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Birthday is a sad day

October 22, 2020       2195
7-Year-old little Nini doesn’t think so. Because she will have a real birthday cake! Made of bread and jam!
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7-Year-old little Nini doesn’t think so. Because she will have a real birthday cake! Made of bread and jam! 

“What cake did you have? - the girl asks looking into my eyes inquiringly. - Will you greet me ma’am? Please come, I will wait for you!”

My confused silence was interrupted by her mother Nino (30-year-old): “I saved the jar of jam that was given to me so that the children would have sweets for the holiday. Nini has no idea that one should get gifts, balloons and a cake with candles,” - the unfortunate woman whispers and makes me a sign to keep silence.

What celebration can we talk about when seven people are living in a tiny house, sleep on the floor and have no idea what a cake tastes like.There is no room for a celebration in this house, where 7 people live in two tiny rooms! The mother - Nino Basishvili (30-year-old), her four wonderful children - Barbare (3-year-old), Mariam (5-year-old), Nini (7-year-old), Giorgi (10-year-old), her mother Maia (49-year-old) and sister Natia (15-year-old). The miserable mother dreams that each of her little beauties would someday have at least one doll ... And a real birthday cake...

“God is merciful! There is kindness in the world. My children will have a feast-day too...” - says Nino furtively wiping away her tears. She addressed out Fund with this hope. She addressed us for help, friends!

“I will have a birthday cake made of bread and jam! And buckwheat and pasta too! They gave my mommy a jar of apple jam, and she has saved it for my birthday!” - says 7-year-old Nini. Her birthday is coming soon. She does not know that people usually get gifts and have big happy celebrations on this day, but she heard that there should be some yummies... So, a cake made of bread and apple jam will be just right!

- When is your birthday, honey?

“I don’t know, but soon. I'll fall asleep, wake up, then fall asleep and wake up again seven more times, and it will come... There will be a cake, but there will be no toys! " - Nini says. 

Mom Nino and her four angels - three-year-old Barbara, five-year-old Mariam, seven-year-old Nini and the only man in the family - ten-year-old Georgy - live in a small house with two tiny rooms.

‘My grandmother Maia and aunt Natia live with us too. Well, what an aunt!... She still goes to school, - baby Nini giggles. - We also have this bald baby doll named Taso and Jeka-dog with holes, a cat named Cat and one plastic scooter for the four of us." 

There are two tiny rooms in this small house, which doesn’t belong to them. Nothing in this house belongs to them except for the pain seasoned with permanent anxiety for the lives of the dear children and a daily lack of basic necessities. 

- Nino, how did it happen that you found yourself in a rented house alone, without a husband, with little kids?

Nino: It happened so that both our families, my husband’s and mine, were left homeless. Ours was sold for debts after the death of my grandmother, father and brother. They left one after another. The house of my husband was taken by his step-mother. For thirteen years we have been moving from one place to another. My husband was ill, he had thrombosis. When it became a matter of life and death, he decided to have surgery. After the surgery he went abroad hoping to earn some money there and make our life easier. But his disease emerged again there. Now he cannot come and cannot help us in any way. We miss him very much. 

- How do you manage to cope with the children?

Nino: My mother and my sister help me. But we all get a social allowance, as we are in need, as we are many. Kids often get ill.

- What’s wrong with the children?

Nino: The eldest Giorgi, he is 10 years old now, thank God, is healthy, he was born on time, as expected, but the three youngest girls - Nini, Mariam and Barbara - were born prematurely, weighing up to 1.5 kilograms. Mariam has heart problems, in no case can she get nervous or tired, otherwise spasms and coughs begin, the child sometimes starts to suffocate until she loses consciousness. Nini was born 6-month prematurely, with serious lung problems. The lungs often closed spontaneously. The lifeless child was taken to hospital three times and was revived just by miracle. Apparently, big dozes of medications impacted her development. Although Nini goes to a regular school, she still can’t read, she has weak health and poor memory. But we took Nini to Mtskheta, to the Samtavro monastery, to the grave of Saint Gabriel, and after that she stopped getting sick. The God helps us this way!

- Nini told us that her birthday is coming soon, and she will have a cake made of bread ... 

Nino: Yes, it’s true... I cannot feed my children normally. Our diet consists of pasta and buckwheat. When I’ve oil, I make fried potatoes, it’s a real fest for kids!

Giorgi (10-year-old): The most delicious smell is the smell of fried potatoes! I love it!

- And what about meat and fruit? Dairy products?

Nino: Probably you are joking? I buy meat once in two years. We take food at the social canteen, and only on Fridays they sometimes give us some boiled chicken, but most often there are sausages, in which there is no meat at all! So, I’ve saved this jam jar for the birthday, to have something sweet.

- What do you live on?

Nino: A 670-GEL-allowance for seven people. It’s enough only to buy food, not the quality one.

- Kids of their age need not only food. What about clothing? And footwear? School supplies?

Nino: Kind people help us with clothing. Girls' clothes go from one to another! Only Giorgi can’t use it - he is the only man in our house. He does not have even shoes. That’s it! We have nothing.

- What are the children dreaming about?

Nino: About their own home. They all think that we have our home somewhere, and I just don't take them there. They keep asking me to take them home, they even describe the house, as if it was real. Why are they so sure?

- The God will make their dream come true! What do your children need most right now?

Nino: No need to think, they need toys. They haven’t got anything, you see. Each of the three girls has only one old doll, they ask me to buy one. How can I buy it? Therefore, they often get sad, especially when they see other children with many toys.

- Let me talk to the children now. Giorgi, what are you interested in, what do you do in your leisure time?

Giorgi: I used to go to the Georgian dance school, I dreamed of becoming a dance teacher, and now I dream of becoming the world champion in freestyle wrestling, like Geno Petriashvili! I have been in wrestling for several years, and my coach says that he is raising a world champion. When I turn 14, he promises to give me a salary! So, I will help mommy!

- And before you turn 14 and become a champion, what would you like to get right now, today?

Giorgi: A bicycle! I have an old one, but it needs to be fixed.

- You do sports. Probably, you are the strongest boy in your class?

Giorgi: I don’t know, maybe. But actually, I don't like to fight, only as a last resort.

Mariam (5-year-old): I am the most beautiful! My mommy and granny always say so!

Nini (7-year-old): A boy from the fourth grade says that I am beautiful! 

Mariam: Lile also tells me that I am beautiful. She is my best friend. She is not greedy, she gives me toys, and we often play with her.

Nino: My friend’s name is Barbare. I help her with the homework, but we often quarrel. Then we make up. She is very kind and never lies. We always forgive each other.

Mariam: Oh, you want me to tell you something? Today I dreamed that we had a dog! I want a dog so much! I dream about it! About a real one! I want a dog!

Nino: Are you crazy? What for do we need a dog? To put on our heads? There's no room even for me. I sleep on the floor, like a dog ...

- Oh, Nini, how strict you are! What do you want to be when you grow up? Any plans? Mariam, what do you think?

Mariam: I will be a police officer. I love cleanliness and order. Then there will be order in the streets!

Barbare: I will work at the kindergarten and will play with toys there. And I will have dresses! Girls in dresses look like snowflakes. And princesses! Mommy says we are princesses!

- Barbare, who do you love more, mommy or daddy?

Barbare: Daddy! - shouts Barbare without hesitation, and on second thoughts she looks guiltily at her mother.

“No, just listen to her! - laughs Nino. - She loves her dad more, - and adds: - She was very small when Vakhtang left, it was a year and three months ago. She misses her father more than the other children do."

- Natia, let’s talk a little bit with you. I know that you don’t study now. Why?

Natia (15-year-old): Now they teach children through the Internet, but we have no computer. So how can I learn? But to be honest, I like going to dances more. I have been dancing for four years, and I have achieved some success. My dance teacher says that in two years, when I am 17 years old, he will definitely send me to one of the best dance groups in Tbilisi. I can't wait to get there! I dream of seeing once the “Sukhishvili” ballet.

- So, you want to dedicate your life to dances?

Natia: No, actually my dream is to go to a law school and become a judge. I have to study general subjects at school for this.

- A judge? Why judge?

Natia: I see a lot of injustice around. And if I become a judge, I will try to make the world a better place.

- Thank you for your answer, dear. Tell me, Natia, do you have a boyfriend?

Natia: Not yet.

-Do you dream about love?

Natia: Yes, - Natia answers calmly and quietly. - About a real one.

- What is the real love, how do you see it?

Natia: It is pure. I can say nothing beforehand, but I know for sure there should never be a question of money in my relationship!

- And what your loved one should be?

Natia: I should love him. He must be a decent person. I would also like him to be a professional in his field and hardworking, so that I could be proud of him. It is very important for me!

- You are growing up a good person, Natia! This is so important for our country! How many children would you like to have? 

Natia: Two - a boy and a girl.

Mariam: I want to have three!

Nini: I want to have one son.

Barbare: Three.

- Giorgi, why do you keep silent? How many children are you planning to have?

Giorgi (10-year-old): I don't plan anything, - Giorgi mutters, and his mother answers instead of him: “Ten children!!! He says he will have ten children - and all boys. He's so tired of girls! “

- Let’s hope, God, let it be! The children growing up in your family are wonderful - they are the hope and the future of our Motherland!


Dear friends, we have introduced you another story about a wonderful family. You have not heard about them and could not help them. But now you know! You also learned that little Nini's birthday is on October 20th and that she will not have any cake or toys. Or maybe she will? Who knows? It depends on us!

The address of this family is: Tbilisi Gabriel Salosi Ave. 94 It is not difficult either to find, or to call them. Phone: 555 40 68 14.

If you won’t be able to visit them, you can congratulate by phone. 

The family has five wonderful children from 3 to 15 years old. Children need computer, home appliances, toys and even food. But the main problem is that, they have been moving from one place to another for many years! And these children, who we are proud of, are our future! The children who since their childhood dream of helping not only their families, but also being useful to their Motherland! We should not remain indifferent to the troubles of this family, we will show our mercy and care, we will help them together, with whatever we can!

Please, make the repost, so that as many people as possible learn about the troubles of the Basishvili family!

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