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Awful fat rats bite two babes!

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December 19, 2020
“They run around the room and bite! They are so scary! They bit my sister!” - 4-year-old baby Elene starts complaining as soon as she sees us. - Baby, and what are these rats like? “Oh, they are so big, as a human! - the baby spreads her arms. - Like you! One rat was going to take my sister away and eat her... When mommy did not let it to take my sister away it started to scream so scary!"
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Project completed!

We found ourselves in a fairy tale.

Here are the simple things - roof over your head, TV, a washing machine, kitchen, fridge. A food for girls in the fridge. And the girls have their own room, new dolls, hot meals, and cartoons. You feel it more when you used to have none of this! Nana and her two wonderful daughters - Anna-Maria and Elene - had not even the most basic things.  Now they are immensely happy. You can see the tears of joy in their eyes.

“You had enough of living without a roof over your head!” - it seems that people said that. – “You had enough of sleeping in a freezing room, fearing that rats will bite you. You had enough suffering. Done with it!”

And people started calling and coming. Hundreds of people came to help them after learning about their misfortunes. Empathetic and kind people brought peace and prosperity to this wonderful family, which only asked to help them with foodstuffs. Well, good people even gave this family a home!!! Now everything will be as the Almighty intended: misfortunes end, justice triumphs, and the mother and the girls live peacefully and look forward to the future with joy.

Read their story completely, carefully, without distraction. It is about each of us. It's about what real misfortune is and how to appreciate what you have. Read on and we promise you - you will start looking at your own life differently!

Nana and her girls have a new life know. A house of horrors was left in the past.

- Nana, it seems that the result exceeds all of your expectations. You story had a huge feedback.

Nana:  What words to say? I am going mad because of happiness! Our life has turned upside down! All our dream came true! Absolutely all of them! It’s like a dream, like a movie! As if someone waved their magic wand and we found ourselves in a fairy tale.

Just imagine, they gave us home! I should tell you about that in details. Well, there is no other way. It is beautiful!

I still can’t believe that we have wonderful beds, a table, chairs, a TV, a fridge, a washing machine, and a gas stove. I am 36 and I used to see all that just in the store windows. You probably remember the kennel where we used to live? Do you remember what we slept on? I found something like an old cabinet in the garbage, put chairs and a nightstand underneath and planks upon it. This construction served us as a bed. When your employees brought us furniture and home appliances I started crying - all my childhood I was wrapping myself in a damp blanket sleeping on an earth floor. I never saw normal life...

“It's so comfortable to watch TV while lying on a new bed. Try it, ma’am! "

"You can roll around and somersault like that!"

Anna Maria: "Me too, I'll show you how to roll around too!"

And a TV? The girls jumped and squealed with delight; they could not calm down. I have never seen such a huge screen in my life! I already got used to the idea that we will continue to live in this garbage, and my little ones will grow up in this terrible poverty, hunger, cold... Honestly, I addressed you in despair, not hoping for anything. Whenever I dared to ask for help, they pushed me away, closed the door in front of my nose... Lord, what are you doing! All my impossible dreams came true at once. Tears come from my eyes because of your kindness, because of surprise. We should get used that now we are happy, that everything goes well.

After your post, People started coming, a continuous stream of people brought us food, toys, clothes. They brought us so many things! I just could not realize that all this was really happening to us. I have not felt so much warmth, so much love, kindness and attention in my entire life! If not for you, my children would never have known what it means to be in seventh heaven.

Anna-Maria: “This man from the TV is larger than we are!”

Eleniko: “Because the TV is huge!”

- We can't wait to find out about the house. How did it happen that now a new solid building stands instead of that frail boardwalk?

Nana: A wonderful girl Nino Bibilashvili called us - she works as a tourist guide. She came to visit us, brought us foodstuffs and let Eleniko talk by phone with one of her tourists. If I am not mistaken, his name is Abo. He asked my girl what she was dreaming about. And she answered that she dreams about a house with no rats in it. Abo said that a little angel should be happy. And what do you think? He donated $7 000 for building a house. I turned numb. I lost speech! Who are we to him? What a broad-minded man! What an incredible act! Is not it a fairy tale? Until the end of my life I will remember you and wish you well-being and happiness, good man Abo!

Then the things went fast. All men in Nino’s family are handymen. Her father, brother, and brother-in-law are engaged in house renovations. They started building. The work went fast. First, they built a staircase, otherwise it was impossible to bring building materials here. We temporary moved to my daughter’s Godmother and came back when they called us saying that we could move here. We could not believe our eyes when we sow this beautiful house instead of our terrible barn. A real, well-built, wonderful house! I felt so calm...

We live here since July, there are some insignificant decoration works left. We have three rooms, and we will install a heating system too. We will have a bathroom with hot water, can you imagine that? We could not even have dreamed about that. We can’t wait when it becomes possible to install a gas stove and a washing machine. When the decoration works will come to end, we will start living as royals. Because now we have absolutely everything. every day I will pray for you - for everyone who took our pain to heart, who took care of us. The Lord will reward you and your dear ones a hundredfold for that!

“Our own house. We feel calm now”

- It is an unbelievable story about Abo, a modern fairy tale. Now let’s recall the names of other wizards.

Nana: So many people came, and I was confused... Unfortunately, I did not remember the names, and many of them did not introduce themselves. Forgive me, please! You all are in my heart! I will pray for all of you!

The first one to come was a man, who brought us a huge amount of food, various fruit and vegetables. And also, a toy kitchen for Elene, exactly the one she dreamed of. You can’t imagine what was happening here! My girl screamed, jumped, and clapped her hands!

Anna-Maria: “Eleniko, do you remember that all these is mine? Gas and a car?”

A young pregnant woman came to visit us. I was so surprised! She did not become scared of another wave of Covid and came here, to our dump. She brought us a delicious cake, foodstuffs, toys, clothes...

The transport was shut down for a pretty long time, but people still did come. They spent their money for taxi, despite that time is hard and everyone is short of money. One Indian guy left a huge bag fool of foodstuffs and a big, beautiful blanket by our gate. He called me and told me to pick it up. Tourists from China also came, they brought us a lot of foodstuffs, clothes, sweets, hygiene products and an electric teapot.

The migrants from Netherlands brought us a microwave oven, toaster, blender, mixer, and a popcorn maker. My little ones can't wait to sit down in front of the big screen to watch cartoons and eat popcorn just like it happens in the movies!

Now my girls have a guardian angel! We have never seen him. Koba transfers us 100 GEL each month. In my phone contacts he’s recorded as a Guardian angel.

Breakfast lasts longer at the new table. It is so good to eat yummies and live in a beautiful house.

We had the happiest New Year in our life - we had a wonderful Christmas tree and a royal feast. The airport employees send us the Christmas tree and toys. It was so beautiful! I will certainly send you a photo when we decorate it next time. The fir cones look like real ones, the toys are just wonderful! My girls had never seen anything like that. The guy who brought us the Christmas tree helped us do assemble and decorate it. And food? There was no need for me to cook. They send us prepared food: khachapuri, fried chicken, delicious baked stuff. We even had a pineapple. The children had no idea what it was. It was the first New Year when my girls did not ask me for food, did not ask me for sweets. They did not know what to start with. How can I describe my feelings? I still can’t believe that it all happens to me.

- Which of the gifts did you like most?

Nana: I really can’t answer this question. How can I choose? A washing machine? A fridge? I never had anything like that in my life. We could only dream about beds. Anna-Maria still walks around saying that everything is hers. “My TV, my washing machine, my fridge...” Look how the girls decorated a fridge door - it’s Elene’s artwork. She was sticking hearts and saying: “I want me dear fridge to be beautiful.” Anna-Maria helped her.

I can’t believe that a baby on a left hand is Anna-Maria. Now she lives in a descent conditions. And here is a fridge with hearts.


- Eleniko, sweetheart, are you happy?

Elene: Yes! I had absolutely nothing and now I have absolutely everything. Million hundred toys!

- Wow! Will you show me the gifts you got?

Elene: I can’t show you right now, ma’am. I haven’t yet started to play. Come back later, we will play together.

Nana (smiling):Elene waits when refurbishment works end. She is thrifty, she asked me to pack many of her dolls to unpack them when the construction is over. She imagines how she will settle down at her new bedroom, how she will lay out her toys... They really gave us a lot of them.

Anna–Maria: “Switch it on, Eleniko, what are you waiting for?”

Elene: I can show you our new TV. Let’s go! Do you like watching “Masha and the Bear?”

- I like to watch it very much when I am not busy!

Elene: Sit down on our new bed. It is better to watch from here. You can lay if you want. Anna-Maria and I lay while watching. It starts! I will bring a toy kitchen where I cook food for my dolls.

Nana: I will also boast like Eleniko. (smiles). Do you know how much new clothes we have? We never had that much! I will never forget our shopping. Your employee told us that we could choose everything we want! We never even looked into such shops. They were not for us. The girls almost lost their minds with joy, rushed screaming throughout the store, choosing new clothes, everything happened like in a movie...

Lord, you can't even imagine what did you do for us! If not for you, we would have lived in this garbage, and no one would have learned about us. I got so used that no one pays attention to us that I could not even hope for such support. This is probably the reward for all of our suffering and disappointment. I still live as if it were a dream... There are so many kind people, so much help! Be as happy as my children are happy today thanks to all of you!

- Nana, did the local authorities somehow react to our post? Has anyone contacted you?

Nana: No, what are you talking about! Absolutely no reaction, let it pass. If you rely on them - you will just kick the bucket.

- Maybe there are some other problems our readers can help you to solve?

Nana: How can I ask for anything else? We lived in a terrible dump, in a kennel full of rats, and now we have a wonderful house, all the furnishings and appliances, and my children are fed and happy! There were only minor things left: curtains, bed linen, cupboard, and wardrobe. Lord, I can't find the right words to describe what I really feel! I am immensely grateful! I want to thank everyone who at least read our story, just felt empathy, and prayed for us. Thanks to all of you, my children will live like human beings. I know the Lord hears my prayers, and your good will return to you and your families. Be healthy and happy!

A dump on the left, and a beautiful yard on the right - a happy end. Come to the housewarming!


Friends, you are just wizards! Thanks to you little Elene and Anna-Maria believe now that miracles happen. And most importantly, they started believing in people and in kindness! It is priceless! Two wonderful girls grew up in a terrible dump surrounded by rats, and now they have a wonderful house, they have everything they need for life and even more. All their dreams came true! We have no right to disappoint them, to forget that their mom Nana brings them up completely alone and needs support.

If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better dial the number of any of our beneficiaries. Call them and you will forget about your problems. Because they are nothing in comparison with the problems of those to whom you opened your good heart and came to help in the most difficult moment of their life.

Our problems are noting if compared… Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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