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Mommy, are we going to eat today? I'm so hungry ...

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January 18, 2021
- 5-year-old Anano asks her mother plaintively and pulls her by the hem. “I am hungry too! Mommy, do we have any bread?" - echoes her younger brother Shotiko (3-year-old). "Wait a little, honey, maybe the neighbor will bring us something," - mother Gvantsa (29 years old) replies affectionately and strokes her kids’ hair. “The fridge is empty, I can’t calm them. I’ll have to ask the neighbors again,” the young woman explains us sadly, as if justifying herself. I turned away to hide my tears and confusion. “Lord, I will endure any torment, just not to see my children starving!” - the poor young woman cries bitterly. “We used somehow to make ends meet, but now we cannot find any work, and the transport does not work ... Sometimes the day goes by so that the children have only tea without sugar and bread!”
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Mommy, I have an entire box of “butiti”

Shotiko: “Mommy! Anano keeps filming me! She films everything I do”.

Anano: “It is for TikTok. Everyone will know you”

Shotiko: “Everyone will see me eating “butiti”? I don’t want that!”

Anano: “Who should I film then? I will film you, mom”.

Gvantsa: “Please, stop, I am not ready yet. I must get my hair fixed”.

Anano: “Then I will film you!” (She turns the camera towards us.)

Now there is a little tiktoker in the Markhvashvili family. At the behest of you, our dear readers. This is how the new tablet came in handy. Anano and Shotiko have the proper children's thoughts now: how to have fun, what to play, what yummies ask mom and dad for? You made their heads get rid of unnecessary thoughts; you made their hearts get rid of fear. Because kids were used to bothering their parents with the questions like: “We're definitely not going to die? Are we very bad? " And the parents went crazy.

Thanks God! Anano and Shotiko no longer ask such questions. It’s your merit! Everything you gave them came straight from your heart!

Gvantsa: I have so many things to tell you! So much news! (Smiles). I have been waiting for you for so long, I couldn't wait to share with you. First of all, thanks for everything you do! This is our first time in the spotlight. A lot of people started calling, some of them came to visit us personally. Despite the pandemic, the world suddenly became alive and open. I still can’t come to senses from this happiness! I am grateful to you, to your entire team, to all those people who took my story to heart, despite the problems that everyone has, especially now, when it has become so difficult to live in Georgia.

You changed our life dramatically! Children got food, sweets, toys, beds, TV. And I am overjoyed with my new washing machine.

«Mommy has such an interesting toy - I also want to play with it! I wonder what to put into it?»

I met kind, empathetic, God-fearing people. They are all different, but I value them all. We became close with some of them. I was in despair before I decided to contact you. After the pandemic, we got lost, we got confused, we rolled down into the abyss at full speed. It was so terrible! I would not wish this on anyone/ There were days when I gave my children just tea and bread. Our neighbors helped us occasionally, but it is impossible to always look at the door waiting for help to come, to beg... Everyone has their own problems. I am happy that I contacted you and that you helped me convey my prayers to people. An amazing thing happened.

When many different people, including our relatives, saw our story, they seemed to look at us in a new way. You will never walk along the street and shout that you really need help. It’s impossible to tell everyone, and, well, it’s not even necessary. Those who are not indifferent to you will call you and ask, they will demonstrate they care... Suddenly, our missing relatives started calling us: "Are you really that bad?" They wondered how much weight I’ve lost, how I almost melted from stress.

«It’s our shared tablet, but I know how to use it better. Ok, hold it for a while»

Strangers brought clothes, toys, sweets, everything that we never dreamed of. And I realized how wrong I was, being silent and embarrassed of my poverty. I deprived my children of lots of things. And they were the first who needed help. Their fragile souls were filled with joy, they rang like bells when they felt warmth and attention. I should never care about someone else’s opinion. "What will they say, and what will they think of us? Will they judge us because we are in need? " God's people don't judge anyone for poverty, your readers don't do that. Yes, we were poor, and we have nothing to be ashamed of. If you need help, open yourself to people.

God knows, I am immensely happy that I came to you. My children got what they dreamed about, we are all extremely happy, because our dreams began to come true. And the one who judges, probably, has never faced real need and misfortune. Maybe over time, they will understand that children, their desires, needs, health and well-being are the most important thing in the life of every parent.

- Can you single someone out of your new friends?

Gvantsa: I am so grateful to everyone for everything! It is really hard for me to single anyone out! You know, every person is like a miracle of the Lord for us. But there is one person I’d like to say something special about. Her name is Natia, she is an aerobics coach. She has been by us for a long time, she lives our life, our troubles and problems. She’s very close to us. She adores children. All the time she tries to bring them something tasty, she takes care of kids. They are in love with Natia! When they hear a call from her, they go crazy from joy! Once Natia brought us a sink for a bathroom. She is very kind and warm. And now we have our own fire brigade!

- How did it happen?

Gvantsa: Thanks God, we met in peaceful conditions. Not on fire. (Laughs.) But I promised these people not to disclose their names. These guys are from Tbilisi, it’s the fire brigade, they are just ordinary extraordinary heroes. Every day they are fighting for the lives of other people. They called us after your post, asked what we needed the most. I said that my children dream of TV. That our old one burned down due to old wiring. I just gave utterance to such a request, because they told me not to be shy, to speak up. And can you imagine, they came after some time and brought us a new TV with Wi-Fi. This is what Anano dreamed of.

«I have to put our cups in our new cupboard. Don’t worry, mom, I’ll do it carefully»

It turned out that the guys do miracles every month. They choose a family in need and buy them the most necessary thing. Without any ads and so on. They are holy people!!! Our entire family is so grateful to them, I will never forget their kind faces, our sincere conversation. Guys, do not get upset that I am talking about you. I will not mention your names and surnames, as promised. But how to restrain my emotions?! Let people know and believe that selfless help exists.

«Give me the tablet back»

Even those with no means can do good. One girl from Western Georgia - Tamuna - called me to support me at least with a conversation. She apologized for not being able to transfer money to us. But she said a lot of warm, necessary words. Her sweet voice and empathy encouraged me. Everything matters when you feel bad.

- Yes of course! Did the local authorities call or visit you? Just saying words of sympathy is not enough from them.

Gvantsa: They called me from the social service agency and said that they would come to check the living conditions of the children. I was very scared at first. I thought they would take my children away because of our poverty. Two women came, they talked to the children, examined our housing, wrote some notes. I learned from them that I was entitled to get 300 GEL annual allowance as a socially disadvantaged mother with many children. But I only could get it once a year for specific needs. I am grateful to them for this information, because I had no idea about that. Thanks to your post, the Head of the district board also learned about us, and he promised to help us somehow after the pandemic.

So, they are waiting for something. Nobody knows when the pandemic will end.

Gvantsa: You are right. They also came to visit us from a well-known local TV channel. In a word, our life became busy after the publication.

Gvantsa, our today’s post is an opportunity for you to address readers, to tell them what their help and support meant to you.

Gvantsa: The light at the end of the tunnel! You can’t even imagine how much I am overwhelmed with gratitude and emotions! Though, no, it is right you who are sensitive and empathetic can understand my feelings. You know, I've changed even visually, I look and feel differently. You gave me strength, hope, confidence, and faith in the true kindness of human hearts. For my husband, my children and me, the life took a new meaning. I dream of helping other people someday, to those who are in the same situation as we used to be before your publication.

«This gift, what is it for, mom?»

«Will we switch this “blonder” on, mom? »— «It is blender, Anano». — «Well, will we switch it on? »

  - Why do we keep having adult conversation? Come to us, Anano, let's chat a little. Show us your gifts, bring them here.

Anano: Ma’am, I can’t bring a TV. But I can bring a tablet. Do you have TikTok?

- Actually, no.

Anano: You are like mommy, you don't know how to play TikTok either, right? You need a tablet. Like I have and you will learn. I really wanted a tablet. The other girls had it. You can watch cartoons and play TikTok on it.

TikToker Anano

Most of all I love cartoons about "Baby Land". These are such toys. Little dolls. They cry like children. So cute. And my new Barbie doll can't cry. And I cry instead. On purpose. But she is beautiful. My friends also have Barbies. And we take them out for a walk together.

Ma’am, let's go, I'll show you my bed. It is with a ladder. I sleep on the first level, and Shotiko on the second. But we can switch. Would you like to have such a bed? Where would you sleep - upstairs or downstairs?

-Upstairs! It's interesting there, like on a train.

Anano: I will switch with Shotiko then. I also want to go upstairs.

«When I get bored sleeping downstairs I’ll move up»

Gvantsa: Anano dreams that the walls in their room were without "stones". She does not like the bare blocks. Hopefully one day we will have our own house.

Shotiko, have you already got “butiti”? (Shotiko calls yogurt that way).

Shotiko: I’ve got a lot of it!

Gvantsa: He got the entire box of yogurt and cakes too. (Smiles). He was so happy! He immediately asked me if he could share his "butitis" with his friends. "Of course!" - I said. He kept a few for himself and started to distribute the rest generously. He is a kind boy.

He was very happy with other gifts as well, he even hugged some things saying: "It’s ours, ours!" (Laughs.) The bunk bed made a big impression on him. He didn't want to get off of it, he sparkled with happiness, then cried, then laughed!

“Shotiko hugged all the gifts in turns”

And what about the youngest, Natochka? What did she like?

Gvantsa: Cake and balloons. One day they made a surprise: they brought us a cake and left it at the gate. The child got confused at first. And my heart was happy for her. How happy she was! She ran back and forth, wondered, pulled my dress. “Mommy, look!” She could barely calm down of excitement and started eating.

Did you manage to find out who made this gift?

Gvantsa: It was our daddy. Ioseb, my husband, he has been unemployed for so long because of the pandemic. After your post, they started calling him for a part-time job quite often. Our villagers help us, they show their attention. As soon as he got paid, he decided to please our children and told us to send Natochka to the gate.

- What would you advise to people who found themselves in a similar situation as you?

«Shotiko, look at me if you are not sleeping! Can you reach me?»

Gvantsa: Not to give up, to seek for help, to look for a way out. We must fight to the end for the sake of our children, there is nothing in the world dearer than their happy eyes and health! Never think that you are alone in your trouble, do not give up, hope, believe, pray, ask, and you will be rewarded! Do not withdraw into yourself, knock on all doors.

- All your problems could not disappear at once. We understand that. So, we’d like to know what else do you need?

Gvantsa: We would like to add one room for the children. Anano feels uncomfortable in stone walls. Autumn is coming, the house is damp and cold. I do not grumble, do not misunderstand me. We want to create comfort for children, to create basic conditions. If anyone will manage to help us with building materials, it would be just great. We were planning to do it on our own and by our means, but, alas, we are not able yet.


Friends, thanks to everyone who responded, who did not pass by, who empathized, who called them, helped them, encouraged them, prayed for this family! Good is power, the blessing of the Lord!

The cherished dream of this family is to build a room for the children. Likewise, a soul on Earth needs a body, so people need their own home, their own space, especially in a large family. Let's bring the dream of the Markhvashvili family from Gori closer and build a room for their kids.

Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

“It’s mommy’s toy, she does not let me play with it”

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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