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Why do others have toys and sweets, but I don’t? Am I a bad girl?

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December 4, 2020
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“I always behave well. I obey mom, and dad, and I do not offend dear God, but I have nothing. Mom says that we will be fine. I’ll have sweets and toys, but when, she does not know ... Do you know? Good children are supposed to have sweets,” baby Mariam babbles and looks intently into my eyes, as if into my soul! She looks at me in such a way as if the fate of her whole family depends on my answer.
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    “Of course they are supposed to! And not only sweets, but also beautiful dolls! " - I said, barely holding back my tears.

    "That’s great! Then let's go right now and make other people’s wishes come true,” called me little Mari.

    When I entered the house, or rather, a concrete sarcophagus, it became clear to me that it would be difficult even for a fairy-tale wizard to make certain wishes come true! Even the air in the room was filled with scent of poverty and hopelessness. And if not for the angelic eyes of four wonderful children - 10-month-old Giorgi, 3-year-old Mariam, 8-year-old Diana and 10-year-old David -  one would think that we were in hell!

    What to say when the children don't even have shoes, when they walk barefoot because the last pair of slippers is torn?

“I really want to give my children what they deserve. Every day for us is a struggle and uncertainty, says Mzia (29-year-old), a mother of four beautiful children. - It is impossible to explain in words how hard it is to realize that there may be no food for tomorrow ... "

Children are God's greatest blessing, but no child should suffer or be in need. Frozen and hungry children, even despite poverty, smile and give love to their parents. And this helps them not to give up. We cannot pass by a family that needs our kindness and support.

  “If only I could work,” says the father of the family, Avtandil (32-year-old). - My breath stops when I look at my dear children. Whenever I start work, my heart and kidneys make themselves felt. It’s hard for me even to get up from bed, but my children really need me”.

  The Beridze family has no idea what it is like to live in a warm and cozy house, because every day they wake up in a room with ice-cold concrete walls. There is darkness, coldness and dampness around them that chill to the bone. We could not believe that children can live here, because they may get sick any time!

- Mzia, what was the problem that made you address our Fund?

Mzia: I don't even know where to start and how to describe everything in words ... But you can see everything yourself. The children live in terrible conditions - the six of us in one room without any amenities. Every day I am afraid that my children might start having health problems. It's cold now and they often can't keep warm at night. We sleep all together and try to keep each other warm. If only they wouldn't get sick ... I need nothing else.

It happened so that my husband and I do not work. I have to be with my children, now you have to look after them all the time. The youngest is only 10 months old - I cannot leave him with anybody else. And my husband is sick, he has heart and kidney problems, but there is no money for treatment. We don't even know the exact diagnosis. He needs to get tested, but where can we find the necessary funds? We just can't handle this problem ourselves - that's why we decided to address you.

- Do your relatives or maybe friends help you?

Mzia: My husband's parents sheltered us in this house, if not for them, we would have ended up in the street. But how can I ask them for help. They are pensioners, and all their money goes to medications. You know, my father-in-law suffers a severe form of epilepsy. He himself needs care and help.

But, you know, we would not have coped without the support of kind people. We have incredible neighbors who always help us with food and clothes for the kids. Once our neighbor even helped us to build a fence around the house: he brought all the building materials and did everything himself. How not to believe in people after that! And the director of the school where our children study? She helps us very often - she herself paid for the Internet on my phone so that David and Diana could attend online classes. I cannot express how grateful I am.

    - You started talking about school. How do your children study? Do they like studying?

    Mzia: Both of them are very smart, they love school and study very well. Sometimes it comes to the point that I cannot tear them away from the books. David is very fond of reading and asks to buy him books, but I have to refuse him even that. However, there is a library that saves us. I hope my younger children will be like the elders too.

    - I am very glad that your children are so smart and inquisitive. Let's talk about the head of the family. How did you meet Avtandil, did he romance you in a beautiful way?

    Mzia: We met 12 years ago, when I was still living with my mother. I liked him from the first glance - I realized that he would be a good father for my children. And he romanced me so sweetly! Memories bring tears into my eyes. Later Avtandil confessed that he fell in love with me from the first glance. He asked me to marry him, he asked my mother for my hand, and later he even kidnapped me. Although it all ended with a most beautiful wedding. Oh, this is one of the most pleasant memories of my life!

- When did financial problems of your family start?

Mzia: A long time ago. It’s already 8 years, as we have been in a very difficult financial situation and have to rely on the help of friends and relatives. Our family has never been well off, my mother always did her best to keep my brother and me somehow. Even then I dreamed that my children would never find themselves in the same situation ... But you see, my dream have not come true.

    You see, before Diana was born, we were able to make a living, my husband was still working. But when our daughter was born, it became much more difficult for us to buy food and everything we needed. My family understands very well what situation we are in, but they are not doing better either. Recently my brother made me a huge gift - a phone, which the children can use to listen to the lessons. I don’t know what we would have done during quarantine if not for this. 

    - What about your health and the health of other members of your family?

Mzia: I don't even know who to start with... I have been having health problems for a long time, I could not properly move for 4 years. I had a problem with the appendix, which only came to light during my very difficult pregnancy. At that time, it was impossible for me to be operated on - it was too dangerous for the fetus, so I had to wait. During this time, the appendix became inflamed, and I was operated on only a few months after giving birth. I had many complications, I nearly died, but apparently God saved me for my children. However, I keep having pains to this day.

    My husband has been complaining about his health for a long time. He has heart failure, but we do not know exactly how severe it is. We have no money for routine tests, and nowadays tests cost incredible money.

    The only thing that I am happy about is that my children do not get sick, they only sometimes catch cold. But I am afraid that they can get sick now due to the lack of heating. I have to do my best to keep them warm.

  - What is your income and what is it enough for?

Mzia: Our only income is social allowance from the state. We get 380 GEL as maternity capital and 150 GEL as support to our youngest son Giorgi. This money is hardly enough for food, because there are as many as six of us plus my husband's parents, who are also sick. Sometimes they help us with food, sometimes we give them something. The little one needs diapers and special food. Besides that, the cold will come soon, so we will have to buy warm clothes for the children - this is an extra problem ... God help us! I don't even know how we will get through this winter?

- I am so sorry that you found yourself in such situation. Hopefully, our Fund and good people will be able to help you. Please, don’t cry. Tell me about your everyday diet. What do your children eat?

    Mzia: We are trying to make sure that children never feel hungry, but this is not so easy to do with a minimum income and six family members. I usually buy pasta, cereals - this are the most important things in the nutrition of the children. Sometimes I buy sausages and eggs so that the children get protein. They are not picky, they always eat everything. The most important thing is that there is something on the table. My youngest is still breastfed, but my milk is no longer enough, so we buy special purees and formula, and they are very expensive. Soon our expenses will increase even more. It is important for me that the children are healthy.

Our neighbors sometimes bring us vegetables and fruits, they often bring us pears and apples now. Children love them very much - they eat fruits instead of sweets. (Mzia smiles sadly)

    - And what about meat?

    Mzia: They have long forgotten what meat is. And how can I buy it when one kilogram costs more than 16 GEL! I can't afford it, I'm trying to replace meat with eggs and sausages, but, of course, they are not the same thing.

- What do you dream about for your wonderful children?

    Mzia: My only dream is for my children to be happy and joyful - they deserve it. May they have a life better than mine and be successful. I often cry because I cannot believe what situation we are in. I blame myself that my children do not get everything that others have. Why can't I give them everything?! (Mzia cries bitterly) They often ask me when they come home from school: "Mommy, why do others have toys and sweets, but I do not?" I can never find the answer. I always promise them that later, in the future, we will have everything, but I don’t know myself when this future will come.

    -  Now I’d like to talk to your husband. Avtandil, what do you feel at the moment, what do you think of the problems your family is facing?

    Avtandil: Oh, how can I express this with words! My heart is torn apart by the thought that my children are in need. I cannot believe that we are in such desperate poverty - sometimes we have even no food for our children. My children and my wife are the most precious thing I have, I cannot imagine my life without them. However, our situation is killing me. And my health leaves much to be desired.

    - Mzia told us that you have heart problems. How do you feel?

    Avtandil: I started having health problems long ago, I have been experiencing heart problems for several years. Most likely, I have heart failure, but, you understand, without tests and a doctor’s consultation, we cannot say for sure what kind of disease I have. But I still try to work. Sometimes I get a chance to earn some money in our village. Usually, shopkeepers look for people to off-load wagons or something of this kind. They pay pennies, but what else can I do? So I walk around the village searching where to earn some money... Depends on how lucky I get... But every side job ends with pain. My heart cannot withstand physical work.

 - Tell us about the place where you live. How did you get here?

    Avtandil: We have been living here since the moment we got married. But, you know, this house looked completely different 12 years ago - and our parents helped us then. Now everything is crumbling, but any repairs are out of question today, of course.

    - When you were expecting your first child, what did you dream about?

    Avtandil: I dreamed of marrying my beloved woman and having children. When I met Mzia, I realized that she would be a wonderful mother, I fell in love with her. So at the time she was pregnant with David, there was no person happier than me. What could be more important than a child? He is your continuation, your blessing. Each of our children is special, I can't imagine my life without them. No matter how hard it is, they are our happiness and hope.

    - Thank you. I’d like to talk to David and Diana, if you do not mind. Hello guys! Can I ask you a couple of questions? David, what games do you like? Maybe you like some sport?

David (10-year-old): I really like drawing. Mom says I am talented! I paint everywhere: at school, at home, in the street. Recently my mother brought me two sheets of paper. I was happy and I immediately began to draw. I have pencils - our school director gave them to me. I drew a picture for her too. I really wanted to go to an art school, but my mother says that we can’t afford it now. Besides, winter is coming - it would be too cold to walk there.

 - So you probably want to become an artist?

    David: Yes, this is my dream, I really want to become a famous artist and help my mom and dad. I also want to open a shelter for cats, I love them very much. Now I have one kitten, I adopted it and raise it. Her name is Black Eye, it’s very beautiful. When she will have kittens, I will give them to my friends, they can also look after them very well!

    - Do you have many friends?

    David: Sure! I have three friends, we are always together! And at school we sit together at the desk. Then we run and play during breaks. We love to play catch-up, it's always fun.

- Do you like studying?

  David: Of course, I have always studied well. I really love reading, especially fairy tales. I want to buy books, but they cost 5 GEL. Mom says she can't buy them yet. But there is a library at school, and I always borrow books there and read them to Diana, Mari and Giorgi. They listen to me and often fall asleep to my stories.

  - Diana, what a beautiful baby you are! What are you dreaming about?

    Diana (8 years old): I really want to become a police officer. I love dogs and I often take care of them. And when I walk, I often see people mistreating them, hitting and scolding them. When I become a police officer, I will put such people in prison, they should not do that with dogs and puppies. I also want to open a dog shelter. Imagine, not a single dog will be homeless anymore, I will feed them and take care of them! I have already helped five dogs - they are happy! Soon one should give birth, and I will give the puppies to my friends who are all looking forward to it.

    - You are so smart, Diana! You are very kind as well. So David will build a shelter for cats, and you - for dogs. Do you help mom?

    Diana: Yes, I help her with my brother and sister, I often hold Giorgi in my arms - I'm not afraid of it at all. Since his very birth I’ve been taking care of him and feeding him. Mari is my best friend, we are always together. I sit with her while my mother tidies up or cooks. I also wash dishes - I always help my mother because she gets very tired.

    - How do you study? What is your favorite subject?

    Diana: I really love mathematics, it is easy for me, I am always praised by the teacher. But I also love sports, especially running. I'm the fastest in the class. All my friends say that I should become an athlete. I think I may succeed!

- Mari, you are a very sweet girl. What is your favorite toy?

Mariam (3-year-old): We only have one toy, but it's the best! It’s a panda, I always play with her, she is like my daughter. Pandas are very cute. This is David's favorite animal, he always talks to me about pandas and tells stories about them.

- Do you have a dream?

Mariam: I dream of having a doll, I will call it a beautiful name - Diana and I will think of it together. I'll look after her as if she was Gio. Mom always says that we should take care of each other, so we will always be together and protect each other.


Friends, after reading this story we have no moral right, not to help these unfortunate people! Let's pray for them, ask the Lord all together, so that the life of these wonderful kids would change for the better! Their large family is in dire need of food, medications, beds, bedding and home appliances! Help them to survive! Consider them as your relatives. Everything depends on God and on our mercy. You can visit them in person and provide them help. Call them and ask them what their family needs, cheer them up and support them, tell them that they are not alone and that we will not leave them in trouble. It’s extremely important! Their address is: Chokhatauri Municipality, village Tsipnari. Phone: 579 12 49 25.

There are four wonderful children in the family from a 10-month-old baby to a 10-year-old boy. Children need computers, home appliances, toys, clothing, and even food! And the most important thing is that they have been waiting for many years that someday everything will be fine. These are the children we are proud of, they are our future! Children who, since their childhood, dream not only of helping their families, but also of being useful to their Motherland! We should not remain indifferent to the troubles of this family, we will show our mercy and care, all together we will help them however we can, showing them all our love and mercy!

Friends, Chernovetskyi Charity Fund starts a charity campaign to help the Beridze family. As you know, the Fund never stops on ad-hoc help. Georgians should have a decent life like any other nation on the earth!

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important! God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves.

Friends, there is one more request - if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: office-fsp@fsp.ge

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You can also transfer money from our website.

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