrible conditions where the family lives if you visit them at the address: Khashuri District, village Kvishkheti, 233 Kipiani Str.

Please repost our publication. Let you friends know about the Chitadze family! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

Friends, there is one more request - if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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(purpose: Chitadze family). 

You can also transfer money from our website.

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Natia and her family. And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need the help of strangers!

One call saves life - 0901 200 270

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