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How to explain to the kids that their father, a war hero, was killed not by the enemy’s bullet but by the doctor’s ignorance in the country which he used to defend?

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October 20, 2020
“I want to be a soldier, like my daddy! - proudly declares Gabriel and drags me directly from the doorway to the portrait of his father. - You know, ma’am, my dad is a hero, he was at war, and, sure, I will become a hero too! - continues the little boy. - Now daddy is in the heaven. Not that he has left us - angels just took him there, because he was so kind, brave and good!"
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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!

You don’t just change people's lives for the better - you change the people themselves!


“Well-done! You are so smart!” - 5-year-old Gabi greets us with these words. – “Whose idea was it to give us two tablets? We don't argue at all whose turn is it, we just stay peaceful and amicable.” The boy cannot hide his emotions! He doesn't stop! “An entire football team came to visit us! Can you imagine? And they gave us a real soccer ball! And the uniforms! I decided to become a football player, well, or a military man, like my dad. What do you think?”

The older one – Ilia - interrupts a youngster: “Oh, what a chatterbox you are! Let the lady come in and sit down. Would you like us to make sandwiches for you in the microwave? It's so delicious!"

Just six months ago, the children did not even want to communicate with us. They were so sad after the death of their father; they did not believe in anything. You can compare yourself: the difference is just six months!

The difference between these photos is six months. Friends, isn't it magic?

  No one can bring us back our loved ones who have left this world. But everyone can show his concern and alleviate the pain of those who lost their loved ones. And the most importantly - to give them a faith in goodness, in human mercy.

  - Mareki, how did your life change after our publication?

  Marekhi: Many thanks to all of you for your help, for your responses, for your support! I could not even imagine that people would treat my story with such empathy and understanding, despite such a difficult situation in Georgia and in the world as a whole. I will never tire of thanking you, you have instilled new life in my family! Children are all I have! Seeing them happy and joyful is the greatest happiness for me! I am thankful to every person who has transferred even one lari to us! May you always have peace and harmony in your soul and in your families! Let pain and loss pass you by!

‘If only daddy could see what cool things we have, he would be so happy!"

  I could not imagine how easy it was to wash clothes in the washing machine. I can't get enough of the microwave. And the boys do not lose sight of their tablets! It’s a real miracle, and we are so grateful to all of you! You have brought unforgettable joy into our lives - God bless you all!

"I think I enjoy the microwave oven as much as my boys enjoy their tablets."

  - Marekhi, what did you remember the most? Do you remember the names of people who helped you?

  Marekhi: I remember one girl - her name is Diana Tsurtsumia. She read your post about us and called me immediately. I am grateful to every person who responded to our post, but Diana somehow sunk into my heart. A few days after calling me, she came to visit us and brought us a gas stove. As it turned out, she told our story to her colleagues, and they decided to make us such a gift - they raised money and bought us a gas stove. An old one I had was already good for nothing. But I could not imagine that a complete stranger - not a relative or friend - could make you that happy!

  – Did the local authorities somehow react to our post? Did they provide any help to your family?

  Marekhi: We do not exist for them! We just don’t exist! No one called us, no one reacted, no one provided us help. We still live in the old hotel "Ushba" along with other refugees from Abkhazia. My children and I used to live in a tiny room, but fortunately my neighbor switched her room with us. Now there is a little bit more space. But this entire hotel is damp. Summer is gone, cold autumn comes ahead, and then winter is coming... I don’t know for how long we will live like this. And what is the most annoying - we do not know the timeframe when we will finally get our own housing. Doesn't the family of my late husband - a veteran of Abkhazian war and a participant in the hostilities in Ossetia, deserve at least some attention from the authorities? He fought for his Motherland, and gave his life for it...

  - And what do the authorities say about providing you and all other families with your own housing?

  Marekhi: Nobody knows that - they don’t tell us when it would happen. Their only answer is that everything is on hold now due to the pandemic. Suspended for unspecified time...

  - It is very difficult, indeed, to live in uncertainty, but let's hope for the best. Let's get back to the positive things. Tell us about your emotions, which gift you liked the most?

  Marekhi: Ilove everything! (Laughs.) I use each of the presents you gave me with pleasure! It is difficult for me to single out anything, each of them has its own purpose. The washing machine has become my kind helper, it saves me so much time and effort. Cooking, heating food in the microwave is a pleasure! Even if you warm a simple bread in it, it gets tastier.

"The washing machine has become a good helper for me"

  When I washed clothes with hands, my lower back used to hurt, it was difficult for me to cope with it. Ilya and Gabi are so happy with your gifts - their tablets, they rarely part with them. We are so grateful to you for everything!

“We're cool dudes! And we can play the coolest games "

- We are so happy that you and your boys liked our gifts! Could I talk to the boys, please? I’d like to know what they will tell us themselves. Let's start with the elder one. Ilya, which gift did you like the most?

Ilia (9-year-old): Hello! I like the tablet very much! I can watch cartoons on it, play games, learn a lot of interesting things. Gabi has his own tablet, and he is also very happy! There is no need for us to argue: “Give it to me, now it’s my turn to play”.

  - You probably have your favorite cartoon that you don't get tired of watching?

  Ilia: My favorite cartoon is “Shrek”. It’s so funny and interesting that I can watch it hundreds of times. School will start soon, and I will be able to join the online lessons through my tablet without any problems. It's so cool!

"School will start soon, and I will be able to join the lessons without any problems"

  - You are very smart and kind boy! We wish you all the best in your life! Let’s talk to Gabriel now. Gabi, what do you remember the most?

  Gabriel (5-year-old): I love the tablet too! I watch football on it! I want to play football as a real football player. But I also want to become a soldier like my dad, he was very brave! When I become a soldier, I will guard and defend my homeland. You know, ma’am, very kind people live in Georgia. Once real football players came to visit us and brought soccer balls and uniforms to Ilya and me! It was very interesting and cool.

  - You will certainly become whoever you decide, and you will be happy and fair, Gabi! And now, with your permission, I’d like to ask your mother some questions. Marekhi, what football team is Gabi talking about?

  Marekhi: How could I forgot about that! But he remembers everything! After your post was published, the coach of the Zekari football team called us. He asked permission to come to visit us together with his entire team and the parents of little players. They came and brought the boys balls, uniforms.

“When I grow up I will learn to play football very well. I also want to become a soldier like my dad."

  They had a lot of fun - their eyes were shining with joy! My boys will remember this day forever! This influenced Gabi a lot, after that he became interested in football games, which he enjoys watching on his tablet. Unfortunately, I don't remember the surname of Zekari's coach, but his name is Giorgi, I remember that. Thanks again for everything!

  – Maybe you have some more problems that our readers can help you to solve?

Marekhi: I am so immensely grateful! You have done so much for us! I’d like to believe that one day we’ll have our own home, but I’d like to know when. It is so hard to live in the old hotel, everything is so damp and moldy here.  It will get cold soon, but we have no idea when we will have our own housing. It is very hard, indeed, to live in uncertainty...


  Dear readers, once again we thank each of you for helping this amazing family! Maybe there are people among us who can solve the above problem with their housing? These two boys, likewise all children, deserve a happy childhood spent in a cozy home!

  Our problems are nothing if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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  Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with others!

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