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I can hear “Mommy” only in my sweet dreams...

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September 28, 2020
It’s is a peak of my dreams! - sobs Natia (40-year-old), a miserable mother, because her only son Saba (10-year-old) cannot say even a word. He is chained to the wheelchair and can’t do anything by himself, neither eat, nor drink nor talk.
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You brought us a holiday! At such moments one starts to believe in miracles!

“Only thanks to you our whole life has changed. Now my family is happy! A real miracle happened to us. And I don't know how to thank you! " - Natia keeps repeating.

When we visited the Mamulashvili family four months ago, despair reigned there. The spouses Natia and Irakli did their best not to give up and confront the problems. The pandemic that gripped the whole world had a strong impact on their family. Their income has decreased, while their problems have not gone anywhere, they have only increased. Ten-year-old Saba is growing up in this family, and the boy is seriously ill. Doctors diagnosed him with three diseases at once: cerebral palsy, epilepsy, profound mental retardation. A child with such diagnoses needs constant care, medications and special food.

We told you the story of this family in our earlier post: .

Thanks to you, dear friends, we managed to help the Mamulashvili family and raised funds to buy medications, medical supplies and household appliances that little Saba needs so much. You, our good friends and helpers, have once again shown your generosity and magnanimity. Thanks to your participation, Natia smiles today, a ray of hope has lit up in her eyes again.

Our Fund heartily thanks everyone who did not remain indifferent to the trouble of the Mamulashvili family, who at least once called them, lent them a helping hand! Thank you all very much!

– Natia, can you tell me how your life has changed after our publication?

Natia: It feels like I’ve got wings now! Life became bright and colorful. All this - thanks to your Fund and all those kind people who did not leave us alone. You made us gorgeous gifts! You brought us a refrigerator, a blender, a TV, diapers ... Sometimes it seems to be a wonderful dream. Saba has a large supply of diapers now. We have only seen so many diapers in stores. Now we don't have to worry about buying diapers for a couple of months.

And the blender! You’ve made my life much easier! My son cannot chew, and I used to grind food manually. Sometimes it took a lot of time to prepare the food for him. But now, using a blender, I can prepare a meal for the child very quickly.

Special thanks for the refrigerator! Ours went out of order and we had no place to store food. Each time I had to cook anew for Saba. It was hard, I had to cope somehow. But now we have this refrigerator! Thank you and the friends of the Fund for it!

- Earlier, you told us about Saba’s love of music. But you didn't have a TV, so the boy was bored. How did Saba react to the new TV?

Natia: My boy feels so happy! He watches music programs, cartoons all the time.

They gave us a TV set before the New Year. It has become a real holiday miracle! The thing is, that the day before, I had been just worried that we would celebrate the New Year without a TV. I was upset that my boy would not be able to watch the holiday concerts - it’s at least some entertainment for him. But a couple of days before the New Year, a representative of your Fund arrived and brought us a TV set. You brought us a holiday! At such moments you start to believe in miracles!

- Did anybody call you personally after our publication?

Natia: Yes, absolute strangers called me with their words of support. To be honest, I didn't ask them their names, I was a little bit confused. I was just pleased that people did not remain indifferent to our problems. The names do not matter, I think. The main thing is that my family felt support and attention. After all those calls, we realized that we were not alone.

- Natia, we are happy that you have new friends now. Who did you remember the most? Maybe you remember the name?

Natia: Yes, a girl named Gvantsa. I don’t know her surname. All I know is that she lives in Varketili. Gvantsa first called, and the next day she came to visit us. You can't imagine, how many things she brought to us! Dairy products, fruits, vegetables ... Saba even made friends with Gvantsa. She stayed with us for over an hour, playing with my son.

And someone else anonymously donated money to us. This person sent me a message from an unknown number, saying that he wants to help us. And a little bit later, 30 GEL amount was transferred to our card. One might say that this is small money. Maybe it is small for someone, but for us this amount means a lot.

- Was there any response from the authorities to our publication?

Natia: Unfortunately, no. At least I don't remember anything like that. Maybe the authorities don't read such posts ... I don't know what to tell you ...

- Natia, what does this support and help mean to you?

Natia: Now I feel a support and I know that I am not alone. When you see so many people who want to help your family, you feel a surge of strength and energy. Could we acquire all these by our own? Not of course! Our family has no means to buy either a refrigerator, or a blender, a TV, or stocks of diapers ... You helped us so much! I cannot even describe in words how much your support means to me and to my family!

- How are you doing now? Maybe you have some more problems that our readers can help you with?

Natia: Good people have done so much for us! I feel very embarrassed to ask my compatriots for anything else. But we still have not enough funds for medications, diapers, and basic food, because our family's income has reduced due to the pandemic. We used to count every penny. And now ... you know. Besides that, both my spouse and I have some health issues. But we cannot afford to spend money on the medications we need. How can I think about myself when there is a child next to me who needs much more help than me or my husband do?

- Natia, what would you like to tell those people who helped to raise funds?

Natia: My dear, I want to express my boundless gratitude to everyone! I hope you will read this post and find out how each of you is dear to my heart! Thank you for your kindness, attention and empathy! I want to hug you all tightly, so that you can feel the power of my gratitude! Thank you all for giving our family so much joy! Unfortunately, I don’t know your names. But God knows everything and He sees your kindness!


Dear friends, our Fund also joins the words of gratitude from Natia! Many thanks to everyone who did not leave the Mamulashvili family in trouble!

Each of us has their own problems. But remember that our troubles are sometimes not as terrible as the problems of others. In this difficult time for all of us, we should not remain indifferent. If you can support the Mamulashvili family, lend them a helping hand, take a step - call them, ask if they need anything. Maybe your call will become that lifeline. Remember this and let's go on helping the Mamulashvili family!

Take the phone right now, dear reader, and call these kind and sweet people. Give them words of support, make them feel that you are by them. Today you are helping those in need, tomorrow someone else will help you!
Their phone is: 597 09 63 79 (Natia). Address: Tbilisi, Chughureti, #11 Crimea Str, 1st floor.

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important! Friends, thanks again to all!
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One call saves life - 0901 200 270.

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